Basketball player Dwyane Wade recently hosted his 5th Annual All-Star Weekend charity events in Orlando, Florida. Inspired by President Obama’s Fatherhood & Mentoring Initiative, Wade along with his foundation, Wade’s World, hosted events meant to strengthen the father-child relationship.

Wade began the festivities with a “Fatherhood Heroes” Roundtable Discussion. As the player’s press release statement explains,

“On Friday, February 24, to kick off the All-Star Weekend festivities, Wade hosted the ‘Fatherhood Heroes’ Roundtable Discussions event with special guests from the White House Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships and Office of Public Engagement. Together they helped shine a positive spotlight on responsible dads and moms who support responsible fatherhood in the Orlando community.  The event honored and recognized those whose lives and work exemplify the goals of the President’s Fatherhood & Mentoring Initiative. Later that day, Dwyane, in partnership with the Tangelo Park Program, unveiled two new basketball courts for Tangelo Park Elementary School that he refurbished with his foundation, the Wade’s World Foundation. The event was held to celebrate the students’ hard work throughout the school year and to encourage them to stay physically fit year round.

On Saturday, for the fifth year in a row, Wade hosted his “All-Star Luncheon” along with chairperson, Harris Rosen (President & COO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts).  The luncheon featured performances by Grammy Award-winning artist Estelle and was emceed by Lauren Rowe, co-anchor of Channel 6 News in Orlando. All funds raised by the Wade’s World Foundation from this event went to directly support the Orlando-based charity Tangelo Park Program, a community-based educational initiative to benefit children and families living in the Tangelo Park neighborhood.”

Find out more information about Wade’s World Foundation here!

The picture above shows Dwyane with Dada (Dwyane’s nephew), and sons Zion and Zaire at the All-Star Luncheon.

Photo: Bob Metelus

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  1. Such a handsome group. So glad to see them in classic, conservative clothes. No baggy, saggy, 12 sizes too big crap here. Please let that style, if you can call it that, be done!

  2. @Oxford and Sherley…I love the positivity between your postings. I always feel so guilty for some of the wacky observations/comments I make because I don’t want to give either of you the wrong impression of the type of person I am.

    I’m always just smiling every day I awaken and I try to give others a smile, too. Just take most of what I say with a grain of salt. BCK is great for so many reasons.

  3. Nice that he’s a great dad but I lose all respect for him on the court. He is consistently injuring people. Almost ruined Rondos career and he just broke Kobe’s nose. Not to mention other player with his hard fouls. Hope he teaches his sons to play fair.

  4. If Dwayne Wade was such a bad man; Why would a judge give him custody of his sons, then another give him custody of his nephew, Dada? Not only is he being a good “dad” to Dada he is treating him the same as Zion and Zaire.

    Give the man a break, it’s easy for a man to love his own, it takes a “real” man to love someone else’s child.

    • Sweetie, please do not waste your time speaking to someone who posts comments like the above (not Connie). Pray for them to be bless with sense & a good education & scroll past it.

      • Hey Ms. Sherley, your’e right as usual. Did you go back to the Dondre Whitfield post and read my response to you after you pointed out my faux pas in reference to “coming out”. If you didn’t, please do. My mum got a good laugh on me out of it.:-)

      • Ms. Sherley when my tablet came off sleep it was still on this page so I wanted to add THANKS for the POSITIVITY you always bring to BCK, it like have a house mum.

        Sometimes I can do like you and scroll on without saying anything, sometimes I can’t when something is being said about someone as if the blogger was in the house with these people.

        I don’t know DW, but I have had the pleasure of shaking his hand several times and he seems like a nice man. Saw him out with the boys and it wasn’t until I saw them on BCK that I realized that one of them were not his bio son.

        I don’t like the bloggers who keep bringing up the court case and speak negativly about him because it’s a DONE DEAL and his kids look happy and he is doing something right because when he introduces his kids they give you a firm handshake and look you in the eye. They impressed my dad and that’s good enough for me.

        Now the bloggers who always put Gabrielle Union down (excuse me if I misspell her name, the only thing I know about her is Bad Boys II and FlashForward)whenever DW is mentioned as if she is Ms. Beelzebub out to make his kids into little devils. Cut this woman some slack, she is a single fairly attractive woman with her own money (might not be as long as his but its hers :-) ).

        He might be the famous DW but at the end of the day he is just a single man with two, then three kids and a very angry ex-wife who will probably say anything to her boys so that they do not bond with GU. For her to put up with that, kudos to her. I wish them the best for the future.

        This website is called BlackCelebrityKIds and while we all have our own opinions we have to keep what the website is called before we start with all this negativity about people we don’t know or court cases WE ARE NOT PRIVY TO.

        We all come here with some pretty diverse backgrounds to blog basically about celebrity kids, yes our personal lives play a big part in how we respond and my family life stars major in my responses.

        I see DW & GU and I think of my parents. When they got together they both had baggage, she had a ten year old brother that she at 15 was responsible for and he had a four almost five year old and a newborn, born the same day she made 15, that was 18 years ago (and six more kids):-)

        DW & GU story has just started lets give them some written support you never know if they are reading this blog or a family member is. I woudn’t mind seeing another strong blended family come together, I don’t have to know them to cheer for them.

  5. Great photo, it warms your heart!

    Gabrielle Union is a lucky gal if he is nothing else, he clearly is a great dad!

    Young men in training, priceless!

  6. All for are dressed so sharp, fabulous suits. I wish Zion wasn’t wearing jeans ’cause then they would have been picture perfect.

    Zaire looks so cute. What a great colour blazer.

  7. Dwayne seems like a good dad and uncle. It’s easy to make time for your own, not so easy for others but he seems to be doing it. He’s been photographed frequently with the third child.

  8. LOVE this picture! I like how they are standing straight up & look very clean & put together.
    I’m loving where men fashion is going. 5 years ago wearing a green blazer & light blue pants were not it lol. But those colors look really nice. I love the clean cut, tailored look on boys/men

    That little one in the green is soo cute!

  9. His son’s are so darn handsome…and I just love it when boys wear other colors besides blue. They are all dress so nice & classy.

  10. I LOVE this picture. So traditional and conservative yet whimsical with the little neon green blazer and the light colored slacks on the boys. LOVE IT! So cute.

  11. I love what D. Wade is doing. He’s a great example for young black fathers and just men in general! I can’t do anything but support his positivity.

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