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Halle Berry was seen picking up her daughter Nahla,3, from school in Los Angeles, CA on January 4, 2012. The duo looked content as they walked hand-in-hand to their destination.

Actor Flex Alexander poses with his children Elijah Alexander,7, and Imani Alexander,10. “My boo boos are growing up,” Flex tweeted referring to his adorable boy-girl duo.

Alexander is most known for his role as Flex Washington on UPN’s One On One. He and singer Shanice Wilson have been married since 2000. Elijah and Imani are the couple’s two children together.


Singer and songwriter Erykah Badu is heavily involved with the International Center for Traditional Childbirth. According to the singer, the mission of the organization is to assist mothers in “education about pregnancy, [both] post and prenatal, to prevent infant mortality and encourage breastfeeding [along with] proper care for the child.” Geared towards minority women, Badu along with the organization hope to decrease the statistical data that shows high infant mortality rates among African Americans.


Strong4Life has some critics complaining about its recent string of public service announcements addressing the obesity problem in Georgia. The announcements are part of a $50 million campaign to prevent obesity in a state where nearly one million children are obese and 75% of parents of overweight children don’t recognize obesity as a problem. Georgia trails Mississippi as one of the most obese states in the nation.

In an effort to prevent further digression, Strong4Life has incorporated several announcements that are meant to raise awareness about obesity and its effects. Many alerts feature overweight children who discuss their experiences with obesity from a negative perspective. The kids talk about the teasing that they must endure at school and various diseases that they are exposed to because of weight gain. The segment usually ends with a powerful slogan like “being fat takes the fun out of being a kid,” or “some diseases aren’t just for adults anymore.”

While Strong4Life defends its announcements by saying “Ignoring this problem is what got us here. It’s time to wake up,” many professionals criticize the ads because they do not offer a solution to the problem. As Karen Hilyard of the University of Georgia states, “We know from communication research that when we highlight a health risk but fail to provide actionable steps people can take to prevent it, the response is often either denial or some other dysfunctional behavior.”

Check out a PSA and tell us what you think!


Justin Combs,18, represented the East Coast in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl at Chase Field on Tuesday. The young football star was one of two athletes from the eastern part of the country invited to compete against other high school players who have proven to be the best at what they do. Justin has always aspired to play football on the national level. The young talent comments, “It was great. It was a blessing. I’m still in awe that I played in something like this. It’s something I dreamed about as a young kid.”

Niecy Nash-Tucker and her family will be starring on episode four of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. The comedian will swap families with actress Tina Yothers. In addition to Celebrity Wife Swap, Niecy is taping a reality television show about her family. The Nash-Tucker family will welcome TLC fans into their home some time this year. Niecy is mother to 10-year-old Dia, 15-year-old Donielle, and 18-year-old Dominic.


LeBron James popped the question to Savannah Brinson, the mother of his two children, on New Years Day at Shelborne, South Beach in Florida. The NBA star asked his high school sweetheart to marry him after several years of being on a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship status.

Connor Cruise, a.k.a. DJ C Squared, disc jockeyed for one of Hollywood’s hottest New Years Eve parties on Saturday, December 31, 2011. Connor looked relaxed and professional while providing music for the Big Bang 2012 Party on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland. The 16-year-old has developed his trade so much that clients are willing to pay him $10,000 per gig.

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