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Courtney B. Vance took son Slater Josiah,6, and daughter Bronwyn Golden,6, to the  Harlem Globetrotters World Tour 2012 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, February 19, 2012. He and wife Angela Bassett wedded in 1997 and welcomed their twin bundles into the world nine years later.


Orlando natives Brian, Raheem, Stephen, Demetrius and Cameron make up the five piece singing group Limitless Five. The name Limitless Five came about after a brainstorming session, but it fits the guys perfectly. The future of the five young stars is just that, “limitless.”


OMG Girlz Zonnique (Niq Niq) is on the verge of celebrating her sixteenth birthday and her overprotective bonus dad, T.I., is not ready to let go of his little girl. After tagging along to the video shoot for the OMG Girlz’ latest hit song, Gucci This, T.I soon realizes that his little girl may be growing up faster than he’d like. With a full face of makeup and wedge shoes on her feet, Niq Niq is ready to pose and perform for the cameras, but T.I is not sure if he’s ready to let her.


Deciding to have a baby is a choice that many parents think about very carefully. The planning may consist of going through your financial and emotional stability to make sure that the decision is right and that it is at the right time in your life. While making preparations, it’s also very important to remember that having a new baby doesn’t just impact you and your spouse, it has a huge impact on the kids already in the home.

If you already have a child, it is important to make sure that the timing is right for a new addition. For some, if you have a child that is in the middle an important milestone such as potty training, it may be a good option to wait until the milestone is met before introducing a new baby. Many young kids will regress when a new sibling is introduced. Your once perfectly potty trained toddler may all of a sudden completely forget where the toilet is and how to use it.

Having a plan for your entire family before you have a new baby is very important and can save everyone in the house unnecessary stress.

What are your thoughts or experiences on introducing a sibling into the home?


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