Is Paula Patton pregnant? Maybe so. The actress attended the Michael Kors fashion show in Miami, Florida on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 with what could be a growing stomach. Many attendees commented on Patton’s appearance and photographers said the actress  “was glowing and gorgeous as she showed off her baby bump.”

Although speculation is great, nothing has been confirmed by Patton or her husband Robin Thicke. In fact, Paula recently conducted an interview with People magazine in which she talked about her struggle to lose weight after giving birth to baby Julian. The actress states, “It was really the most grueling and one of the hardest things I’ve done. I worked out for two and half hours, six days a week for a couple of months. It was so hard! I would never cry in front of the boys, but inside I was hurting and a little depressed.”

Would Paula become pregnant immediately after working so hard to lose the baby weight? Maybe so, maybe no. The public will just have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

What do you think? Does Paula Patton appear pregnant to you?

Photos: Zimbio.com

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  1. Lets hope not lol! I hate how she seemed to not accept that her child looks white and has blond hair and blue eyes.Then she goes on to say he will get blacker over time.Yeah right.Her son is only 25% black!

  2. Then when she puts it out there that she’s not pregnant, everyone can feel bad that they’re really calling her fat and/or noticing her bloated-ness. LOL, why can’t the press just wait and let celebs say whether or not they’re pregnant, and really pregnancies eventually announce themselves anyway. Paula did say that losing her baby weight has not been easy, so this could still be left over, plus black is not always what makes a person look slim, it’s also the fabric, cut, tightness of the dress. She should have possibly worn a looser dress. Who knows…

  3. She’s not pregnant, it’s the dress.. when will we have real journalists again..speculations, rumors and sources are getting out of control..

  4. Not only is she beautiful, she beams! True Hollywood Glamour. But it looks like she could just be bloated.

  5. After all those interviews about her losing her babyweight again and how difficult it was? I doubt it… maybe in a year or two. :)

  6. That’s nice now Julian will have a playmate. Paula is always smiling and glowing she is a real positive person anyway and pregnancy only brings it out more.

  7. She doesn’t look pregnant at all. Plus she’s wearing black

    Wouldn’t it be funny if her & Robin have another baby & that kid came out Paula’s color?! Lol

    • She looks slightly pregnant to me & I hope it’s a girl & she looks darker than Paula so everyone can shut up!

      Sometimes one can’t predict when they get pregnant. Maybe her struggles to lose the weight was due to her being pregnant.

    • Maybe the reason she was struggling to lose weight is because she’s pregnant.

      I hope she is & has a daughter who is darker than she is but spitting image of her dad.

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