Nahla Aubry, daughter of actress Halle Berry, was spotted out and about with her new nanny in Los Angeles, California on January 24, 2012.

As recently reported, an investigation has been opened on Gabriel Aubry for misdemeanor battery and child endangerment after a nanny by the name of Alliance Kamdem accused him of pushing her while holding little Nahla.

Halle Berry petitioned the courts for a restraining order against Aubry earlier this week but such request was rejected by a Los Angeles County judge. According to TMZ, the judge believed Alliance’s accusations to be “insufficient and speculative. The judge said Kamdem’s issues should be resolved in family court.” Halle will now have to wait to hear the verdict form another judge on Monday concerning the custody of her daughter. Gabriel requested joint custody of his daughter in December 2010 after he and Halle ended their relationship.

Photos: FameFlynet

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  1. See this right here is why some of you need to leave the thread. If you read the complaint it clearly states the nanny was holding Nahla when he pushed her and she fell into the wall. That is child endangerment. It also states that Nahla became so afraid that she was cowering and crying. He lost his temper in front of the baby that is enough in most states to warrant an investigation.
    In some states any time a domestic violence situation occurs CPS launches an investigation.

    Once again the nosey nanny had a right to be there because a court had already decided Gabriel did not need to be alone with Nahla for more than 3 hours. You can talk around it but, it is a fact he violated the court order when he spent all day alone with Nahla. Anyone under a court order who wants to “act a fool” with a nanny or anyone else in front of their child gets exactly what they deserve

    • What are you talking about? Everyone already knows the whole story and once again, the whole story is heresay, because there was no witness to see him push her. It’s her word against his.

  2. Don’t know these people personally and I mean no disrespect but if all Ms. Berry wanted was a sperm donor she wouldn’t have had a kid with Mr. Aubry. Its obvious she wanted a child but she also wanted a family.

    Go back, not just do a Google hit n run, to when she and Michael Earley split up you will find a quote that said they split up because she wanted a child. She was upfront about it and he wasn’t ready for kids, maybe he wanted them the “old” fashioned way. You know…in a marriage.

    Anyway, back to Aubry, women who just want a sperm donor do not usually give the child said donors last name. Why would they? Unless things have drastically changed on Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw, if a woman does not want to give her child his last name, he has to do two things, pursue his paternal rights prior to or within a certain time frame after birth AND he has to be open to paying child support. While Aubry has pursued his paternal rights AFTER the split, he does not pay child support. Doesn’t matter what she makes, a child has a right to financial “comfort” from both parents.

    She learns to speak fluent French, Aubry’s native language BEFORE becoming pregnant (bet he wishes he hadn’t encouraged that one since she can now parlez-vous français with Olivier…so can Nahla).

    Before, during and after the child is born they travel extensively to Aubry’s family’s home in Quebec (don’t take my word for it, Air Canada regularly pissed off their regular paying clientele to cater to them) establishing a familial bond with Aubry’s extensive foster and biological family. If their was no bond she would have to share her kid.

    If I can use the logic nature has given me to make a LOGICAL conclusion,, I did not say CORRECT, just LOGICAL…why are some of us on this site not even giving our OPINION, which no one can fault…we are acting as if we were ACTUALLY there.

  3. I also think they have some feelings for each other,i guess they should hug each other and enjoy what they both have together,this wonderful child.

  4. This child is suffering and i hope Halle and Aubry settel their problem and not on the back of their daughter.In the years to come they will realise their mistakes.

  5. Nahla is so cute! Her hair texture and coloring are the same as my deceased sister from Sickle Cell Anemia were. She reminds me of her when she was young.

      • Yes, Connie1. You can’t get much Blacker than losing two siblings to Sickle Cell Anemia. If you don’t know, Sickle Cell Anemia is a killer of primarily African American decent.

        But you are so pro Black and positive of ALL that’s Afrocentric, I’m sure you were already aware of that.


  6. I certainly DO NOT make Halle Berry size paychecks in addition to making about $10,000 less per year because I have made a conscious decision to see my child to her teenage years and enjoy being with her while she is little. I have a college education that no one can take away from me and I will make that money later when she can be independent.
    It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful little girl being tossed around like a football.
    Based on what is being told Nahla allegedly witnessed whatever altercation occurred with a nanny she was probably comfortable with to now being thrown into the arms of a stranger.
    There isn’t enough money in the world that her mother could not see her through this rough patch by being with her for the next few days.
    Mommy has to go to work doesn’t ring the same when you have or should have millions in the bank.
    They are totally screwing up that child with their bad behavior.
    Remember there are 3 sides to EVERY story, hers, his and the truth.

    • I don’t think it’s the case that Halle isn’t there for her baby. There is a court order declaring joint custody of Nahla. I think if Halle could have her everyday without Gabriel in the picture, she would. From allll the pics we see of Halle and Nahla on this website, it’s clear that she is a hands-on parent. The nannies appear to be supplementary in Halle’s case, while they are mandatory in Gabriel’s. I wish them all the best + a good therapist.

  7. Initial report says Halle was aware the child was home from school due to illness. I’m not buying into the story of the nanny being pushed..she chose to try to hold the child while putting on her shoes, resulting in her own negligence. I truly believe the courts should allow Gabriel alone time with his daughter and joint custody. He seems like a good father and you can’t blame him..Halle has put the man through the ringer as far as custody and visitation goes. I believe they should have taken a break between nannies. Lord knows the child needs a break from the different faces in her life.

  8. I do not believe this is a new nanny, I have seen her with Nahla before. I think she must have two nanny’s!


  10. I just met a couple: she is 100% Asian & he’s 100% Puerto Rican. Their daughter doesn’t look mixed at all but Asian. I kept looking from him to her & while she looks just like him, she look strictly Asian. Genetics…SMH.

    Anyway, sorry for the interruption; I now return you back to the Halle vs Gabriel saga.

    • @Sherley I agree genetics are so funny – from what I’ve seen asian genes are super strong no matter what they are mixed with!

      • @Jess, Asian genes must be super strong as the only thing that looks Hispanic about the little girl was her last name.

    • what does a 100% Puerto Rican like? When I visited Puerto Rican, I saw many different hues of people, with what seemed like different mixes of races amongst the people of Puerto Rico.

      • Well I would assume he would know his own parentage. But next time he come in for his parol check-in, I’ll ask for a DNA sample. OK?

        • Ms. Sherley, Puerto Rican isn’t a race (if this was covered over the past kagillion responses, feel free to spank me, not too hard, I’m five hours ahead ).

          You can be from Puerto Rico; San Juan, Farjardo etc. as that’s where you were born but not as your race. If that were so then prior to when the US Navy vacated Rosie Roads when they were forced to leave Vieques then all the Navy children born there would have been classified into a new race other than the ones of their birth parents as the same would apply for the Army births at Ft. Buchanan.

          • Hey sweetie. I guess I have to clear this up. I am aware it’s the Hispanic race, however when one ask a Hispanic where they are from, they get more specific, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, etc. When I was talking to him he said, “I am 100% Peurto Rican & proud of it.” His wife said, “And I am 100% Asain & guess proud of it.” It was a conversation that happened during an interview process.

            My point in posting the comment is regarding genetics, not heritage make-up. I have never met a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) & Asian couple before & it was interesting to see what their child looked like. That is all. I recently met an Indian woman married to a Barbadian man..their children looked more Indian with a very dark tan. Meeting those types of couples is intersting to me, but it’s just that.

            Does everyone understand it now? My goodness, Black people make such a huge issue over their genetic make-up. I for one am way beyond it.

  11. I have seen this particular nanny with the child before she always had two nannies. The other one picked her up from school more frequently than this one and the black nanny accompanied Halle and Nahla to Europe with Olivier. maybe it’s best all around if Nahla just keeps one nanny it will probably be less confusing for her.

  12. Gabriel’s biggest issue right now is the charges regarding the nanny being filed against him. If they are, he doesn’t stand a chance against Halle in court. I hope he doesn’t lose custody of Nahla, I really do. But that’ll learn him (in my Kevin’s Hart voice).

  13. Would that child really be that comfortable with a new nanny? Seriously. And, Halle doesn’t have a project lined up. She can’t pick up her kid for a week following such “allegations” of abuse?

    • Nahla doesn’t seem too happy to me. She looks sad & even crying in the last picture. I think I see tissues balled up in her hand.

  14. I think the black nanny bit is fake. For one, when have you ever seen Halle Berry traveling with a black nanny? There’s usually a random person in the background with the two and it has never been that black lady.

  15. I honestly believe in my heart that Halle put the Nanny up to it! I’m not saying Gabriel is a saint far from it but I just don’t believe this! Halle wants Nahla all to her self and that’s selfish because she has a loving father! Neither is putting their stupidiyy aside for this beautiful baby!

  16. I think both Halle and Gabriel need counseling in order for them to see the bigger picture is Nahla. Put aside their differences for her sake and be civil to one another.

  17. so much drama in this little girl’s life. i hope halle and gabe can resolve their differences for nahla’s sake.

  18. Gabriel has said he didn’t push the nanny, that she tripped & fell. IDK. I don’t see why he would put his daughter in harm as he loves her dearly & has shown how protective he is of her. However, why did the nanny say he did it then? IDK, but as much as I love Halle, I still believe she jumps at every chance she can to stick it to him.

  19. Awww, this reminds me of the scene from The Help where Viola Davis’s character was forced to leave the baby she’d been caring for! Lol. Seriously, it has to suck for Nahla to bond with a nanny and then not have her in her life anymore. I’m not sure why a nanny is necessary, but what do I know?!?!

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