Entertainers Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took stage with their 8-month-old son at the BET Honors 2012 held on January 14, 2012 in Washington, DC.

“It is truly, truly a blessing to be here tonight, and I am humbled and in awe of everyone’s presence, but mostly my hero right there,” Nick said of his wife Carey as he presented her with BET’s Entertainer Of The Year award. “What most people don’t get the opportunity to experience is the true woman; the virtuous person who is my angel.”

Mariah accepted the award and said, “To my incredible husband who [has been] out of the hospital two days — look at him all strong and healthy and big and too buff for the tux — it’s incredible.”

Moroccan’s twin, Monroe Cannon, was backstage during the presentation because according to her mom, “We were both sewn into our dresses, so she couldn’t make it out.”

“She’s a diva like her mama,” added Nick.

Moroccan, dressed in a matching tux as his dad, looked as cute as a button.

Photos: Paul Morigi

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  1. Monroe was probably trying to be a diva and missed out!! You can’t show out AND take a pic with Mrs. Obama. Chile please!

  2. Maybe Roe had gotten a little cranky or was taking a nap. I am pretty sure she was there too. Maybe they were going to keep the kids back stage, but my guess is that Roc was crying and wanted to be with his parents. You know how some kids get when they see their parent or parents heading out the door.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Roc; and for the suit, maybe they bought the suit a little big so when start growing more he will fit into the suit. Don’t forget people, babies grow fast. Once you buy clothes for your baby, in a few months they grow right out of the clothes you just bought them. That’s why it’s good sometimes to buy clothes a little big.

  3. I thought they all looked great! I am ,however, not a fan of suits and tuxs on babies….makes me think of tiny little old men, looks weird to me and they never fit LOL.

  4. I love them as a couple. Monroe probably didn’t come out because she was either asleep, crying, or spit up. She is a baby that is what they do.

  5. Love this! There is nothing wrong with Roc having on a tux. He’s dressed like his dad. Let them live people! Roe might have been sick or sleeping. Roc was awake and probably fussing. Lol. Just an educated guess.

  6. They should have brought the lil girl out too.I wonder what’s the real reason as to why they didn’t bring her out.And wow first lady is everywhere now a days.

  7. They are a precious family!! But as big as Nick’s smile is. And yes he looked very handsome, but as another commentor mentioned, Nick still looks sick. Hopefully this event doesn’t set his health back. I’m sure he was very adamant about attending with it being a BIG night for his wife.

  8. Nick is really lookin his age these days.

    I pray Roc grows into his head……

    Overall they are a cute fam :)

  9. The Carey-Cannon crew has quickly become my favorite celebrity family. I love Nick for the way he loves Mariah & he gets extra points 4 not being afraid to tell it to the world. I hope I find a man w/that much adoration for me one day.

    BTW, Mariah BETTER WORK in that dress, Nick looks scrumptous in his tux & Lil Roc is the cherry on top :)

  10. My fave celeb couple! They are so cheesy, its cute lol. Roc & that forehead are the cutest! Mimi always have that boy in a suit lol

    How lucky is he to be held by the 1st lady

    I wonder how BET pulled this off? They got Michelle to be there, that’s pretty big! lol

    I wanna see Roe! I know she was looking fabulous lol

    • Can you guys believe BCK had the above comment awaiting moderation? Really BCK?! I just can’t with you guys. SMH.

      • I believe it..it was too perfect..

        I am soo a goupie to the Obamas its ridiculous..I got the president to sign my letter for my brother and all my other coworkers because they were so scared..They are just soo down to earth and my homegirl saw her in Best Buy..they relate..


  11. Look at that suit, gorgeous! and those shoes, cute!

    Where’s little Princess Roe?

    Mariah’s dress is, ummm, interesting.

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