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All parents think that their children are special and have unprecedented talent and skills. It’s all apart of being a parent, but when is it right to push kids toward their “talent.”

For some parents, they will stop at nothing to make sure their children become famous, whether it be for their acting skills, musical genius or uncanny ability to play basketball just like Michael Jordan himself.

The question becomes, when is it okay to “push” a child and when should a parent back off. TV reality glorifies pushy and sometimes overzealous parents on shows such as “Dance Moms” and “Toddlers in Tiaras.” It makes for good TV, but is it too much? Should kids have the chance to be kids or is it OK for a parent to take the “no guts, no glory” method and make their child pursue a talent?

Weigh in. What do you think?

Photos: blackyouthproject.com


NBA player Dwyane Wade is a  father of two sons and one nephew. The Miami Heat star has been recognized by ABC and other media outlets for his excellent parenting skills and tireless effort to help fathers realize their vital role in the family unit. In keeping with his efforts, Wade has decided to write a book about fatherhood entitled A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball.

Star of the the upcoming Disney Channel original movie “Let It Shine,” Coco Jones is a girl on the move. The 14- year old actress, rapper, and singer plays “Roxie” and will be acting alongside Trevor Jackson and Tyler James Williams in the movie.  When Coco isn’t pursuing her dreams in the entertainment world she enjoys working out, sewing, swimming and shopping with her friends.


Corey Robinson,17, is a celebrated high school football player who will be playing for Notre Dame next year. Although solicited by several colleges and universities, the fighting Irish made such a great impression on Corey that he decided to commit after visiting the school on its Junior Day.

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