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The children of the late Michael Jackson will immortalize their father’s hands and feet in the concrete of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on Thursday, January 26, 2012. Paris,13, Prince,14, and Blanket,9, will use Michael’s sequined glove and shoes to impress his stage image on a block of cement that will be placed in the forecourt of the theatre.

Imprints at Grauman’s are usually reserved for notable movie stars, but new ownership has made immortalizing the late singer possible. Owners Donald Kushner and Elie Samaha have decided to honor Michael in this manner and celebrate the release of the debut of “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour” produced by Cirque du Soleil. This will be the first time that the Chinese Theatre honors a person who is not alive to attend their print ceremony.

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  2. Why do they keep doing all these ceramonies and Tributes.It seems like they do 5-6 of them a year.I don’t know why these kids have to keep doing this stuff when Mj left them enough money to not have to work for life.I guess Mama Jackson is trying to make enough money to support all her kids and their kids now.Notice how all the other Jacksons are always trying to be in the spot light too.I hope they know they can’t live off Mj’s memory!He would never want his kids out there like that.

    • @Chris Johnson
      How do you know they’re “100% white”, were you in their conception??? that’s a very ignorant ASSUMPTION for you to make.
      By the way, this website name is “black celeb kids” you see, Michael Jackson was a BLACK celebrity and these are HIS children.

    • Yeah, I totally agree. I hope they stay on the straight & narrow path, so in the futeure, no one can say anything bad about MJ’s kids.

    • Yes, he raised her from birth, his name is on her birth certificate, so yes, he’s her father. Is he her biological father? I believe so, but that doesn’t matter anyway. People act like trying to prove the kids aren’t his will somehow make them not his kids legally. That’s ridiculous. These kids are every bit Michael’s kids as any child is raised by a loving parent. DNA isn’t everything, but if you ask me, judging by their olive complexions and how they do remind me of certain family members including Michael, yes, I believe they are biologically his.

    • I’ve seen whiter looking kids that are half black, so I’ll believe the Jackson family, MJ, Debbie & the kids over any tabloid rumour.

  3. Call me crazy but I think Prince is cute in a goofy, boyish type of way. I wish her would keep his hair a little longer though. His hair when they did the Oprah interview was the cutest to me. Paris is a beautiful girl. I would like to see her do something different with her hair though. Her face would compliment so many different styles. Layers and/or some waves would be nice. People really need to get off of Blanket’s nickname. It’s a nickname for God’s sake! Everyone has one! It seems as though he doesn’t mind it. Maybe he even likes it, I wouldn’t know. I see the resemblance in them all. I couldn’t say what is it if my life depended on it, but it’s there. I guess it would take me, someone whose full blood sister is the total opposite, to see it.

    • Prince is a handsome young man. He’s just going through that awkward, gawky teen phase that many go through. Michael went through the same phase around the same age…had the acne, etc. I think Michael was always a good looking kid, and I think Prince is, too. He’s just growing up. He looks SO different than the boy we saw on stage at the memorial in 2009, but he was 12 then…he’ll be 15 next month! Time flies! Can’t believe he’ll be 15 next month, and little Prince (Blanket) will be 10!

  4. Wish the adults in that family would grow up and stop pushing those kids into the spotlight. Michael would hate this.

    Anyway, they’re growing up well and I love that they want to honor their dad. I just wish that the family would be responsible and think about the kids instead of keep their names in the headlines. :(

    • I don’t think the fmaily are pushing them to do anything. They are at that age were they want to do things. I am sure their grandmother give them some kind of advise and their family members as well.

      If it’s true, I heard some of the faimly memeber(s) want Paris to wait until she older to become an actress but this is what she really wants to do. Remember, Prince ask his grandmother he wanted to go to school.

      Once again, Prince and Paris are at that age where they want to do things and I’m pretty sure their grandmother says no sometimes. Don’t forget, Prince is going to be Fifteen in February. He is almost at that age for his learner’s permit, pretty soon you might see Prince driving somewhere. LOL!!

      Therefore, Michael Jackson knew what his kids wanted to do when they gotten older. If you go on youtube on Paris’s birthday, Michael ask Paris what are your (I don’t remember his exact words)birthday wishes; Paris said: I do what you do. Michael Jackson ask her what is that I do, Paris said you dance and sing. Then Prince said me too.

      How do we know if Michael Jackson would have hated this. How do we know if Michael was going to put his kids in movies or other things. After the tour, Michael wanted to make movies.

      The only person(s) who knew what Michael Jackson wanted for his children are his children. I hope this makes sense.

      In away it’s good that they are doing this now because as they get older they will know who to trust and not to trust.

      • I don’t think he would have hated for his kids to pursue theri dreams…I think it’s the way the family is handling it. The moment he died, the family threw out the idea of the masks. Katherine publicly denounced the masks, saying she didn’t like it so she didn’t make the kids wear them, even though the kids themselves have spoken about why the masks were there. Paris herself said she appreciated it (on Oprah) and she said (on Ellen) that when she was little she thought it was dumb that she had to wear a mask, but when she got a little older, she realized he was just trying to protect them. The kids have shown more maturity and understanding for their father’s actions that his own mother did.

        Michael himself told Barbara Walters that if Prince (and I’m guessing any of his children, but this interview took place before Paris was born) was to want to go into show business, he’d lay it all out for him, telling him what to look out for, etc. I don’t think he’d have a problem with the acting thing, but how the kids are being paraded about, I don’t think he’d appreciate that.

    • Well Jermaine does need money to pay his c/s.And Katherine does have to find a way to take care of his 5 kids since their mother won’t work.So she found a way.And yes Mj would roll over in his grave if he knew about how the jackson adults are pushing these kids in the spotlight just so they can make some money.

  5. Micheal would be so proud! That baby gonna snap one day at everyone calling him Blanket. I’m all for nicknames heck I even have one but only my family and best friend call me by it not the whole world. One day he’s going to be out and the paps are gonna be screaming “Blanket…Blanket over here” and he’s gonna turn around and snap and say “My name not no %#@?% Blanket!”…lol

  6. Paris is a pretty young lady. Blanket does resemble Michael. Prince look weird. He definitely look like him mother. Poor Michael Jackson. He wanted to be white so bad,he created these kids. Lol!!!

      • I guess the media forgot to airbrush the color out of these kids this time. Lovely brown skin tones they’ve got. It would be cute if they could also leave their handprints next to their daddy’s. In any case, I’m happy for them. Thats an honour they’ll remember for years to come.

    • Oh honey, you’re just mad because he didn’t knock you up with his seed. Just get over it. These kids are healthy and doing well and seem very mature and smart for their ages…that’s a giant credit to their late father who seems to have done an amazing job with them. THAT is what matters. Everything else you say is just rumor and based on tabloid opinion. Get over it. The kids are doing well, and they loved and miss their dad.

    • Actually, his skin is brown. As a matter of fact, all skin is brown…thats a scientific fact. whether one is “black” or “white” doesnt matter. we’re all brown, just that the shades vary. thats a legacy from our 1st human ancestor who was from Africa (where all human life began). Just sayin

  7. The people who loved michael and who were true fans always respected him. Those who didn’t are the ones who had to wait for him to pass to see what they missed when he was alive. I’m sure the new owners have always held michael in high regard and as soon as they took over ownership said, “Where the hell are MJs imprints? Let’s get on it!”

  8. I love Blanket. He’s so cute.
    Paris is gorgeous. Those eyes & skin tone are beautiful together
    I believe in like 5-6 years Prince is gonna surprise everybody & be very very handsome lol. Like male model handsome lol

    Mj is getting more respect now that he’s dead, all celebs get more respect when they pass

  9. Paris is a beautie. Each time I see ‘Blanket’ next to his siblings, I try to see the resemblance between them & I cannot see it. Paris seems to have a steady hand on Blanket no matter where they are. Being a big sister rocks! (sometimes)

    • Being a big sister rocks all the time. I may complain about being the only girl but I adore my five little brothers. I treated them to a birthday “camp out” in my room last night. I just love them. They all make birthday this month so we are have a beach party for all of them tommorrow.

    • I don’t even see a resemblance between Prince and Paris! Smh… I don’t know. Blanket is a cutie though.

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