Atlanta’s own OMG Girlz recently took time out of their busy schedules to sit down with TWIST magazine at the Best Buy Theater in New York City.  Here’s what the girls had to say about touring, Mindless Behavior and more.

TWIST: All three of you guys have really cool nicknames. How did you get them?
Beauty: All of us got our nicknames from Star’s mother, actually. Mine came from my grandmother. She used to call me “Beautiful Doll” all the time, and Star’s mom took it and shortened it. She’s always been called Star “Star” since she was little. And then Baby Doll, when we met her, we were trying to figure out her name, and we just ended up coming up with “Baby Doll.”

TWIST: Cool! How did you guys form The OMG Girlz?
Star: It was four of us at first, and two of the girls left the group. Beauty and I wanted to continue the group, so we asked my mom, “Can we find another girl?” We found Baby Doll. She was actually dancing on YouTube to a Beyonce song – what’s the song?
Baby Doll: “Ego.”
Star: “Ego!” Beauty and I were like, “We love her, can we just get her up here?” And then, we just got her in the studio and it kind of happened from there.
Baby Doll: Once I got that call from Auntie Tiny, I was so shocked and I felt so honored and blessed to be chosen to be in The OMG Girlz!

TWIST: What was it like touring with Mindless Behavior and Diggy Simmons?
Star: The tour was a lot of fun. Going into the tour, we made everyone family. Like, the boys, we made them our brothers. We played jokes on each other. Well, nobody really did jokes on us. We were the only girls on the tour, and we got air guns and we were shooting people with them. It was just really fun to be with them! It was a great experience.

TWIST: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Beauty: Some of the people that we look up to are TLC. We get compared to them a lot, but we also like them as artists. Even before we were a group, we all loved them. We all love Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna. We LOVE Rihanna.
Star: OK, I love Nick Jonas. I love all the Jonas Brothers, but Nick Jonas is my favorite.
Beauty: We like Boyz II Men. A lot of old school stuff like New Edition and B2K.
Baby Doll: We even like Katy Perry and Britney Spears and Lady Antebellum. Adam! We love Adam Levine from [Maroon 5 and] The Voice ! (all three start singing “Moves Like Jagger”) And Christina Aguilera! Okay, we’re done!

Check out the full interview on TWIST magazine

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  2. Well in my point if view I really think theses girls are gorges and talented, wat I fear is that they will end up being good girls gone bad like Rihanna, and mostly wat I really hate about them is that they are taking mindless behavior away from their fans, I know that I may neva get to meet mindless behavior and all bt the omg girlz are taking our hope and then lying to our faces, so I hate them and lyk them at the same tym (no homo!) So yeah have a good lyf and hope u look after MB for me, DEUCES.

  3. I like their hair colors and their styles , but I think the gucci this gucci that song talks about expansive clothes only and I hope that`s not what they only think about . But I really like the omg girls!!!

  4. They seem like wonderful young ladies. Reading the last answer made me like them even more. I can’t believe Star likes the Jonas Brother, I use to, too…I’m too old now. I’m surprised they like Lady Antebellum, my FAVOURITE country group and Adam Levine, I love him, too…it just surprised me they’re not all pop and hip hop, which I’m not either. I listen to EVERYTHING I don’t really like Rap all that much or Dancehall Reggae o_O

  5. those girls seem to be nice and talented….and pretty too….I just find that hair to be terribly ugly…note…I dont find the girls ugly…I just hate the hair colors

  6. They seem like sweet young ladies. There hair and clothes is how they express themsleves at that age and is their image right now. And once they get older their style will change. Just like every other artist that come out. They start off with the style they like and are used to and later it matures as they mature. It’s crazy to me how some of you act like you were never young. Every teen has his/her own style. Even if you was not the kid rocking the fro, or skinny jeans, or dark frammed glasses, or blue, pink, green hair. There was a kid doing so.

    And I really LOL when they said old school music like B2K. I guess for their aged it would be considered old to them.

    • @ Misunderstood how is not agreeing with the OMG Girlz hair color not a nice thing to say. She gave them their props they are talented girls who sang nice friendly songs for teenagers. Nothing not nice about that. I don’t agree with the hair color either. but so what!

  7. I really like the OMG Girlz. They really seem like sweet girls, especially Zonnique and Breanna(sp). I must say, the hair, the clothes- their stylist can do much better. They are naturally beautiful girls. Somehow, the colored hair, the tacky clothes, just take away from that in my opinion. I heard their song on the radio a few times, so I’m happy they’re doing well!

    • I have to agree with you. they r talented little girls, but omg on the hair color. We have Nicki M, with those crazy colors. Not cure at all to me or u,but to each their own

  8. It’s quite apparent that you aren’t too far from being “hood” yourself. Put a decent sentence together then “attempt” to bash these young ladies for being creative. Good day.

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