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Coco Jones is keeping it moving as one of the new stars of Disney Channel’s latest TV movie Let It Shine. Coco,13, will be acting along side Tyler James Williams (I Hate Chris) and Trevor Jackson (Eureka) in the film. She plays Tyler’s crush Roxanne in the movie and gets to show off her famous vocal skills.

Not only is Coco an actress, but she is also a singer, rapper, athlete and honor student. As one of the finalist of Radio Disney’s “The Next Big Thing,” (N.B.T.) Coco is proving that she is multi-talented and intends to continue with her busy career.

Below are more pictures of Coco and her co-stars at the Disney ABC Television Group’s “TCA Winter Press Tour” last month in Pasadena, California.

  • Trevor Jackson, Coco, and Tyler James Williams
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  1. I love her!!!! Remember seeing her vids on youtube a couple years back! Beautiful singing voice and beautiful girl! Wish her the best!

  2. Yall, I don’t care what yall say about disney. But this is going to be one good movie. I was an extra in this film an the music and theme of it was soo good. It’s like disney’s High school musical with an urban twist!

  3. I totally agree..its time to revamp disney and just bring back shows that have nothing to do with singing/dancing. As a parent of a child who watches disney, I enjoyed watching “Thats so Raven “, “Phil of the Future” & “Cory in the House” …etc. Those were really good enjoyable shows to watch.

  4. She’s a pretty girl

    I don’t like the “new Disney” lol. The movies that use to come on Disney were so much more entertaining & good. Even the tv shows got corny. Like why must everybody act and sing in every movie & tv show lol

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