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South African native Khomotso Manyaka gave a performance of a lifetime in her role in Life, Above All. The 15-year old plays Chanda, a young girl living with an alcoholic father and a mother infected with the AIDS virus. In the film, Chanda tries to hide her mother’s disease but it becomes evident when her mother becomes more and more ill. She and her family are ostracized by the community because of a lack of understanding about the disease.


Actor Harold Perrineau partnered with the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) to co-host the organization’s #BeTheHelp Children’s Art Party on Saturday, January 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. As Perrineau explains, “My grandmother was a domestic worker. Today, we love the nanny who works with our family. We’re thrilled to support efforts to bring fairness to this important workforce.”

For several years the NDWA has fought to bring equality to domestic workers as thousands of nannies and maids are exposed to inhumane treatment on a daily basis. In the state of California, 200,000 domestic workers do not enjoy the basic rights of a typical employee which include scheduled breaks and severance pay. A Bill of Rights has been proposed in the state to stop the injustice and bring harmony to a workforce in crisis.

Read the full story here.

The 12-year old sensation, Key Swag (Keylon Myheart) is definitely living up to his name. The young rapper is making artists of all ages step up their game just to keep up. He’s not only shooting videos and making appearances on 106 & Park, but he’s also opening for stars such as Jacob Latimore. The tween is signed to “Do Work Enterprise” and that is exactly what he’s doing. He is putting in work and living out his dreams.


Gabriel Aubey, ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry and father of  3-year-old Nahla, is under investigation for child endangerment. According to TMZ, Aubry failed to take Nahla to school and pushed the nanny when confronted about his actions.

Although Halle Berry is viewed as the ideal mother, Gabriel is known by some as an irritable person. Harvey Lenin states, “people who have been around Halle Berry say she’s a great mom. There are people who say that Gabriel has a temper and flies off the handle.  There are others show say they’ve seen him with the kid and that he’s very loving, so it really does depend on who you talk to.”

Regardless of public opinion, Halle has deemed it necessary to petition a court to implement restraint that will prevent Aubry from seeing Nahla until the current custody battle is resolved. A Los Angeles County court will hear arguments pertaining to the matter in the near future.

Read the full story here.


Singer and DJ Solange Knowles recently talked about being an aunt in an interview with InStyle magazine. In addition to giving baby Blue love and support, Solange plans to let her niece rule during babysitting nights. Knowles states, “This may sound awful, but I’m excited to let the baby do whatever it wants in the same way my sister’s done with my son. I’m going to get her back for all those late-night popcorn sessions and just spoiling my child to no end!”


Kenzo,2, began his career in schooling on Monday, January 23, 2012. The toddler set off for school after a filling breakfast and well wishes from his siblings. Kimora wrote on her website,

“Can’t believe he’s so grown up! Why does Kenzo Lee’s first day of school feel like he’s leaving for college?? And why does he look so excited to leave his mommy? And what tips did his big sisters give him? Questions…

Regardless, I’m proud of him and gave my best effort not to cry – too much – as we dropped him off. Is anyone else out there struggling with letting go? Please let me know.”

It’s official, Kenzo is not a baby anymore. Check out more pictures of Kenzo’s first day!


Skye Townsend, Kendall Amyre Ferguson, and a plethora of other teens may get the opportunity to make their mark in Hollywood. A new film called Get the Pearls, a 1990s-themed musical, may feature the young entertainers in starring roles.

Townsend already has a YouTube following of 2.5 million viewers and is known for her singing abilities. The young entertainer is currently being considered for the part of “Sonya,” a young female singer who is a member of the famous Diamondz ‘N Da Ruff hip-hop band.

Kendall Ferguson is also a talented actress and singer who is set to portray “Candy,” a mean girl who rivals with Sonya’s singing group. Prior to being considered for the feature film, Kendall portrayed “Agnes Peabody” on Clue. The young talent recently signed with Atlantic Records and is working on a new album.

Get the Pearls is written by former E! news producer Carlton Jordan. He states, “This film will be filled with the next generation of teen stars and musicians, along with cameos from your favorite 90’s era legends! I am very much in love with the idea that this project aims to create a group of black teen queens and heartthrobs, maybe our very own ‘Breakfast Club!'”

Get more information about Jordan, Townsend, Ferguson, and the film here.


Singer Keyshia Cole, Daniel Gibson, and their 22-month-old son are featured in the latest issue of Ebony magazine’s hottest couple’s of 2012.

When asked about her relationship with Daniel Keyshia said, “What made me gravitate toward Gib was his faith in God, more than anything. He seemed like a loving person. He talked a lot about his grandmother who had passed away, and the things she instilled in him.” Daniel was also drawn to Keyshia because of morals. As Gibson explains, “She has morals and a big heart. Once we met things happened fast. I felt like she was perfect for me. I proposed to her on New Years Eve, right when the ball dropped. I got down on one knee at the same time.

As parents of a small child Keyshia stresses the importance of her and Gibson being on the same page. Cole states, “It’s important to be in the same place. I needed someone I could trust. He felt the same way. We talked about it and had deep conversations about our goals, what we wanted out of life and from a family standpoint. That’s what made our bond strong.”


Ming Lee Simmons celebrated her 12th birthday over the weekend. Mom Kimora Lee Simmons hosted a spa-themed birthday party in which guests received facials, manicures, pedicures, and everything else pertaining to relaxation. All attendees were surrounded by pink and treated like tween princesses.


As all mothers know, it’s that time of year when kids are susceptible to many different viruses including the flu and RSV, which is most harmful to newborns and infants. There are a few ways to help protect your kids and keep you home germ free this winter.

1. Make sure to wash your hands frequently. Pediatricians recommend washing you hands for 30 seconds or singing the “Happy Birthday” song in order to make sure that you are washing long enough.

2. Get vaccinated. Many illnesses, including different strains of the flu virus can be prevented by getting vaccinated.

3. Stay out of large crowds if possible. The more people that you are around the more likely you are to be exposed to germs.

You don’t have to spend the winter with a cough and runny nose.

What are you doing to protect yourself and your kids from winter germs?



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