Jennifer Hudson promotes the new book I Got This How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down at Barnes & Noble, Old Orchard on January 17, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The Weight Watchers’ spokeswoman was joined by her 2-year-old son David Daniel and fiance David Otunga.

During a recent visit to the Rachael Ray Show Jennifer opened up about her special food craving. Hudson said, “My favorite is chocolate, chocolate is like my cigarette. You know if somebody wants to go out and have a cigarette break when they get that down time? That’s what I do when I have chocolate and so chocolate is what it is. I like milk chocolate.”

Jennifer also talked about her son who is quite the wrestler. As Hudson explains, “He’s adorable, he’s two years old now and all he wants to do is sit and watch ‘WW-Dada’ or he wants to watch Elmo. And so it’s like ok, we’re watching ‘WW-Dada’ and Elmo, but what I don’t understand is he likes to sing to Daddy and wrestle Mommy. It’s like no we should be singing and y’all wrestle. He just comes and knocks me upside the head and he’ll say ‘1,2,3’ and it’s like ‘ding! ding! ding!’


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  1. I totally agree with you Tiano, the other day it was a big issue when Angelina braid her daugther Sahara with a famous style in Africa.
    These woman was kind enough to adopt this poor child from Africa to give her a proper home and all you can think and say is you dont like the braiding.
    Who the hell do you think you are?

    • By the same token, who are you? Who are you to condemn other posters opinions? You just like to be rude to others more so than giving your own opinion about these people.

    • ???And your point is? I don’t see the contrast in Zahara’s braids and young David’s unkempt style. Braids are neat and considered to be hair that’s styled, this is neither styled or kempt.

      Notice I didn’t attack your differing opinion or you, nor did I express infuriated or enrage just because we don’t agree.

  2. That is Jennifer and David’s boy, they can do what ever the want with their son’s hair. People should sometimes understand that just because you prefer small black boy trimmed does not mean all the boys you see in the street should have their hair trimmed. Jen does not live to please anyone. Lol, what is wrong with us black people?
    David Jr look adorable.

  3. You’re right, Sherley. “Subliminal” wrote, ” It (the hair) gives him character.” It sure does, such as the “caricature” of curly haired BuckWheat child actor of the past.

    It would be different if his parents were similarly un-coiffed but they are both neatly coiffed in the picture and that is the image they embrace.

    The child’s father I’m sure at one point had even curlier hair than his son’s being that he is biracial, but it’s obvious as an adult he embraces the overall societal norm of men having neatly cut haircuts.

    Jennifer must be excited over the child’s curls. It’s okay but not everyone feels the same.

      • Conjecture? Perhaps. But my point is it’s no more conjecture than yours or anyone else’s comments and theories put forth at this site. At least 80 to 90% of what is offered by posters at this site is conjecture/speculation, so I’m not offended by your comment. You, just like everyone else, are entitled to your opinion.

        We are free to write whatever BCK allows.

  4. Sherley I was hoping that u didn’t even bothering responding to that comment! We’re all adults on here and can do and say whatever it is we want! I’ve personally never been a follower always a leader! No commenter’s opinion has to be alike that’s why God made us all different in this case I agree with u! That boy need a haircut he looks like he’s about to fly away!!!!!

    • @Misunderstood, Girl, you saw I didn’t even reply to the following comment. The obvious is being stated, he needs his hair tidied. It’s a fact. They can go off on Kenzo, diagnosed Louis or Henry so-called issues but I mention the obvious & I’m all of this. *major eye roll*. Any who, there is always one in a bunch needing an excuse to take their bras off & burn it.

  5. Everybody clowns Jennifer, but she had to exercise along with WW, cuz her arms are not flabby. As for “Punk”, I think it’s the bowtie. He is a handsome man, and I hope they’re happy.

    • 100% in agreement with you. Black people needs to get over their self loathe and check their attitudes from within about themselves before they go telling people what they should or shouldn’t do.

  6. Sherley is a HATER and actually has a BCK following lol…following right behind this silly woman, try respecting people who are promoting positivity..Jennifer Hudson lost weight to set an example that lowering an extreme BMI is possible, look to her for encouragement and stop being so jealous hearted! An Lil’ David’s hair is absolutely gorgeous, it’s very becoming..it gives him character. You people spewing the negativity should try having some.

    • I’m a hater to J-Hud as well? Dang, so I hate Beyonce, J-Hud & all black women huh? Well, thank you for pointing that out. *roll eyes*

      She wants to promote positivity, take a brush to that boys head. I don’t care how much money one has, how ‘healthy’ one is, if you have children, take care of them. If she can take time to put on a lace front, she can take a brush to her son’s hair.

      • @Sherley

        What is your obsession with this child hair, every time this little boy picture appear on this you go into a tail spin. if you see his hair in public will you have a panic attack.

        To the site owners, you ask for no bullying but you allow Sherley to bullying this innocence child indirectly through his mother.

      • How am I bullying this child or his mother by stating the obvious, which is he needs his hair trimmed? What name did I call him? How did I attack or belittle him? When my son needs a hair cut that is over due, or a new pair of sneakers, etc; no one hesitates to mention it to me & I do not go into a fetal position in a corner, crying & claiming I’m being bullied.

        If this child’s hair was like Kenzo’s the comments on here from you so-called anti-bullying protestors would be different. Y’all need to go somewhere else with this mess for I am not the one.

  7. I agree it’s become about her image and not her music so sad because she has a fantastic voice that many sings today would die for that natural talent.

  8. Why are most of the comments negative regarding J-Hud or her son’s HAIR??!! We always tear each other down! If you can’t say something nice about someone didn’t your mother teach you to not say anything at all? She lost weight,and I think she looks healthy! And she can do WHATEVER with her son’s hair she wants! It’s her son, and HER preogitive! There seems to be a serious problem in our community with uplifting each other…no one mentioned what the post was actually about. The girl just wrote a BOOK for goodness sakes! To that I say congratulations girl! I will be supporting and buying it!

  9. I agree with your post Sherley. David Jr hair needs to be trimmed. Jennifer is everywhere promoting her book. Is she no longer singing?

  10. That commercial of her laughing to herself is the oddest commercial I’ve ever seen lol. I understand the concept of it, but it looks really chessy for her to be laughing with herself lol. I wonder who came up w/ that concept

    I agree about that hair…

  11. Wondering…….Why the heck Jennifer Hudson get on my nerve, its something about her that comes across as very superficial. OAN totally agree w/the comments above, Lil David hair need 2 be tamed, theres no reason why a 2.5 y/o male child dont have a hair cut “good hair” or not. BTW, J-Hud can front all she want she know she has no intentions on marrying that man, seems to me like she keep him around just to prove the naysayers (like myself) wrong. As soon as the whispers cease about their relationship she willo quietly dump him.

  12. I am so sick of African Americans saying “good hair”. We a have good hair, not everyone konws how to take care of theire har. @Misunderstood JHud really shouldn’t loose anymore weight becasue is starting to look unhealthy.

  13. @Sherley u said everything I was going to say! That boy needs a haircut and JHud is toooooooo skinny she looks sick!

    • Good hair or not, it needs to be tamed. When one or two pieces are flying away from the reamining hairs on your head, it’s time to clip it.

      • Agree, Sherley, His own father is biracial and has grown up to choose a neat haircut so it’s not like we’re talking out of left field. It’s not like his Dad , at least, doesn’t believe in haircuts. He’s not wearing dreadlocks or braids himself and neither is his Mama for that matter.

        Little David is still cute, though.

    • How about she just likes HIS HAIR because it is HIS HAIR…seriously can we leave the good hair stuff in the past where it belongs. I have wavy, curly hair and if I wear it out and wild I am showing off but if I had tighter curls, or a traditional afro I would just be proud right?

    • I really didn’t feel like commenting, but, yes she must do something about the hair. I know she wants to keep the “good hair”, but at least trim it up and tame it. Just looks like “unkempt hair” to me.

  14. She looks really good! I like JHud but I have to say I could use a few less WW commercials. LOL They come on all day.

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