Model Heidi Klum was spotted heading to karate class with her sons Johan,5, and Henry,6, on February 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Leni,7, and Lou,2,(not pictured) and their nannies followed closely behind the trio.

Actress Ellen Pompeo and daughter Stella Ivery,2, were photographed arriving at a friends house in West Hollywood, CA on February 18, 2012.


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    • I don´t think so at all…she always used to have this kind of face expression (even more worse). Now Ppl read sadness in her face b/c of what happened. lol

  1. Okay to all the mommys in here.. How long did you allow your baby to take the binky (pacifier)? I am not a mother but I have a neice and 2 nephews and they were not sucking a pacifier at two years of age. Is sucking one at that age okay?

    • I’m not a mother but I was on the Binky for a …you can say a “extended period of time” lmao. People say it messes up the kids teeth, & my teeth are straight & i never worn braces. People say it delays speech, but i was fine. My binky was my best friend, like a comfort blanket LOL. When i turned like 3, i was not allowed to leave the house w/ it & only had it when i was bed. I personally don’t see anything wrong w/ a 2-3 year old w/ the binky.
      My friend’s daughter had the binky till she was 3. & she stopped using it on her own. She just woke up one morning & didn’t want it any more lol. Every family is different & i believe it should be up to the parents when they feel like their kid shouldn’t have the pacifier anymore. From my personal experience, i don’t believe any of the myths that come w/ pacifier usage & I think 2 yrs old is ok for the binky. If you worried about speech issues, then only allow the binky in the bed.

      • Shouldn´t be this out of rule, as long as it will not be carried too far….I still see it as ok, around the age of 2…Some children so as some parents can´t say bye bye to the binky so soon. I personally hate critisicm about the pacifier-thing.

    • My son was done at 9 months. If you can blab words at me, you do not need a binky. I didn’t care if he wanted it or not..it was gone. He didn’t fuss much witout it.

      My brother used one till he was 3. I would ‘lose’ it but my mother would buy another one. We didn’t know he could talk till he was 3. That’s why he’s slow now. I’m joking. :). He was my favorite brother as he never tattle taled on me..he was too busy sucking on his pacifier.

      • Lmao sherley my sisters said the same thing about me w/ the pacifier like you felt about your brother! My big sister would always mess w/ me b/c i never spoke up b/c of the binky then one day i got fed up & told on her & my whole family was shocked that i actually told on her lmao b/c i wasn’t much of a talker even tho i knew how to talk.

  2. Stella is a cutie! I love how she dresses.

    Johan is so cute. His hair looks darker than he looked when his hair was longer

  3. Stella is adorable! Love her tights with her little sneakers! As far as her hair she’s FINE! she’s a baby. The Klum children are as adorable ad always! :)

  4. Stella is a cutie. Hair needs a lil mosturizer though (as I run to do mine).

    My thoughts are with the Klum children.

    • I read somewhere they started, like all other breakups,having a nasty custody battle…i thought they were different and I am hoping, just for the kids that that news was wrong…

      • Reading something in a tabloid doesn’t make it true. No one even knows if they’re going to reconcile or not. Tabloids come out every week with statements from these “sources”, but nothing has been said from the horses mouth.

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