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Columbus Short and his very pregnant wife Tanee McCall-Short and their son are pictured at Jayneoni Moore’s Pre Golden Globe Lounge on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the W Hotel Westwood in Los Angeles, California. McCall is best known for her role in You Got Served (2004) and The Losers (2010). Columbus is popular for his character portrayals in Accepted (2006) and Stomp the Yard (2007).

Kevin Frazier and family were also in attendance at the event. Frazier is captured with his wife Yasmin Cader and son Shane. Frazier currently co-hosts The Insider and is a renowned sports hosts who takes pleasure in watching his eldest son follow in his father’s path. When asked about his son Tony’s career in journalism Frazier says,  “I’m so happy for him. I want my child to be happy and be successful. I want my child to find the things that sparks him. To see how hard he works, and to see how enthused he is, to see how hard he goes in … I’m like, ‘You are so lucky to find something you have a passion for.’ That’s all I care about. I just want him to find the passion.”

Photos: Timothy Goodwin

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  1. That son is from Columbus’ first marriage, the one he screwed up when he was dry humping Britney Spears on tour when his wife was at home doing the pregnant thing. How do you all not remember this

  2. Ladies,
    Trust me, you don’t want it. He’s cute, and has a sexy voice, dances great, made a beautiful baby etc. etc., but he’s foul, rude, and does his baby’s momma wrong in so many ways. Have a crush on a better person – you deserve it.

  3. Wow! Didn’t know Columbus was married nor that he had a son that old. His wife is pretty. Post says she was in You Got Served. Wonder if she was one of the girls on Omarion and Marques Houston’s team. I’m a have to look.

    • She was she was in the very beginnin of the movie where here and kiki asked to be apart of their crew she is in very few parts

  4. I am surprised Kevin Frazier married and had a kid with a black woman. Something about him made me think he’d have a white woman.

      • “Not 100% black.”

        Let’s look at the history of Africans in America. Hundreds of thousands were brought here from 1600 on as slaves. Many women were raped by their white masters. African Americans are rarely “100% black.” We have had LEGAL mixed marriages in the USA for many decades now.

        Our president Barack Obama is 50% black as his mom was a Caucasian from Kansas and his dad was a native of Kenya.

        Very, very few people in the USA are 100% anything. Even Tiger Woods is 1/2 Thai (his mom) and part African-American, Caucasian and Native American on his dad’s side…He says he is 1/8th black.

        Why do you care anyway? We are ALL one race. Human. We have different ethnicities and cultures…but exactly ONE RACE.

  5. Both of these families are gorgeous…..but I’m happy to know that Mr. Short is married with children. Because I could have sworn other blogs were claiming that he was gay.

  6. BCK, I’m going to assume you guys are not posting today based on your support against the Piracy Act being voted in congress today, however, it would have been nice if you advised us of such.

  7. Don’t wanna sound like a parrot but dang, I had no idea that Columbus is married with such a big kid (not even counting the one that is going to be born). Beautiful family (my friend is going to be so hurt when I tell her that “her man” belongs to another lol).

    • yeahh..she was in the marques houston ” that grl ” video and she was in youve got served as a dancer!!!

  8. he dated britney spears in 2003 long before k fed.he was her back up dancer in 2003 and he was in her music video in the zone. her management and parents did not like that the fact that britney was dating a black man so they got rid of him.britney was in awe of him. also columbus was in thats so raven as the boy band boys in motion.

  9. Count me in with the group that didn’t know he was married. Both families look great I like the guys stickers that says “I’m the Daddy”!

  10. Columbus is married? What? Well :(. Tanee is gorgeous & their son is such a cutie.

    Frazier’s son is also cute.

    Thanks BCK for posting different families on here. A nice break from the normal quo.

  11. I, too, had no idea he was married, booo, lol, and had a son plus one on the way. Columbus has a terrible name, but is cute. Tanee is beautiful and little Short is a cute one!

  12. Did not know Columbus was married and had a kid that big..sad..

    He’s a great dancer and actor, he’s very versatile..

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