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Heather Headley and 2-year-old David hang out at rehearsal. Headley and other music artists are preparing to honor singing legend Judy Garland in a song-for-song re-creation concert. The singers will perform all of Garland’s selections from her debut appearance at Carnegie Hall in 1961.

Heather recently took to Facebook about motherhood saying, “…It’s funny how these little people take your heart, twist it around and then hand it back and say ‘now try to live like you did before!’ Impossible! i never thought i could love someone this much (outside of his dad – that is)! and this is why i catch all of his colds…too much kissing! i’m pretty private when it comes to my ‘boys,’ but i thought i’d share with you today. this is my little Commander. okay, i have to go… i’m being summoned!”

In addition to preparing for the Judy Garland concert, Headley is on the Valentine Love Tour with Andrea Bocelli. Heather won one GRAMMY Award in 2010 though she was unable to attend the ceremony this year due to prior engagements.

Photos: BroadayWorld

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  2. Wow I didn’t know she had a biracial son.Well I hope she comes out with some new music because she is a great artist.

  3. Yes, her son is mixed. She is married to Brian Musso. They attended college together at Northwestern. I believe he works in finance.

  4. BCK Thanks for featuring my favorite Trini sister and her handsome little man. To me he looks more like his daddy …but this picture of Heather and David is old, would be nice to see a new one of them and other Caribbean/West Indian celebs.

  5. He is so cute handsome…. I love Heather Headley’s music…. She is a great singer…. Didn’t know she had a son though…. Way to go not all clelebs like to put their personal lives out there for the world to know!!!!!!!!

  6. He is such a handsome boy! I see love written all over her beautiful face! This picture makes me smile just looking at their smiles, a great pick me for me while I work. Heather, thank you for sharing & God Bless!

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