Michael Jackson’s children pose with guests during the Michael Jackson Immortilized event in Hollywood , California on January 26, 2012. Jackson’s children Prince,14, Paris,13, and Blanket,9,  imprinted their hands along with their father’s sequined glove and shoes in the cement of the famous forecourt of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Family, friends, and fans celebrated the legacy of the King of Pop.

Michael’s children were honored to take part in the immortalized event. Prince states, “For me, and I think I speak for him as well, this right here is his lifetime achievement award. This is what he strived to get.”

Various celebrities attended the ceremony in memory of the pop legend. Justin Bieber said, “I want to have that perfection, I want to, you know, be the best I can be, that’s what Michael did. He always wanted to be the best he could be.”

The ceremony was in promotion of Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour” scheduled to make its debut in Los Angeles today. Michael Jackson is the first celebrity to have an immortalized ceremony done in their memory.

AFP PHOTO / Joe KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

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  1. Katherine looks good to be in her 80’s…. Blanket favors Michael a lot. I’m glad to see the Jackson kids living a normal life.

  2. Prince is soooooo cute (im 12 so im not a child malester) anyways i feel bad for them and their family

    RIP the prince of pop !!!!!

  3. It’s so sad that Bubbles could not attend. He was there when the going got rough as well as in good times.

    Well, he still has Michael’s song, “I’ll Be There.”

  4. I was waiting for them to put this one up.I was just going to say that JB and paris would make such a cute couple.And why is it that these kids are always being forced to do tributes and such.Mj passed away years ago yep they do like 5-6 tributes and ceramonies a year.I kind of feel like the adult jacksons are just doing this for money now.I don’t know why because Mj left enough money for his mother and his kids.Everyone else should just work instead of trying to live solely off Mj’s memory!Mj would never want anyone to exploit his kids like that.I wonder how much money the kids will have for college when they get ready to go.

    • Paris is almost 14, and Justin’s what, 18? No…not a cute couple at all! Justin’s butt would be thrown in the slammer. Sadly people have been living off of MJ’s money for years even before his death. They’ve grown accustomed, and I doubt they’ll ever stop. Remember Jermaine and Randy’s baby mama Alejandra? You know she’s never gonna stop mooching off that money. I feel bad for those kids having to live around such leeches.

  5. Very nice. For some reason I imagine Paris as the more mature one & the one who watches over Blanket. Prince is just there.

  6. How cute! I was hoping they’d get to put their handprints next to their daddy’s. i think I’m gonna cry…T_T…too touching!

    • Me too, me too :) I’m tearing up. Just so happy for them to know their dad was so loved & respected. I love how the kids are dressed. Prince & Paris reppin hard for daddy & Blanket looking cute in his sweater. How nice that Chris tucker was there. he was a good friend to Michael. Quincy Jones on the other hand, I’ve heard him talk sideways about MJ when envy crept into his heart. smh. Hopefully he’s done away with that jealous spirit. I love that Siggy Jackson’s thug self is there too :) God bless Mrs Jackson & the whole Jackson clan.

  7. I saw an interview with them on Access Hollywood. Paris is so mature for her age she acts older than Prince and is very maternal re Blanket.Then again I guess girls that age often act more mature than boys.

  8. Paris is BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful family! Prince is muscular and Blanket is still cute as can be. MJ should be proud! Continue to watch over them and be their angel.

  9. To answer your question, Prince is going to be fifteen in February. Maybe that’s why he looks older than fourteen to you. =)

    They are growing up so fast, it won’t be long Prince driving down the street listen to rap music and or listen to Michael Jackson. (That’s if he listen to rap music). I can see it now, Paris asking Prince can you please take me to the mall and saying thank you; Prince aka Blanket sitting in the backseat. LOL!!!!!!

  10. They’re such beautiful kids. Paris is just stunning, Blanket is a little cutie pie with his long black hair, and Prince is a handsome young man.

  11. Justin Bieber irks my nerves . Ugh comparing himself to MJ on Twitter and what not. He needs to have a seat! Beautiful kids. I haven’t seen Blanket smile in awhile!!!:) He is so cute and Paris is beautiful! And prince very handsome. Their dad would be so proud of how well they are doing

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