Paris Jackson,13, has secured a role in the upcoming fantasy film Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. Although happy for her niece, Janet Jackson recently told talk show host Jay Leno that she’d prefer Paris to wait until she is an adult before working in the entertainment industry. Janet states,  “I’d prefer for her to wait, I think she should enjoy her youth.”

Janet began her career at the tender age of 7-years-old when she appeared with her siblings at a Las Vegas show but she wants her niece to enjoy childhood because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Jackson explains, “You’re only young once and [I want her] to really have a wonderful time and enjoy it. She has the rest of her life to be an adult and she should study. She should go to school and study the craft and think about college and maybe study abroad, acting, and then when she becomes 18 she could dive into it if she wants.”

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  1. I feel sorry for these kids! Their mother doesn’t want to step up and take them and they don’t know who their real father is. They are being taken care of by the warped Jacksons whom they have NO genetic link to. SO SAD!!!

  2. You would think Katherine would have learned from her first set of kids and deny young, innocent Paris this request.

  3. I’d hate for her to open herself up to the public and get all of the hateful comments regarding her dad and the question of her paternity! I know she’s already heard it, but she’s so young and people can be PlainMean! Hehe! I don’t think Mama Jackson should expose her this young.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Katherine wanted for Paris to wait as well. I’m pretty sure Katherine wants her to wait too but maybe Paris kept asking her grandmother so much. Also, Janet did another interview on GMA not to long ago (last year). Janet said that she did have a talk with Paris. Janet should know, she has been acting since she was a kid and she knows what goes on in Hollywood.

    Also, did Paris even started filming that movie yet? I just hope they are not just using her because of her last name and who her father was.

    Madonna (I hope I spell her name right)I read awhile back, her daughter wants to become actress but Madonna told her until she finish school first.

  5. Take your aunt’s advice, Paris. She’d know better than practically anyone else what being a child actor/musician entails. Enjoy your childhood while you can, it passes by extremely quick & you can never get those years back. And considering how Michael was forced to grow up so quickly (and look how that turned out), I think it’d be a great gift to him for Katherine to make his children wait until they’re at least 18 years old.

    Let them have the childhood their father was never allowed to have. I’m sure Michael would love that.

  6. Good advice from Janet. You hear that a lot from the former child actors when they grow up. That’s why, when I hear from some parents whose kids are in show biz that they’re doing it because that’s what the kid wants, I feel the kids just don’t know any better and will be sorry when they get older that they started so young.

  7. Wisdom speaks. Janet is telling Paris things that she wish she did when she was younger. Janet was put to work very early by her father, so she didn’t have much of a childhood either. I do believe Paris should slow it down for her sake

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