Alicia Keys along with husband Swizz Beatz and son Egypt at the beach while vacationing in Hawaii. Keys decided to escape the hype of awards season and spend quality time with her family this year.

In a recent interview with WebMD Alicia said, “Motherhood is a billion times better than I expected, and I already expected it to be great. It’s all the things everyone ever said, but you don’t know it until you’re there. It’s a really special time, and I feel so honored that I get to help somebody in this world find his wings, and navigate and learn happiness, and be loved. Actually, he’s helping me learn, because I’m smarter now. He’s awesome! I’m having a ball!”

Keys was nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for her short film Lili. The production is Keys’ first attempt at directing a film.

More pictures below!

Photos: DailyMail

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  1. @Lola b, I think I’ll save my respect for Alicia. I’ve got a feeling she is the reason he is taking care of all of his kids. She is quite a lady and looks so beautiful and happy here. Glad she took some time off because it seems like she never stops. I wish her continued success and hsppiness. I know when that album comes out it’s going to be great.

  2. I love these photos they don’t look like their force like someone called the apps to take photos they look naturally a familY…Swiss ain’t bad looking he is just skinny but I will tell one thing he takes care of his baby’s all of them even the little who lives In another country and she knows all of her brothers….. That’s a real man… I respect Swiss for that…. Eventhough the baby weighed more than Swiss when he was born.

  3. Thanks BCK for changing the title! Swizz may not be the best, but his family has his name & it deserves to be recognized. :)

  4. I am so grateful that I have seen her perform live in Vegas…at The HardRock and Mandalay Bay Resort on the same bill as Beyonce. That was a once in a lifetime event. Love her!

  5. I love these pics! There were some others of them coming out of a store and Lil Egypt was dressed so CUTE! I love this family. I hope they stay together forever. That picture of Swizz and Egy is just too cute.

      • That’s VERY disrespectful! It’s not like they are dating, they are married. She most likely took on his last name. Egypt is not a Keys, he’s a Dean. It’s the Dean family. If no one cares about Swizz, then maybe they shouldn’t feature his kids anymore…smh

        • No reason to get uptight. This is BCK, meaning we care mostly about seeing the children, not the parents. Swizz isn’t all that & I’m sure if neither parents were to be shown, no one would be upset.

          For the record, I am nowhere near as disrespectful as Swizz is/has been. I am 100% certain, he doesn’t care about me neither.

  6. Uhmm BCK, it’s DEAN and family. That’s kind of disrespectful. Alicia is married to the man & her son does have his dad’s last name.

    The picture of Egypt & Swizz is so cute. & Alicia looks great. I love Egypt & his little chunky self. They are a cute family.

  7. Awww, yay, an Egy post!! That pic with Swizzy is so cute. He’s soooo adorable and getting so big. AK looks amazing, natural & gorgeous as always, she still has that glowy look of contentment she’s had since she was pregnant. So happy for this beautiful family!

    • I was just thinking that she’s been glowing for a while now. He may not be cute but Swizz is def doing something right lol.

  8. Love Ms. Alicia Keys. She so talented and beautiful person who loves her family. Lil Egypt is so damn adorable and cute. Swizz and Alicia are in love with each other and I want only for her to be happy.

  9. Aww Egypt is so adorable! He looks like he’s such a happy and active baby! Alicia looks great, love her! Love that pic with Swizz!

  10. Baby Egypt is so adorable..the family looks good & I’m so sure they were having a wonderful time together. :O)

  11. itty bitty titty commity lol. love alicia though. adorable kid. glad to see their still together cause to be honest… i didn’t think it would last..

    • I rather she loves her itty bitties than have fake boozonkas that look ridiculous. Besides..she has a phat arse & people are dying for one right now. Just like they were getting leaks for fake boobies.

  12. Love baby Egpyt hugh fan of Alicia Keys Swizz is just he’s just Alicia’s husband! Nice looking family!

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