Tina Campbell of Gospel duo Mary Mary is expecting her fifth child with husband Teddy Campbell! In an exclusive statement given to Essence magazine Tina said,

“Initially we felt overwhelmed at the thought, but then my hubby and I reflected on how rewarding it is to love and be loved by another baby. After thinking that our last child was our last child, we’ve been surprised with an unexpected blessing almost four months and growing. We thought our home was exciting and busy now — it’s about to be even more exciting and busy. We are looking forward to it.”

The great news comes weeks after sister Erica Campbell gave birth to baby Zaya on Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

In addition to recording for their reality series set to debut on March 29, 2012 via WEtv, Mary Mary is preparing to release their newest album Go Get It in May 2012. The Gospel duo recently gave Facebook fans a chance to listen to the album’s title song.

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  2. God Bless them! The same God who put that Baby in their tummy will and always will take care of his people depleting resources or no depleting resources! If you don’t want a lot kids then don’t but quit hating on those that do. Do you and they will always do them. Quit hating! Congrats Tina!

  3. Tina is married to Teddy
    1st:Laiah Simone Campbell September 9, 2003
    2nd:Meela Jane June 11, 2007.
    3rd: Ted Jr October 20, 2009
    Tina and her husband are currently expecting their fourth child together due in the late summer of 2012.

    Erica married their record producer Warryn Campbell on May 26, 2001.
    1st:September 13, 2004, Krista Nicole Campbell.
    2nd: April 24, 2010, Warryn Campbell III.
    3rd: on January 24, 2012,Zaya Monique,

  4. Wow there are alot of people who are voicing their opinion about a subject that does not concern them…..as long as they are married and financially able to care for the children that God has blessed them with then that nothing else matters….and for those talking about earth resources being depleted then do what you have to do to help make earth better…cause even we we are all dead and gone earth will be here to for generations to come….sounds like some of these folks commenting are bitter…

  5. Wow,I’m appalled at some of these messages on here.If that woman want to have 30 babies,that’s between her and her husband and God.Who are we to decide when she’s had enough kids.We are not taking care of any of them and the state aint either.I don’t hear anybody hating on the Duggars they are at 19 kids and are still trying to crank them out.

    • I personally cannot stand the Duggars. However, if you want to hear people attacking them, go to a white blog where they are featured. This is BLACK Celebrities.

  6. What is the issue with married people (who are financially secure) having as many babies as they want? Some people want 1 child, some 2 and some want more. No one can tell a family how many kids is too many kids. There are women who want to have children and can not. She’s been blessed.

    • Thank you! My thoughts exactly. It’s not like she’s a single woman who’s having her fifth child by her fourth baby-daddy. She is married and financially secure, and she and her husband will likely raise well-behaved Christian children. What’s the problem?

    • Thank you! People need to get a life and shed some love not hate! That’s what’s depleting Love not necesarrily the earths resources. God Bless those who show love not hate!

  7. we care because its posted on a website. If they do not want opinions then they should keep their business to themselves!

    • WRONG! I don’t care because I’m not taking care of them. She can have as many kids as her body and pockets allow. Congrats!

  8. Oh please@ that environmental nonsense. These families, no matter how big they get, will likely create responsible, productive members of society. The world is not overpopulated, that’s a myth. There are certain countries in the world which are, bug as a whole, hardly (and when it is it will shake you us off like fleas). There are places even in America where there aren’t many people, there are whole countries in Africa which are “underpopulated”, the world will be fine. If only people who can’t take care of their children would cut down on how many they have. But the world and the available supply of food and water are sufficient, I can assure you as a Social Science researcher.

    • @Titi..you can’t omit China out of your research. If it’s not overpopulated, then why is their government mandating killing and abusing all female babies/girls?

    • What a lie! The world’s water supply is actually getting smaller seeing as there is less freshwater on the earth than salt water, and obviously not every part of the world is overpopulated because not every part of the world is inhabitable.

  9. Thank goodness it’s not my girl Tisha Campbell. That’s the only reason I clicked on the story. It’s time for me to go to bed because my eyes are playing tricks on me. Good luck and God Bless Tina Campbell and the new addition to their family :)

    • Real Talk…. Why do ANY of you care how many kids these two women have … with their HUSBANDS??? They have the resources to take care of them and yet you guys are STILL critizing them?? If they were less fortunate financially you would rag on them and I can see where that can peeve some, but they have the resources…so… I don’t get it.
      Many women STAY havin’ abortions, and many women stay havin’ sex with random people, but these committed people somehow are still not doing it right in your eyes.
      Just because you wouldn’t doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t.
      God bless them and i hope they have a healthy and happy pregnancy and a wonderful delivery.
      And as for that comment about the world’s resources, TOTAL BS.

  10. Dang I swear they have been pregnant more years than not ! Didn’t she just have a baby last year. Lol or was that the sister? How many kids do they each have. Hey at least they can afford them. Lol

  11. To everyone, in the past posts, that said “they’re ALWAYS pregnant” IT WOULD SEEM YOU ARE CORRECT.

    To everyone, in the past post, that said “no” “that’s rude” ect. PLEASE READ THE POST ABOVE ‘CAUSE DAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNG!

    • Yes!! And not to be trying to take a page out of Celeste’s book, but them being married and able to take care of their kids has nothing to do with anything, with the natural resources we have on earth depleting, no one needs to be having 5 kids, let alone 19 kids like the Duggars and their quiverfull friends.

      • If u watched their show then u would know that neither one wanted more kids. Besides just because ur married and can afford them doesn’t mean u need to keep having babies!

  12. i cant keep up with them.. i wish them all the best… the baby will have a lot of brothers, sisters,and cousins to love them.

  13. They’re baby making machines! Kind of funny because it seems like so many kids but my grandmother had five and her parents had ten. Just a different time these days.

    • Right….my grandma had 7 and great grandma had 11. Their married and can love and take care of them so I say congrats!

    • I have never seen sisters who get pregnant around the same time all the time when Tina has a baby Erica right behind her with a baby and they come from a big family…. They have 3 sisters….. They even married men who were brothers so not only are they sister but sister in laws too.

      • There are a total of 7 Atkins sisters, so they have 5 other sisters besides themselves. Tina has publicly said that she didn’t plan on having another baby, but after seeing the show, I’m scratching my head on that. She thought she was pregnant when Erica first started having contractions and went to the doctor. Tina took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So when did that happen? If Erica was 7 months pregnant and gave birth in January at about 36 weeks, when did Tina find out she was pregnant? If that test she took at the doctor’s office with Erica and Warryn was negative, she got pregnant right AFTER then…wow Tina…wow. Sure you didn’t want another one?

        • Most likely, she was pregnant when she took the test at the doctor. They only did a urine test at the hospital. Sometimes it takes awhile for the urine test to come back positive. Therefore, you can’t assume she got pregnant after that test.

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