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Does reality tv glamorize teen pregnancy?


Most of us have at least heard of the reality television shows that display teenage pregnancy. The shows go through the good, the bad, the ups and the downs of being a teenage parent. Some of the young couples end up living happily ever after but most are left raising a child alone while they are still children themselves. The shows were started to give teenagers a wake up call and a reality check about the results of not being protected or abstaining all together.

We also see beautiful babies and smiles and the smiles and laughs that the mothers (and sometimes fathers) share with the babies. We hear rumors and read articles about how some of the more popular reality show teen mothers make six figures a year for being on the different shows.

Does the thought of making big bucks and being a reality “star” actually make girls want to become pregnant? Do the shows actually glorify the teen mom? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think it is if it wasn’t then teen pregnancy rate would be down and they wouldn’t have season after season of 16 & pregnant. These girls have it in their minds that it’s okay to have a baby at 16 or older. It is GLAMORIZED because the first girls of 16 & pregnant are on magazine covers, cameras are following them like their really stars etc. So I don’t think this show is helping young girls with teen pregnancy I think it’s just making it like a “trend” it’s the “thing” to do in this generation.

  2. Raising a child while still a kid yourself seems like a time of just having to grow up very quickly and not really getting to be akid yourself.Yea sometimes tv channels tru to make it seem all glamorous like “Well she got prgenant and look what she does for a living,a reality star!”But all stories dont end up like that,usually your a parent and a teenager barely getting by.

  3. The teen mom series isn’t glamorizing teen pregnancy! Any teen with common sense that watches the show can see the struggles in raising a baby as a teenager! It’s hard enough just taking care of urself try doing it with an infant or toddler! These girls drop out of school get on welfare fighting with their baby’s fathers! We need more leaders than followers simple as that!

  4. I’m 50/50 on this. I don’t think the show itself glamorizes teen pregnancy. I watch this show as well as Teen Mom and the hardships are real and are clearly portrayed. In my opinion it is a very true/accurate depiction of teen pregnancy and its consequences. At 30, when I see what they have to endure as teen moms, I am glad I didn’t put myself in that position and I believe any teenager who watches it should feel the same.

    However, outside of the show these teenagers are living very glamorous REAL lives. As a result of the show they are making 6 figures, are all over TV, have developed a huge fan base and are all over magazines. There is no denying the fame they have received from the show, especially the girls of Teen Mom 1 & 2. And this is what worries me.. that outside of the show teenagers may look at them and think “hey they’re rich and famous now.. so it couldn’t have been that bad.” The fact is these are just a few selected teen moms who are reaping these benefits and I do believe, that they deserve the benefits of putting their lives on TV for the world to see. I just am not sure about the mixed message it may send in THAT area.

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