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China Mcclain and her sisters Lauryn(l) and Sierra(c) took to the stage and rocked out on at the Rodeo Houston Show over the weekend. The trio opened for Big Time Rush and stole the stage, becoming head to toe rock stars.

Check out the Youtube video below and pics from the performance:

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  1. They are so pretty… They seem like a close knit family I’m glad tyler perry showed off their talents so we can see them… Now her and the other sister lauryn used to look like twins to me when they were younger but now lauryn looks totally different and she’s beautiful….. Cierra looks the same just older she’s gorgeous and you know china is pretty too

  2. aww, i love that China could share the stage with her sisters. i could see them being a trio singing group. they’re talented young ladies.

  3. I would love to see the sisters in another movie. Maybe “Daddy’s little girls all grown up” idk lol. I think it would be cute.

  4. i love these girls. i hope they stick together. i hate how people keep saying Lauryn and Sierra are biting off of china’s success. so stupid, they need to stick together period. They are wonderful individuals who are amazing combined.

  5. Sierra is my favourite. China looks very relaxed and pretty here. Lauryn is a pretty one too, but this hairstyle isn’t working.

  6. These girls..I JUST LOVE THEM ALL! China is so talented and I love her show on Disney. LOL yes, I watch her disney show!

    Hey Misunderstood & Pisces, I am NOT engaged. Where did you guys get that from. LMBO! I never said that, when I do I will def tell my online buddies(you guys). I dont have access to a computer at home bc I broke it so I cant respond pass 5pm. lol

    • LOL.com! You’re great Seriously. The McClain sisters exude sophistication. We need that among our young celebrity role models. Everything does not have to be gimmicky…real life is not a gimmick though we all want to have fun sometimes.

    • Hey I am in my 30’s and I watch A.N.T. farm too. My daughter ask me all the time, “why are you watching that show?” LOL!!

      • @Seriously I was going to say were to close to not give such important info lmao! @theyknow I’m with u I hate to miss an episode!

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