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Actress Paula Patton debunked pregnancy rumors at ESSENCE’s 5th Annual Black Women in Hollywood event. The actress said, “I saw that [picture]. It’s unfortunate what they do with photos.” According to Patton, all of the pregnancy buzz was over a photo-shopped candid that reached the press.


Most of us have at least heard of the reality television shows that display teenage pregnancy. The shows go through the good, the bad, the ups and the downs of being a teenage parent. Some of the young couples end up living happily ever after but most are left raising a child alone while they are still children themselves. The shows were started to give teenagers a wake up call and a reality check about the results of not being protected or abstaining all together.

We also see beautiful babies and smiles and the smiles and laughs that the mothers (and sometimes fathers) share with the babies. We hear rumors and read articles about how some of the more popular reality show teen mothers make six figures a year for being on the different shows.

Does the thought of making big bucks and being a reality “star” actually make girls want to become pregnant? Do the shows actually glorify the teen mom? What are your thoughts?


Miami Heat’s LeBron James sits with sons LeBron Jr. (left) and Bryce during the NBA All-Star Shooting Stars basketball competition in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, February 25, 2012. LeBron and his sons were accompanied by fellow basketball player Dwyane Wade.


Maya Penn is 11 years old, in the 7th grade, and is like most kids her age in many ways. However, there is one very big difference between her and most of her pre-teen peers, she is the CEO and owner of her own company, Maya’s Ideas.


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