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Ming Lee Simmons celebrated her 12th birthday over the weekend. Mom Kimora Lee Simmons hosted a spa-themed birthday party in which guests received facials, manicures, pedicures, and everything else pertaining to relaxation. All attendees were surrounded by pink and treated like tween princesses.

Ming is known for her modeling abilities and fashion sense. Simmons has modeled for Hello Kitty on several occasions and often sports her mother’s jewelry products. Russell and Kimora should be proud of their little fashionista.

More pictures below!

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  1. She’s almost a teenager and yes very age appropriate but maybe it’s time Kimora let her evolve with her own style and stop always dressing her and what 9 ?10?? Year old Aoki alike . I know it’s age appropriate and I’m not saying booty out shorts etc but it seems Kimora is having a hard time letting go . Lol she will be 13 next year. What 13 year old wants her mom to put her in little girl dresses and pig tails like Kimora still does ming. Maybe it will change now she is 12

  2. I hope she continues to be a sweet girl. I am glad Kimora allows her to be a little girl and not try to make her an adult. Her parents have done a gr8 job so far! Kudos to them!

  3. happy birthday Ming! can’t believe she’s 12 already. seems like just the other day she was a little bitty thing modeling for Baby Phat.

  4. Happy Birthday Ming! January Babies ROCK! #HIGHFIVE!! She looks like she had a great time. She’s very Zen like Russell.

  5. Looks like a fun party. There’s my little Kenzo, with his handsome self. Happy Birthday precious!

    Capricorns rule! ****Unless she was born after the 20th***

  6. she’s getting so big. wow she is almost a teenager. i love the pink and black colors. i jus did a party for my cousin who was turning ten and she had pastel colors very light it was soo cute. i even ot 2 business deal out of it and i was jus doing it for fun :)

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