Singer, songwriter, and actress Whitney Houston died on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at the age of 48-years-old. The Associated Press reports,

“Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.┬áHouston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.”

Houston and ex-husband Bobby Brown were married for more than a decade. They have one child, Bobbi Kristina,18, together.




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  1. Nine months since the fabulous Ms. Whitney Houston died…not even a year yet. R.I.P. Whitney…you are still loved and missed!! Be good Bobbi Christina. I get so emotional about Ms. Houston…just like her song.

  2. It’s days later after the news and I am still so heart broken, I feel like I knew her personally…Whitney was in my home for years and as she went through her hard times I always said “yeah but no matter what she’s still a diva” I have cried a couple times about this as if she were one of my own relatives, I think the shock of it all is what is so hurtful. Out of all the madness Whitney was going through before at this point in her life you would have never expected this to happen. Not when she was coming back and in full force. I am just unbelievably sad about how this black history month has panned out. I pray for Bobbie Kris as we all know they were truly close. I can’t imagine losing a best friend and a mother all in one. God Bless!

  3. The title is not fitting! Was she supposed to take her with her???!! BCK, tsk tsk tsk…starting to sound like those other sites:( My prayers go out to her mother Cissy Houston, daughter Bobbi Kristina and her family.

  4. I read on other forums that Whitney stated she swam for two hours every day…and yet she drowns in a few inches of water? That seems freakin’ odd to me. ?

  5. I am loving watching Whitney Houston’s videos all day long. They are wonderful! I didn’t even realize she had done video duets with George Michaels and Enrique Iglesias. The one with Enrique was muy bueno!


  6. We all know that she used drugs but she was so much more than that and I hate how as soon as someone dies the first thing that the media reflects on is the negative things that have gone on in their life. I hate that. She was a great talent and a very beatuiful person and that’s what she should be remembered for. Not to mention that she has a child and it’s bad enough that whenever she turns on the tv she’s going to have to face this but to also have to hear about her mother’s drug use when we don’t even know the cause yet makes it even worse. I see now their reporting that Bobbi Kris has been rushed to the hospital and i’m just praying that God gives her the strength to deal with this. Although she’s 18 I still consider her to be a baby and I cannot begin to imagine what she’s going through now. Hopefully they’ll give her a sedative or something to help her sleep for a few so that her mind and body can rest. God bless her and everybody else that this is affecting

  7. Wow..so sad. Her voice is one in a million. How hard must it be for Bobbi Kristina right now. May God hold her throughout this time.

    One cannot keep putting your body through years of abuse from drugs & alcohol & do not expect it to give in. MJ, Amy whitehouse, Whitney. People need to start treating their bodies like the temples they are.

    May Whitney now have the peace she couldn’t find on Earth. With all these great singers gone, I’m betting Heaven is full of wonderful melodies.

    • Well said Ms. Sherley. I can’t imagine what her life was like but my dad is 47 and if he left me right now…especially if his lifestyle led to me losing him…well I can’t fathom it. I hurt for her daughter.

  8. Its so sad. Whitney Houston was not a family member to me but her passing hurts the sane way. Her song captivates you give you strength and courage to go on. She was a great person and will always be remembered as that. I pray for her whole family and pray that god guides her daughter in the right way so she can be an example of who her mom wanted her to be. Rest in Peace queen of pop forever. Love you.

  9. Heavy d daughter and teena Marie daughters are and we’re teens when their parents died too…. Put Michael Jackson daughter in the mix too maybe they can support her and help with her grieving process their parents died a year apart consecutively not from the same thing but to know that kids your age are deal with a loss is different and better than Bobbie dealing with the in another way or with kids who have never dealt with death of a parent

  10. RIP Whitney I would have never seen this comin….ever! I don’t like how this is playing out right now at all…. Every body playing the blame game. They won’t let that child in the hotel room to see her mom dead or alive… People given bobby brown a bad rep…. This is not the time for that, this the time to make sure the families alright.. This is tough for this girl losing her primary guardian which is her mother…. Im 28 years old and I wouldn’t know how to deal with that right now and instead of people comforting her people are blaming her dad…. Who is doing quite well I might add with himself and he lost both of his parent last year with his dad dying about three months ago get off this mans back…. Whitney, him, his new wife and Bobbi Kristina was just at dinner a week ago together so apparently all was well with their relationship….Bobbi, bobby, and cissy heck even Bobby’s new wife are in my prayers

  11. R.I.P Whitney. My deepest sympathy is with her family at this time of need. I hope her daughter was mature enough to know the struggle her mother went through and will be able to overcome her death. We will miss her but her legacy lives on.

  12. This is terrible,what a lost.It hurt’s.Darling thanks for the beautiful songs and moments.I wish you could go back bevor you say Yes I will. RIP

  13. Rest In Peace Whitney….it just broke my heart when i read it this morning….I am in Germany and slept when the news broke…so this is a bad morning.

    I hope she finds the peace now, she seemed to be searching for when she was alive.

    My heart goes out to Bobbi Christina

  14. R.I.P. to the great and legendary voice that is, was, and will always be Whitney Houston. This is so sad & 48 is still so young. Wow! I will definitely be praying for Bobbi Christina and all of the family in the coming days. As a huge, long time Whitney fan, I know I am going to have time believing this for a while…shoot I’m still shocked and saddened so I can only imagine how those personally close to her feel! She & that beautiful voice of hers will be missed greatly. There will never be another!

  15. I am so totally shocked over Whitney’s sudden death. Looking at her recent photos she looked healthy and vibrant–full of life. How could such a thing happen? A lot of articles are talking about her drug use over the years but people shouldn’t assume it had anything to do with that. Her sudden death may have had nothing to do with drugs. We just have to wait for further reports as to the cause of death. What a tragic loss.

  16. Hmmm..i hope baby girl protects herself..daddy seems to have some baggage..now they all family..all of them..we all luv her mama..may she rest in peace..but daddy another story..who drug mama down from the get go

  17. I was so stunned when I read about Whitney’s untimely passing this evening…and shocked, and very, very saddened. I’ve been tweeting about it and sharing some of her music and just trying to come to grips with it. I was REALLY not expecting this!

    Whitney’s music was a part of my childhood. I grew up listening to her on TV and the radio, and it’s absolutely unreal to think that she’s gone.

    I feel so sorry for her daughter, mother and other family members and hope they have the strength and the faith to get through this horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to them!

    We will always love YOU, Whitney!!!

  18. “The Voice” THE GREATEST WHO EVER DID IT….what a loss to the world of music….RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON. My condolescences to the entire Houston family. I hope Bobbi Kristina is surrounded by those who love her the most during this tragic time. TEARS

  19. Wow, I am so shocked by this.. Whitney I believe was the first female R and B artist I knew as a child. I am from the Caribbean and we absolutely love Whitney. When she sings, it causes me to tremble, such a powerful voice, one of the most beautiful that I have heard…. RIP Whitney, peace be with you. I pray that her daughter is comforted during this time of grief….. I am lost for words.. Life is precious and short……

  20. There will NEVER be another VOICE!!…. R.I.P Whitney!!.. I will always LOVE you!! :( *tears* *tears* *tears* *tears*……

  21. So young , beautiful & talented…gone to soon. R.I.P Whitney for I will always love YOU!!!. Sending my condolences to her daughter Kristina & her family , my heart and prayers are with you on this very sad day.

  22. On the news they showed a picture of Whitney, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli…I was thinking “GONE TOO SOON” all of them. Liza is the only one alive from that group, scary!

    R.I.P Whitney Elizabeth Houston. God Bless! My heart goes out to the Houston family, especially Miss Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown.

  23. “If I should die this very day…don’t cry cause on earth we weren’t meant to stay”—Whitney Houston Your Love is My Love

    R.I.P Whitney my prayers go out to her daughter, mother and brother!

  24. R.I.P. to the incomparable, talented and beautiful Ms. Whitney Houston. She is a legend that will be missed and a gift to the world. This is a great loss to her family, fans, and the music industry. She possessed real talent and we will never see another one like this. R.I.P. Whitney Houston, we will always love you!!!!!

  25. Just saw a clip of her a few days ago leaving some party and they were saying she looked sick (inside edition or extra or one of those shows). She was sweaty and they thought she had blood on her leg. I thought it was ridiculous cause of course if you were in a club dancing you would be sweaty and what they thought was blood looked to me like maybe someone spilled a dark drink on her, but now I wonder.

    So sad. So much talent lost. They are talented beautiful and rich so why are so many of them dying so young? Michael at 50. Whitney at 48. Just can’t believe it.

    • I know. These celebrity icons must live incredibly stress filled lives. Fast lives, too. Stress is silent killer.

      • I meant to say that stress is a silent killer and it takes it toll…even if you are just middle aged. She didn’t have to be under the influence of anything.

        • Yes that’s very true. I’m not making any assumptions until we know the facts. It may also be that the stress of their lives pushes them towards drugs and the years she was on it may have affected her health too. Whatever it is I don’t think it’s worth it. 48 is too young to go. And to leave behind an 18 yo. My heart goes out ot her. I can’t imagine what I would have done without my mother at 18.

  26. I especially feel bad for Bobbi Kristina, she seemed very close to her mother, rest in peace Whitney.

    Heart breaking!

    • There’s nothing wrong with Whitney in the above picture. Whitney still looks beautiful in it. You should see the ones other sites are using.

      • RIP Baby girl. Whitney, you were a legend, Yes indeed. My wishes go out to her family and friends. I know what it feels like to lose a mother at a young age, and it’s sickening.. Sometimes, I wish R.I.P. Meant “Return If Possible.”

  27. She was just photo’d w/ bobbi kris at a grammy party thursday & she looked so happy. & they said she was on the dance floor partying it up. & she was suppose to be at the grammy’s tomorrow & she was working on a movie. This is really sad.
    People haven’t even gotten to grasp that MJ is gone, now another great is gone smh

    RIP Whitney

  28. This is just so sad and I feel so bad for her daughter and her mother. It’s has got to bed hard to lose your child and to be so young when you lose your mother. I pray that God gives them the strength they need to get through this. I know Clive Davis and Bobby Brown are also having a hard time dealing with this. May she rest in peace!

  29. R.I.P. Whitney Houston, you will forever be loved and missed…. my heart goes out to Bobbie Kristina and the fam

  30. RIP Whitney. Your beautiful music will live in the heart and minds of millions forever. Bobbi Christina, make you mother proud and continue her beautiful legacy of music. Be Bless

  31. What a horrible black history month. First Don, now Whitney! I still have insurmountable faith in our people. R.I.P to a beautiful legend. My condolences to her daughter and all of her loved ones!!

    We are all destined to die & face judgement. (Heb. 9:27. Cherish life!!

    • I was thinking the same thing & discussing it with my daughter…first Don and now Whitney. Her daughter and the rest of her family must be numb with disbelief. This sudden loss is so disturbing.

  32. Can’t keep the tears away.Loved her songs right from i was a child and prayed that she’d get her act together. It’s sad that hollywood is so “fickle”-no true friends only users. RIP whitney

  33. RIP Whitney Houston. Another black legend gone. Don, Etta, now Whitney. Bless her family & her daughter! I know as a 18 yr girl it has to be hard to lose her mother! Her beautiful voice will live forever

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