Tami Roman’s (VH1’s Basketball Wives) daughter Jazz Anderson, also known as “Lady Jazz” has recently become buzzworthy with her remix to Drake’s song Cameras. The 15 year-old artist is getting a chance to show her vocal and rapping skills on her latest Youtube video. Check it out!

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Tami Roman’s daughter sings and remixes “Cameras” [Bossip]

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  1. Hey ladies, hope everyone is having a great Sunday :)!
    Congrats Yandy I like her and wish her the absolute best!
    I pray Bobbi Kristina gets sober and get her life back together! Nahla and Gabe r the cutest I hope they can get it together for Nahla’s sake!
    Jim Jones is LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t care for Tami Roman so I don’t care to hear anything from her daughter sorry :(
    Nia congrats one of my fav actress!

  2. I hope BCK posts the picture of Willow with her hair green!

    I’m not a fan but I love this young lady’s spirit.

    Keep them talking Willow. That is all that matters.

    • Hey Sherley, how are you? I think she sparyed it that color for St.Patrick Day. No biggie, nothing to even talk about really.

    • No Sherely! I love me some Willow, but the comments on that girl is too much! They can put her in the gallery, but no posts lol. The last Willow post got like over a 100 comments, majority saying the little girl got low self-esteem, her parents have no control over her, & she’s on a downward spiral smh.

      • Lol. I feel you Trisha. The only people who would go on a tangent over hair color (that obviously isn’t permenant) have issues within themselves. It’s just hair, not an ear, thumb nor her big toe.

        Willow is accomplishing what she set out to do..keep her name on everyone’s lips. She will surpass Beyonce & Rhianna status before she’s 15. I say go girl!

  3. Interview!!!


    That is amazing if Bobbi Kristina has the strength to talk about her mother’s passing this soon.

    I just hope t is not the family’s way of capitalizating on Whitney’s death.

    I am afraid now that she is buried all the claws will reaching out to get their share.

    What is Oprah going ask her, are you sad? YES!

    It seems a bit odd to me but whatever.

  4. I was hoping to see baby Kez!

    Say what you want about Gabriel, but he loves his daughter & Nahla seems to love him back.

    Don’t really care about the rest.

  5. I’m happy for Yandy! She’s a strong, hard-working, educated woman so i think she will be a great mom

    Nahla is so cute

  6. I agree with Me 2. Sherley if you’re reading look, BCK heard you about a report on Nia Long’s engagement status.

    This is off topic, but I would like to know if BCK will ever show us a picture of actress Lauren London’s kid?

  7. Why do a interview so soon with Bobbi Kris? I mean her mom just passed away. She needs time to grieve and heal and it takes time. Oprah is doing this for ratings for her channel and its a shame.

    • I doubt Oprah went to them to do this interview. She was at the funeral her own self, I’m sure she knows how long it’s been since Whitney died, which is not very long. If anything BK and her family most likely approached Oprah. There are times when celebrities approach IVers that they feel comfortable doing IV’s with, to clear up whatever they want to clear up.

    • I also think that it’s too soon for Bobbi Kris to do an interview. I have no doubt that Oprah’s people as well as every other news entity on the planet has been hounding this young lady because they all wanted to be the first. I’m sure Oprah will handle her gently and be very respectful. But I still think she needed more time to grieve and get her head around the fact that her mother is gone

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