Adrienne Bosh proudly shows off her baby bump in a revealing photo shoot. Adrienne and her husband, NBA player Chris Bosh, are expecting their first child together and both are extremely ecstatic.

Adrienne tweets, “Starting a family is such an amazing experience..As u can see we are over the moon!”

The couple are reportedly expecting a baby boy in early spring.

Photos:Adrienne Bosh/April Belle Photo

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  1. She looks like Mariah Carey and Mel Brown from the side. And he looks like Tyson. Nice pics, nothing to jump up and down about. The large bellies are no surprise with celebs. They often pretend to be pregnant and just grew in the last month of the pregnancy. Many of them use surrogates. Which is why they only have large bellies for a month or 2. And magically, soon as baby is out, its flat as a board again. Give me a break, they use surrogates more than we know!

  2. Wow this fake baby bump stuff is ridiculous.How sad that we have come to a time where you can’t even carry your on child without people who don’t know you from jump CLAIM they know you aren’t pregnant.

  3. Oh plzzzz, that is a real baby bump, look at her heavy breasts. I have a book with pic of Bey too. Yes she did carry that baby, yall know Bey neva had any knockers like ones she have now,lol. Also read that she breastfeed, so she carried and had her own daughter. Don’t know this couple, but congrats anyway.

  4. Adrienne has been tracking her progression on Twitter and you can see the physical changes month by month. Google the pics of LeBron James’ New Years Eve party and Adrienne is clearly showing.

  5. The belly did appear out of nowhere BUT….on her Twitter page she has belly shots. So i guess she really is prego. Mystery solved…lol.

  6. she’s been posting pics of herself for months on twitter and her belly has been gradually getting bigger… ever think that the flat tummy pics are old? i hate conspiracy theorists

  7. I guess this is the new celebrity trend. Flat tummy one day then all of a sudden a giant baby bump. Cute pics though.

  8. What is going on with all these fake baby bumps? There is nothing wrong with getting a surrogant, but why go through all the sherades? it just does not make any sense to me. Arn’t those baby bellies heavy and hot?

    • I didn’t show until I was six months. My butt was the only thing that grew. I still didn’t get really big until I was 8 months. Everyone’s different. Technically you’re only supposed to gain 25 lbs… People who do too much get too big!

  9. Am I the only one seeing this belly appear from out of nowhere! We’ve got another ******* happening! I just saw a picture of her with a belly so flat don’t believe it!

    • I was thinking the same thing. After seeing this picture I thought I was going crazy or something, I know I’m getting old but not that old. LOL

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