Last week it was rumored that 11-year-old Willow Smith got a temporary “TISA” tattoo. Floyd Mayweather recently became infuriated with 50 Cent for taking his 13-year-old son Koraun to get a tattoo tweeting, “What the h*** is wrong with @50cent got my son hanging out getting tattoos at 2:30am on a school night.” Fiddy’s reply was, “Man @FloydMayweather mad at me I took his son to the tattoo spot. He’s 13 he’s a big boy MONEY TEAM.”

As trends change, it seems that more and more celebrity kids are getting tats at an early age. While not as young and 11 or 13, Tami Roman’s daughter Jazz Anderson,15, recently decided to get a tattoo that says “Faith Over Fear.” When questioned about the reasoning behind her decision Jazz said,

“So far there hasn’t been any backlash on me getting a tattoo. I’ve been asking my mom for a tattoo for months and since I’m almost 16, being the cool mother she is, she allowed me to. My mother would rather me have her consent and her oversee the process, than for me to sneak and get a tattoo without her presence.

Many people who have seen my artwork, ‘Faith over fear,’ say it is inspirational and powerful quote. My family and I have been through numerous trials and tribulations, but instead of me giving up or making unwise decisions, based off of my emotions, I looked to God for answers and advice.

Now my life is filled with happiness, when just about a year ago, I thought my family and I would never make it out of the slump we were in, which is what I express in my music on occasions.

Overall, by my tattoo ‘Faith Over Fear,’ I want people to know that through God, anything is possible.”

Although faith in God at a young age is commendable, could Jazz have expressed her feelings in a different way seeing as how she is still a teenager?

What do you think? Is 11, 13, or even 15 years old too young for tattooing? Should children wait until adulthood to enjoy the pleasures of body art? What are your thoughts on parents allowing children to have tattoos in teen years?

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  2. Who cares? Pick your battles people. Kids as young as 6 get tattoo’s all over the globe partly because it is their culture so what exactly is the right age? It changes where ever you go. Too many people want to please the world when that isn’t possible. There is no book on how a persons child should be raised so stick your nose out of it and do you.

  3. PARENTING SKILLS people, they’re needed badly. Stop trying to be a friend to your child and learn how to parent effectively. Learn to say NO! It is not healthy to allow children to do everything they want to do. What will Willow Smith be asking for at 16? She’s already shaved her head, has a tatoo (even if it is fake), what does a little girl need with “body art”? What is the purpose?

  4. My child will not have my permission to get a tattoo ever so he better wait until he’s grown and out of my house before he gets one or he will deal with the consequences. I remember my brother getting kicked out in the 80’s after he snuck and got his ears pierced. He tried to hide his ears under his jherri curl!

  5. I don’t know Willow’s would even be in question since it’s temporary but as for the others…I can’t believe 50 would take someone else’s child without there consent to get a tattoo and I can’t believe a tattoo artist would mark a 13 year old’s body to that extent, let alone at all. Jazz I can kinda understand more, kinda. She’s a little older and had consent from her mother. When I turned 18 I got a tattoo pretty much just because I could, I don’t regret it but am putting a lot more thought into any more I decide to get.

    • I was thinking Floyd’s son’s tattoo looked really fake but didn’t see any proof to it until reading others comments.

  6. 1. WHY am i the only one who got the memo that the whole ‘Mayweather’s son getting a tattoo’ was FAKE —I repeat the tattoo was fake and 50/Mayweather were just clowning on twitter (i.e. it was all a joke between the two guys)…furthermore, 50 never had the 13 y/o boy in a tattoo parlor @ 2:30 AM. I find it quite odd that so many people took this so seriously.

    2. As a parent I would be extremely uncomfortable consenting to my teen child doing anything permanent (tattoo/plastic surgery) just because it is fashionable or trendy in the moment. Rocking the latest clothing/styles is one thing but how many people have the same taste in ANYTHING at 16 as they do at (say) 29/30?

    3. I understand that celebrity children may lead different lives than (say) a child from a middle class/lower income family but as a parent I also wouldn’t allow or advise (for 18yr and over) my child to do anything that could possible limit his opportunities. Like it or not visible tattoos can/may deter these children from pursuing certain careers in the corporate world and otherwise.

    IMO…just seems like parents today are either less equipt or less willing to “parent” and/or provide sound guidance and guidelines for their kids.

  7. I am a 16 year old girl, and I have a tattoo. I personally feel that at the age of 16 your old enough to make a serious decesion as to get something that would last for a life time. My tattoo is a rose that has my Great-grandmother’s name wrapped around it. If the tattoo has a legit meaning I say 16 isn’t too young…BUT there are kids my age that get STUPID things on them such as their bf names or their gang names. It all depends on their maturity levels.

    • Well do you… but remember that your social circle(s) and group(s) at age 16 are very different than 10-15 years in the future; ex. teens who get face and neck tattoos may look cool now but later on it limits the types of professions or work they can have. Depending on what you will be doing then (unless you are a chef or employed where tattoos are the norm) it does matter where/when you get tattoos. Plus, I hear it’s more painful to remove a tattoo than to get one.

  8. Since Willow’s tattoo was temporary,there is no cause for concern there.But 50 Cent should not have taken Floyd Mayweather’s son to a tattoo parlor at 2:30 am to get a tattoo without his permission.It doesn’t matter whether his tattoos are temporary or permanent. You don’t take someone else’s child to get tattoos,body piercings, or any thing else like that with out asking the parent’s permission and finding out what the rules are for their child.If Tami Roman wants to let her 15 year old daughter get a tattoo,then that is her decision as a parent.

    Personally,I think that kids should not be allowed to get real tattoos or pierce any part of their bodies,except their ears,until they turn 18.If I had children,there would be no tattoos until they are 18.As far as piercing,my mom took me to get my ears pierced when I was a toddler.It seems to be very common for women of color(black,indian,latina)to have their daughters ears pierced at a very early age.It must be a cultural thing.I would do the same for my daughter.But she would not be allowed to pierce any other parts of her body until she turns 18.I would let her get more ear piercings while she is in middle school or high school if she wants to.But no piercings on the rest of her body,and no tattoos until she is 18 years old.I would also discourage my kids from getting any boyfriends/girlfrends names tattooed on themselves,in case they break up with them.Plus,depending on what career they want to have when they grow up,I would tell them why getting lots of piercings and tattoos is a bad idea.

  9. I don’t think anyone under the age of 18 yrs old should be allowed to get tattoos in any state with or without parental consent. I still want to know if the tattoos Floyd Mayweather son got was real or fake. And if it is real he should beat the crap out of Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent. How dare he take another mans’ child to get a tattoo. Does his own son have any tattoos???

  10. faith in God? seriously… okay not trying to be judgmental but if she had any faith in God, she would know tattoo’s is not on his i want u to get list. thats very contradicting. getting a tattoo…. in the name of God… really?

    again omg that was OD judgmental of me but i had to say it.

  11. I’ve seen some amazing tattoos (and I don’t have any). Unfortunately, most of “our folks” are getting poorly done ones. Even Barbie put out a tattooed doll in 2011 that was widely accepted, although there was some controversy. In non-Western, post-Colonial societies tattooing was part of a rites of passage for young people but I’d be willing to bet that isn’t the case with the featured BCKs. Too bad.

  12. When I think of tatoos I am reminded of what happens when you give a little kid a marker and they write on themselves. It seems childish and irresponsible to permanently mar your body. If you have a statement to make – make it with your mind, be creative, write, publish, paint. There are better ways to express yourself without destroying your natural beauty.

  13. We’re talking about Tami! She loud, rowdy and rude letting her 15yr. old get a tattoo isn’t shocking to me! I personally don’t have a tat because I’m to fraking sexy to mess up my body lmao! Seriously it’s painful and I can do without it!

  14. Parents have lost their way. This is just ridiculous as an educator this is not new to me. I see kids as young as 7th grade with tattoos and the was one student in the school who was in the 6th grade whose father had taken him to get a mouth of gold. Im sorry but if kids didn’t need parents to parent them and make solid and sound choices. When my sister was 16 she wanted a tattoo and my mothers words to her were when you get grown and out of my house you can do what you want, but until then NO! Most children like to follow fads and anything thats in, but as parents we need to guide them.

    They experience so many grown up things when they should be kids. I thought about getting a tattoo when I was younger, but I don’t regret not doing it. As a Nano and Bio Tech person that is paint that you are putting on your skin that has never been tested for side effects or anything else for that matter.

  15. Call me old school but I am soooooo against tattoos no matter what age…and I am only 20 years old! Tattoos have become a trend and here are the reasons why I think people shouldn’t get them.

    1. kids these days have to THINK of something to have tattooed on them…if it is permanent you shouldn’t have to sit and think of something first.

    2. Trendy tattoos like behind the ear, inside the finger..are places where people can’t even see so what is the point? You have to actually move your hair away from your ear and say “look at my tattoo!” -_-

    3. leopard tattoos and crap like that on your face have become popular..that says a lot.

    4. People are getting phrases in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French , etc…when they don’t even speak the language! annoying!

    5. Who in corporate America will respect you with some random saying on your (insert visible body part here) ? THINK LADIES!

    16 year olds are not thinking about how this tattoo will affect my career when I am 35!
    NO ONE under the age of 21 should be able to get a tattoo …parental consent or not. If you can’t drink you shouldn’t be able to get a tattoo lol.

    • Oh…and

      6. If you need permanent ink on your skin to REMIND you of your faith in God, your love for basketball/sister/baby or to remember the date and year your homie passed away lol then you need to rethink your priorities!!

    • @Jay

      I agree 100% with you, I posted something,but BCK took it down. After thinking about it, there were two things they didn’t like I know for sure. The second was “BCK” needs to stop giving these “false famous people” a platform. Can’t repeat the first one.

  16. Leave it to Tami to allow her daughter to get a tattoo!

    I personally have not gotten one becasue I am too fickle!

    I would change my mind a week later and regret it, besides I always think what will it look like when I’m someone’s 80 year old grandma, not a cute look.

    Parents need to slow these kids down with these “adult” choices, really why does a girl that young need permanent ink. Get her a henna instead, she is still a child not an adult.

  17. Willow getting a fake tattoo, not a big deal. You can get fake tattoos out of a gumball machine. Kids get henna tattoo’s all the time.

    50 cent was joking w/ Floyds son. He did not get him tatted, he did not keep him up at 2:30 & Floyd was not “infuriated.” The sarcasm was screaming thru his tweets. Why would a fighter go on twitter to vent when he could easily knock a man out? Common sense would say the tattoo is fake b/c there was no blood & his skin wasn’t raised. I can’t stand 50 but people raise their blood pressure too much lol. 50 is getting his tattoo removed b/c he said he wants to get more roles & regrets some of them. So as a guy who’s getting his tattoo removed, why would he allow a 13 yr old to get a tattoo? His own son don’t even have a tattoo smh

    I’m 21 & don’t have no tattoos. People are getting anything tatted on their body, just to say they have one. I think thats so dumb. A lot of my friends who got tattoo’s when they were in high school, regret it now & are getting it covered up. People get tattoos in the dumbest places smh.

  18. Their tattoos look dumb. So glad I didn’t get the dreaded butterfly on my lower back when I was 18. I would regret it already and I’m only in my mid twenties. They will regret it at some point in thier lives.

  19. Although the childs tatoo clearly is fake…50 cent had absolutely no right or business , letting someone elses child or any child step foot inside a tatoo parlor. There’s a mother in Georgia who allowed her young child to get a tatoo, and she got arrested for doing it. It’s always good to THINK before you DO!!.

  20. Any age is too young for a tattoo. It’s skin graffiti, and doesn’t look good on you when it gets “old”…

  21. If you want a tattoo bad enough, wait until you are 18 & get it on your own. Next thing you know teenagers will think it’s ok to ask parents to provide them liquor so they can get drunk.

    Parents agree to it..good for them. I have a tattoo. But if my son comes home with a tattoo, I’m taking it off myself & I’m not using any numbing agents.

    Tattoos are not all that people make them out to be. Just wait. You wait for your license, wait for the tat as well.

  22. Why would someone even hand their child over to 50 Cent?!?! If I allowed 50 to babysit, I would EXPECT my two year old to come back with a tattoo! It just seems like something he would do.

    If their parents ok the tattoos then that’s their business… It won’t be going on in my household though.

  23. I told my daughter when you have graduated from High School and in college I dont care. I got mine when I was in college. All in places you cant see. No ghetto stuff.

  24. I may be getting old, but I am just shocked. If my under aged child wanted a tattoo I would say definitely not! And if he or she went behind my back and did it anyway there would be series consequences. Just because a child MAY go behind a parent’s back and do something they were told not to do, doesn’t mean that a parent should allow them to do whatever they want. I mean come on people, we need to start PARENTING and stop giving in to our young people just so we can look “cool” in their eyes.
    And lastly, the fact that Jazz got a tattoo for “religious” reasons when getting tattoos is arguably strictly against the Word is laughable to me.
    Unless my child is 18 getting a tattoo would not be up for discussion.

    • I absolutely agree with your statement! Yes, alot of people may have them, but believe me in a serious setting whether business, church or any kind of public forum it becomes uncomfortable. Especially for women in the boardroom or office environment. We have to wear jackets if its on our arms. I even know of a few women that have to put make over their leg tattoos. Yes people can have laser removal performed, but besides the cost there’s also the fact of scaring or keloids. I would really advise anyone considering getting one to speak to some mature (business oriented mindset) that has one already.

    • I totally agree with this ! I’d kill my kid if they even would dare.. But I said if the kid is at least 16 and the parents are cool with it.. More power to them. But I think most parents would be shocked to know how many teens get tattoos behind their back.lol

  25. Just a few weeks ago here in GA a mother was arrested because she took her 10 year son to get a tattoo!

    I think 16+ is a good compromise. 16 you’re (hopefully) old enough to make smart, well thought out decisions! You’re deemed old/ responsible enough to work, to drive…why not responsible enough to get a tattoo!

    Any younger than that I think is a little crazy!

  26. I don’t believe that Floyd’s son’s tattoo is real. That’s half his body inked up. Would a 13 year old be able to endure that much pain in one setting? I think Floyd would be doing more than tweeting about if it was real.

  27. I say 17 as long as the parent consents to it. I do not agree with 13. I have a cousin who got one at 15 and my daughter thought I would allow her to do the same, but I quickly shut that down…lol!! I see alot of freshman high school kids with tattoos all over their arms and neck and I’m just thinking how they were allowed to do it. I only have 2 and they are both hidden b/c my job does not allow them.

  28. Wait did I read that wrong but why would 50 take someone else child to get a tattoo??????????????? And didn’t a mother get her child taken away for doing that? I would sue if someone took my child to get a tattoo without my consent ESP at 13.. Dang?!

    • On one of the judge shows someone did sue. They won the amount of money it would cost to have the tattoo removed. The shop did not check the girl’s i.d. I’m pretty sure it would work if the guy decided to sue 50. I would be pissed if someone took my child to get a tattoo w/out my permission.

  29. Most kid that age get tattoos behind their parents back . 13 is wayyyy too young . But 16.. With parent consent . That’s their business not anyone’s else. Pretty sure those kids aren’t going to want those tattoos by the time they are 30 tho. Smh

  30. Willow did not get a temporary tattoo it was a Sharpie.Just putting that out there before people go “crazy” on Will and Jada . Anyway 15-16 hey if the parents are cool with it who are you to judge .

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