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Kevin Hart, along with his son Hendrix and daughter Heaven, attended the screening of ‘Think Like a Man’ at the Cobb Plaza 12 Theaters on February 25, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

Also in attendance were expectant parents Chris and Adrienne Bosh. The couple are expecting their first child in early spring.

Movie “Think Like A Man” stars Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Regina Hall, and more! Click here to watch the trailer.

Photos: RollingOut

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  2. @ Sherly, I totally agree!! LOL, when I was reading Serenity comments( misery loves company, popped up in my thoughts)Smh, but ofcourse this is America, so people can think/ say what they want, now as far as commenting to the ignorant comments…. no can do!

  3. Terrence and Kevin need a stylist ’cause the’re attire isn’t red carpet ready o_O

    I LOVE LaLa’s dress, very stylish!

  4. Some people have bad days & come on blogs to unlease them. Thank goodness for blogs..it saves people from having to actually face their issues.

    • LOL. Good one, Sherley and you did not even have to cuss…not that there’s anything wrong with that as long as BCK allows it.

      You are a class act, honestly and I enjoy you.

      If you, myself and many other regulars choose to stay on here 24 hours it is our prerogative. We all have paid for the computers and the internet service that we are using.

      The comments/visits we make help pay the bills for BCK and for Black History month this is something real that we can do to support Black enterprise and our Black celebrities.

    • Yep…sometimes. It takes a variety of parts to make a whole. Wouldn’t it be “boring” if everyone were the same?

    • @Sherley lmmfao ooh I’m dying laughing over here u need a beating! Lmao that was a good one! Sherley kun by yae in my(Barber shop voice) still laughing

      • :). I am getting tired of these uneducated, unloved, senseless, immature, misguided kids coming in here & trying to turn BCK into a 90210 blog. When they come at me, they are going to know how a real, grown woman gives it.

        The sad part is these are the girls my son has to choose from. He likes older women, so I may have to allow him to find a college girl..you know a young cougar in training. ;).

  5. i love kevin hart he is so funny. i saw him on my birthday and he did a great job as usual. i love how he talks about his family members into his rountine. his kids are adorable… i like the name heaven.. very sweet.

  6. Heavenly? Black people and celebrities, stop naming your kids these ridiculous first names. If uoi want to have a unique name then use it as a middle name night NOT a first name!

      • Heaven is a name, its just not a common name. Someone could say Serenity isn’t a name b/c it’s a noun but that’s your name, correct?
        People name their kids Sage, & it’s also a herb. There’s nothing wrong w/ giving your kid a unique name…as long as its not hard to pronounce & doesn’t come from a crazy object.

        • Duh of Serenity isn’t a real name. I’m just using it as a stern name for this. I have a real name. And no Heaven isn’t a real name. Heaven is Heaven not a name for a child.

      • Says who? Apparently they are names or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I totally agree that some names are ridiculous but heaven and heavenly are far from “creative”. For instance the name Jermajesty now that was creative.

        • Its not a real name and neither.is Tyger, Rugby,Ja’Quana and all the awful names y’all naming your kids these days.

      • @Trisha Heaven IS a name otherwise it would not be my name. There’s nothing wrong with the name Heaven. Heaven Lee/Leigh is a common cliche name [thank goodness my middle name isn't lee] but still Heaven is a nice name. I don’t see anything wronmg with it. But it is YOUR opinion nonetheless.

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