Sandra Bullock was all smiles as she picked up her son Louis from preschool in Los Angeles, California today.

The pair have been spotted several times this week on their daily school run. Check out more photos below of the duo in the past week.

You can purchase Louis’ Boys’ Mackenzie Retro Lunch Bags for $13.50 HERE

Photos: Brooks/INFphoto.com/FameFlynet

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  1. Oh another white woman adopting a black child and saving it from destruction. Please. She couldn’t find a white bay to adopt? He is cute but them white celebs adopting black babies and walking around with them lie trophies isn’t cool.

    • I hope you are in process of adopting all the eligible Black children so the White folks don’t get to them.
      On second thought, I’d hate for you to poison their innocent minds.

      Children without qualified parents need loving homes – period.
      Any time a child finds a good home is a cause for celebration.

  2. Hmmm, I really like movies like The Blind Side and The Help, and of course ALL OF TYLER PERRY MOVIES AND T.V SHOWS. So Sandy gets a pass from me. Maybe I will adopt one day.

  3. My comment is still awaiting moderation all I said was Louis was cute and I wanted to bit his cheeks wow!

  4. I like Sandra/lou and all but Im losing interest..they are not bringin’ it like other celeb moms and kids. Kind of boring…

  5. Congrats to Sandra. Louis looks adorable as always from head to toe. I’ve never seen this child looking ashy or unkempt.

      • Lol. Idk..it’s a toss up between him, Kenzo, Egypt & Curtis Jr. Who by the way I’m suffering from not-seing-him-in-a-while-itis BCK.

        • I know what you mean about Louis, Curtis and Egypt, but we will disagree about Kenzo, lol, not one of my favourites. 😛 Add Tyger Turrentine, Hank Baskett, Romelo and Rodney Hill, Major Harris and we got my favourite celebrity baby boys :)

          • It’s ok to disagree, it’s part of life. I don’t like being around people who only agree with me or do things the same way I do.

            I’m feeling Tyger, but Hank, Romelo, Rodney & Rocky aren’t my favs. But we’ll always have Louis. :)

          • Let me get in on this, Kenzo’s definitely not one of my favs neither is Hank but those Hill Brothers r byfar my favorite! Along with the Raymond Brothers, Chance, Nahla, Violet and Laila They’re so freakin cute! Louis is becoming one of my fav as well as Tyger!

  6. I must also just say OMG, can’t I have him? This little boy is just so cute :-) and when he smiles…it’s just priceless

    Greetings from Cape Town

  7. OMG my Louis!!! He’s so cute, looks like he’s telling her about his day in the 4th thumbnail lol

    **I find it a little weird they call it pre-school. Isn’t it just daycare? lol Or does rich people & celebs send their kids to pre-school early?

    • It’s pre-school as it’s where our children go prior to going to school. Leave us working moms alone girl. Day care sounds so eh..pre-school sounds much better.

      • I went to pre-school, & where i’m from pre-school is for children that are 3-4 yrs old. Daycare is for the younger kids. Unless its different in other states where you can send your kids to pre-school at any age lol. My friend is getting ready to send her little one to pre-school in the fall, she’s turning 4 next month.

        • We like using pre-school better ok. My son was in day care till he was 3, then he went to pre-school. We like using the work pre-school over day care, so leave us alone. :)

    • I don’t know abot the school Louis attends but at my 3 y/o’s pre school in addition to learing the alphabet, numbers, colors & shapes he’s also learning spanish & playing the piano. I’m proud to say that my baby can count to 20 in both english & spanish & recognizes three & four letter words.

      • Wow I cant even count to 20 in Spanish(smile) I better save that pic of Louis smiling don’t know when we will see his smile again. Love him anyway, though.

    • To me, daycare is just babysitting.
      Preschool has a more academic focus. Usually at Louis age, preschool doesn’t run the full day or make not be 5 days a week. It just gets kids accustomed to a school setting.

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