Actress Chandra Wilson and other Grey’s Anatomy cast members ran for charity on Sunday, February 19, 2012. The event was in support of CureMito; an organization that specializes in finding a cure for and spreading awareness about mitochondrial disease.

The race hit home for Chandra whose daughter Sarina,17, suffers from the disease. Wilson states, “As a mother I don’t know anything medical. My daughter ‘presented’ something that looked like food poisoning. We went to the emergency room and she was hydrated there and that seemed to be enough. But a month later the exact same thing happened. The nausea part of it just wouldn’t stop. The pediatrician said it’s probably time to see a gastroenterologist because there must be something else going on.”

After several tests Sarina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. Such diagnosis was the best news for Chandra as she explains, “It was like a Eureka moment. Now we could develop an action plan of things we could do to avoid an episode in case another one develops.”

Various cast members from Grey’s Anatomy came in support of Wilson and her daughter. Kim Raver said, “CureMito was my biggest inspiration, which definitely is what got me out here, supporting Chandra and her daughter Sarina. I think when you have something that you are running for, it really keeps you going and you want to make a difference for those kids.”

The Grey’s Anatomy star poses with her daughters Sarina and Joy,13, in the picture above. Chandra also has a younger son named Michael.

More pictures below!

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  1. I didn’t spellcheck my previous post, which is SOOOO not me The only excuse that I have which is a poor one is that at sixish in the morning it is still very dark in our stables (My tablet goes everywhere with me :-) ).

    • Hugs and kisses to you, Oxford 2013. What a beautiful shout out in honor of Black History month. You are an incredible young lady. You made tears of joy come to my eyes today. :)

        • @Misunderstood, yes and YOU are very unique and special, too. You make me want to straighten up what I convey on here in my comments. Just because it is a Black focused site, I don’t intend to be disrespectful of the service this site provides or to others like myself who enjoy it.

          Have a great rest of the day, Ms. Misunderstood. You are WONDERFUL! Shout out to Newark! :)

          • @Pisces I’m very fond of u as well! I love that u write ur opinion no matter what anyone says! Anytime u make a statement u always have facts to back it up! GO PISCES!!!!!!!!! San Fran isn’t bad either sorry my Giants had to beat ya down :)

  2. Beautiful thing Ms. Wilson is doing for her daughter and her family. I know firsthand through my dad that when a child is diagnosed with a disease that the parents are not familiar with that they often feel helpless which can affect the outcome of the child’s treatment. One way to not feel helpless is to get involve and Ms. Wilson has gotten involved in a BIG way.

    I went to the CureMito website and I noticed that in addition to trying to find a cure for mitochondrial disease (the disease that affects Ms. Wilson’s daughter Sarina); that CureMito is also working to find a cure for 18 other diseases. CureMito seems like a worthy cause and I hope that the BCK bloggers who can, will donate something. I notice that there is no minimum for donating.

    I love Grey’s Anatomy and my dad and I watch it together even when I’m at school. Kudos to Grey’s Anatomy for showcasing Transracial/ Transcultural adoption in a positive light. Thank you Chandra Wilson for your character ( Dr. Miranda Bailey ), doing the right thing which is stepping up and helping when they see an adoptive parent struggling. In this case it was Dr. Shepherd assuming that people were having issues about him adopting Zola who is Black when in fact people were giving him the “side eye” because Zola’s hair was looking unkempt.

    Dr. Bailey came to the rescue and showed him how to style Zola’s hair. Dr. Shepherd says to his wife Dr. Grey as he is combing Zola’s hair while Dr. Bailey is looking on to make sure he doesn’t mess up “Honey did you know that Zola’s hair has a kitchen?”. :-) I thought that was so funny.

    February is American Black History so I thought I would add something that maybe a lot of you know but for those who didn’t; (I didn’t know) here it is (I got the information from three different websites one of which was Wiki).

    Ms. Shonda Rhimes is a Black American screenwriter, director and producer. She is best known as the creator, head writer and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice. (Now you know who the “kitchen” joke came from. I had to have the joke explained to me too, which my dad did after he stopped laughing).

    Rhimes was an executive producer for the medical drama series Off The Map and is currently developing a new series called Scandal (starring Kerry Washington who is Black. Staring roles for Black women are not easy to come by) for the ABC network.

    Rhimes was named one of Time magazines 100 people who helped shape the world. She has a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth and a master of fine arts (MFA) from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television.

    I know Ms. Rhimes hasn’t achieve world peace or cured cancer but it is hard for people of color to make it in Hollywood and so much harder for WOMEN of color, so on this last day American Black history month I sincerely hope she is included somewhere in some child’s essay or book report.

  3. Love Grey’s Anatomy one of my favorite shows! Chandra is my girl her girls look just like her! Bailey!!!!

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