It’s a girl for power couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z.  The couple welcomed their first child together on January 7th, 2012*.  The singer and her husband named their daughter  Blue Ivy Carter, reports Eonline.

Singer Rihanna tweeted last night: “Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih.”

Beyonce checked into Lenox Hospital in NYC on Friday night; the baby arrived via scheduled C-section. Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the MTV Music Video Awards in August 2011. It was speculated that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new addition would not arrive until February, but the bundle of joy has finally arrived!

Stay tuned for more information!
* Some reports claim that the baby was born on January 8th.




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  1. Well it’s OBVIOUS that she can get pregnant since she had a miscarriage! I think Jay said it all when he said they didn’t thing she would make it…YOU PEOPLE ARE SO IGNARANT!! It only takes 1 fake story to create a media frenzy!! I really this is why Bey isn’t addressing the IGNORANCE because she was there and pushed her own baby out…What does she have to prove to you idiots that believe otherwise…SMDH!! This site is becoming BEYOND ridiculous on certain post!!

  2. really yall, like seriously yall gone hate on a BABY and say it’s fake or the pregnancy was crap dont be mad cause yall cant have babies and beyonce can

  3. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay z on there blessing from above…..i kust feel so sorry for her because this is a special time in her life and ppl just have to try n ruin it. Personally if she did fake her pregnancy thats her business why do u care as long as there are happy thats them n if u dont like her why comment n sum ppl on here really shouldnt make comments who thebababy looks look at ur chold before u talk im just bein honest

  4. I know cause I’m still trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but there has been some crazy stuff going on since she announced her pregnancy.

  5. I read on Twitter where Yandy said the welcome to the world even though you were born last month…Things that make you go hmmmmmm..LOL!! I do beleive this is the baby’s name b/c everyone of their celeb friends on Twitter tweeted the same name. I don’t think they all would make up a name for no reason. Anyway we want truly know anything until Bey or Jay says it and we want actually know when the baby was born until they say the birthdate. It’s just too much going on with this baby already…

    • There’s an official statement from both of them on her website:

      January 9th, 2012
      Hello Hello Baby Blue!

      We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

      Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.

      She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives.

      We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

      – Beyoncé & JAY Z


  6. they are gonna keep their child protected like how michael jackson kept his kids, probably with a mask over her face or something. dont expect to see pics anytime soon

  7. Blue Ivy Carter might not be actual name (I hope so)!!!!because this might be a name to throw people off you know Bey & Jay. so, until they are or their families & reps confirm it we still don’t know if that the official name. so, we just have to wait & see!!!! you, know the ink from the birth centificate hasn’t dried yet so there’s stil time for them to change it or maybe they go by her middle name Ivy!!!!!

    God Bless Them :)

  8. Funny how celebrities seem to always have C-Sections!!! Of course we will not see pics until the baby reaches the “cute stage”

  9. I hope this child is well protected from the stupidity, ignorance, and negativity that people will spew at her and continue to spew at her parents.

  10. I don’t know what to say Beyonce is so overrated, too rehearsed and untalented. Her pregnancy was very wierd i must say, the babys name is horrible!

  11. UNTIL I get some comformation from the PARENTS themselves..I’m NOT believing NOTHING that comes from any other source!!! I’m sure Bey and Jay are laughing their a$$e$ off at all the HOOPLA over a babies name that has YET to be confirmed…SMGDH!!!

  12. That would be the day I’d name by baby the same name as one of his exes.. didnt he date Blu Cantrell? idk.. there’s just so many beautiful names out there, why a name like his ex?? guess she’s more secure than me! lol

  13. First I want to say Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-z I know that they will be very good parents. I hope blue Ivy is not the baby’s real name because the meaning of the name is not good. Blue means Living under evil meaning Lucifers daughter and Ivy means very youngest. If her real name is Blue Ivy I pray that no evil comes to her.

  14. Im so happy for them!!!! I hope & pray that her and the baby are healthy and well. I’m not crazy about the name Blue Ivy Carter I perfer Ivy Blue Carter (but that not be the official name) parents named their kids worse!!!! I also I hope & pray that she will have a very healthy, blessed, normal, safe life and her parents. bc their are still some haters out there!!!!! May God Bless Them :)

  15. According to Good Morning America, the couple chose the name “Ivy” because of the significance of the number “4” or “IV.” Both Beyonce and Jay-Z were born on the fourth — Sept. 4 and Dec. 4, respectively. They were also married on April 4, 2008, and Beyonce’s latest album is “4.”

  16. Congrats Bey & Jay! & For everyone who’s saying its fake and she had someone have her baby for her, who gives a ….its still her baby and going to raise the baby as hers regardless

  17. Blue Ivy. Now if It was regular folks y’all would be going in on that name. Haha at least it has meaning . She had the baby. I expected more chaos like when she announced her pregnancy . But y’all don’t get to excited you know we are not seeing that baby til she is like 8 lol. Welcome baby Ivy! You have millions of aunties and uncles who love you!(Aka Stalkers)

  18. I hate it when people dwell on other peoples baby name choices. Who cares what you think…your opinion is not of importance. Be glad she delivered a healthy baby girl instead on focusing on her name…

  19. I was on another white blog & they are going in hard on Beyonce & Jay-Z. For those that think BCK commentors can be cruel, let me reassure you, the comments on blog are the nicest I’ve read.

    WOW!! How can one person generate so much hatred & love from so many people? It’s surreal. SMH. For all of Jay-z’s & Beyonce, Oprah & Diddy’s money combined, I still wouldn’t be a celebrity.

    • Exactly. People always say how black folks are crabs in a barrel when it comes to our celebrities but it doesn’t compare to what those white folks think about them smh

    • @Seriously, MJ was well loved until the molestation scandal, that was when all h… broke loose. beyonce has not yet reached MJ’s status but she is trying her best to.

      I couldn’t live like that. I actually had sympathy for MJ & I’m starting to have it for Beyonce as well. MJ didn’t have anyone in his life to properly guide him. Hopefully, Jay-Z guides the h… out of Beyonce.

  20. I really think Its Ivy Blue Not Ivy Blue , either way i dont care im just happy for them. I cant wait to see the photos.

    BTW if you guys thing about it the number 4 is a big thing in Beyonce and Jays Life. The name Ivy pronounce (I-V) is the numeral number for 4 (IV) Get it ??

  21. Congratulations to them. Blue Ivy sounds like a new cleaning product. Cute name and typical of celebrities to name kids out of the ordinary.

  22. Blue Ivy? Really? Sounds like something I grow in my back yard!

    Ivy Blu would sound nicer!

    Blue Ivy sounds like a plant, hope it is “Just” a rumor but congrats to the whole family!!!

  23. I guess that’s why she always rocked all the blue outfits. Odd name for a boy or girl, but Baby Carter is a blessing. Welcome to the world little princess!

  24. She was only pregnant for four months. We, the public are so stupid. Everyone else is pregnant for nine months. She really loves the number four. King B is barren and ashamed of it.

    After this, I am NO longer a fan.

    • Do you Know how ridiculous you sound. “She was only pregnant for four months”. Have you ever thought that maybe she was pregnant way before August.And for your info from August to January is 5 months not four.

  25. There is one picture of her whole blue ivy. If you go on Twitter or tumblr you will see it.She so cute guys

  26. Congrats to them, but i cant help but wonder if blue ivy Or ivy blue is just a cover name to conceal the childs actual name. I know she did enter the hopsital under a different bame so … Idk either way congrats to them, and hopefully everyone is healthy!

  27. ah well it will be another 6 months before we see pictures of this baby. I suspect the reveal will be bigger than that of ‘dem babies’…

    Welcome to the world princess Carter. On behalf of the human race, let me apologize for all the flash lights and funny men who will be following you and mommy around, for all the nasty comments that people will make about you. Just keep in mind, the same people buy mommy and daddy’s music which led to you being one of the luckiest little princesses to be born.

  28. I hate to add to the weirdness but any of you think it odd that a healthy 30 year old woman gives birth by scheduled c section a month before her due date. just 2 days ago she’s picture walked out in high heels that’s not a scheduled c
    section that’s a theory for a surrogate that delivered early.

    • I pray you don’t start this stuff, please! She never confirmed her due date to anyone, the media was simply guessing. Those were baby heels & if your use to wearing the, I’m sure there more comfortable for the all of two feet she walked for the building to the car.

      Anyways Congrats to the Carter’s Jay Bey & baby Blue, glad everyone is healthy that’s all that matters!

    • How do you know how healthy Bey is? C-sections can be scheduled for many reasons: the position of the baby, the health of the baby, fibroids, etc… And what was she supposed to be doing days leading up to the birth? You guys and these conspiracy theories are just plain weird!

    • Maybe the baby was breached. When a baby doesn’t turn on it’s own the mother is usually advised to have a C-Section. It happened to Tia Mowry so…

    • I usually don’t comment, but I just couldn’t resist. She has a right to her opinion without feeling like everyone is jumping down her throat for being suspicious. The whole so-called pregnacy has been weird & suspect. For all of you who choose to believe it, that’s your choice. & for those of us who don’t that’s our choice too. It is not “starting trouble” just because someone’s comment is not uniformed with the common belief! Good day!!

    • When did she EVER confirm her actual due date for you to SPECULATE that she was due in February and delivered a month early??

  29. Congrats to the new family,no still like Ivy Blue over Blue Ivy but I understand the meaning to them. Very sweet, so happy….too bad we wont see what she looks like till she’s 13 lol!!

  30. Congrats to them! I think the Blue is in reference to his BluePrint series and the Ivy is for IV-roman numeral 4….at least in my mind that is the rationale….lol

    • Jay Z’s favorite color is blue and he has a trademarked color called “jay z blue”…i remember him debuting it on a car..

    • Be careful with the Russel Simmons link, there is a spyware attached to it that your virus protection software may not be able to stop.

    • One source has it as Ivy Blue, another as Blue Ivy. Several celebrities have also been tweetting it’s Blue. IDK if it’s baby Carter’s real name or not, but didn’t another celebrity name their child Blue Bear? *shrug*

      • Also, Cher’s son’s name is Elijah Blue and Spice Girl star, Geri Halliwell named her daughter Bluebell, which is a flower, Madonna…terrible!

    • Gwynth Paltrow tweeted that the baby name is Blue. She’s a believable source b/c she & her husband are close to the Carters. She has said in interviews her kids call Jay Z Uncle J lol

      **Beyonce did wear a lot of blue while she was pregnant so i guess she was giving a hint. But naming your child after a crayola color just seems wrong to me lol. Just imagine how confused the child gonna be when she learns her colors lmao j/k. But The Dream does have daughters named Navy & Violet so i guess lol But now i have a feeling you gonna start hearing people naming their child Magenta & Taupe,

  31. A scheduled C-Section & it happened on the 8th. My goodness, this woman gave birth sometime this morning & it’s already plastered all over the internet. Blue Ivy though!? Guess it’s better than Brooklynn.

    Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see the picture of the baby girl.

      • I’m glad they didn’t chose the 4th. That’s Tina’s birthday already, they both should enjoy their own birthdays seperately. Other sources say baby carter was born on the 7th, so..IDK.

    • Congrats but that name is terrible!! Maybe now Beyonce will disappear for awhile and focus on the joys of motherhood!

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