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  1. Monica’s sons are tooo cutee. They’re definitely my favorote BCK and P Diddy’s twins are adorable. As for Ginuwinue kids i think both daughter are beautiful. But i cant get over the names “story” and “dream”…STORY icant#

  2. TOO STINKING CUTE!!!! What cute kids and just a beautiful faimly altogether. One of your BEST faimly shoots ever!! Love the Little Princess .

  3. Wow!!!! Garcelle’s boys are so freaking adorable!!! That one with the short hair is going to be a heartbreaker. Ginuine’s girls are so beautiful just like their parents! Diddy’s girls are very pretty, they look alot like dad too! Cute kids, everyone of them.

  4. Diddy twins look alike like Justin..minus the hair! And Chance and Christian look like Diddy all day! Interesting…

  5. The Twins are sooo beautiful! You can tell they are going to be gorgeous when they get older!
    They resemble Kim and Puff!
    They need their own show! It’d be so cute to see them interact together!

  6. D’Lila and Jessie are too cute… I agree they look just like Justin!
    Always love to see Monica’s boys they’re so handsome
    All the other kids are cute as well

  7. Story & Dream are so pretty!
    Summer & her brother are silly lol. I love how Summer dresses
    Sydney is so cute! omg i wanna pinch those cheeks
    & Romelo & Rock also have a dad that could have been mentioned imo…

  8. uh oh…those girls are turning more beautiful…!!! Let the hating begin… Watch when they grow up – they are going to have the last laugh. Mark my words…

  9. Combs twins are adorable and so are all the other kids esp like to see Ginuwine’s kids stylish and under budget all pieces came from Target and they look really cute

  10. Why the hell are people asking about Chance? seriously though- this is ridiculous/ irritating. Its the twins god-mother, and not Chances. Can people just stop this (i know that we are all entittled to our own opinions but hearing the same “song” over and over does get boring…).
    * Diddy has some beautiful kids i must say (he Alicia’s Keys husband).

  11. OMGEEEEEEEE!!! There goes my BABIES Conway Jr & Sydney Ali in the gallery!!!!!! They are so cute!! My day is set!

    BCK can I please get a separate full blown post so I can scream some more?

    Oh, nice pic of the Comb sisters. :)

  12. why would Chance be with the twins godmother who is most likely a friend of their moms? does that even make since?

    • The twins look exactly like justin. They have all his features; so I guess they are about as cute as the other two …. hmmmmmmmm!!

  13. D’Lila,Jessie, and the Hill brothers are my favorite BCKids. They are all so cute and that little CJ is just too handsome.

  14. They’re toooooooooo cute! The Combs sister’s r sweet looking! My favs Monica’s boys! Laila’s kids r so cute all the kids r beautiful I wouldn’t be disappointed to have either of them in my life :)

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