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Jim Jones sees kids in his and fiancee Chrissy Lampkin’s future. The rapper recently expressed his desire to have more children in the future during an interview with 107.9.  Jim said, “I’m looking forward definitely to having another child.”

In addition to expressing his desire to have more children, Jim Jones debunked pregnancy rumors saying,  “I know there’s been a lot of rumors, but that’s just what they are: rumors. People like to spread rumors. The funny thing nowadays is people don’t’ care whether the rumors are false or true. They just run with it.”

Jones recently apologized to his son Pudy via Twitter for actions in a bar brawl that led to his arrest. Jim tweeted, “I apologize to my son Pudy for having to see his father act like a beast that’s not the example I want to set for him. I love u Pudy.”

Jim and Chrissy became engaged in front of millions of ‘Love & Hip Hop 2’ fans after several years of courtship. The couple is expected to release a wedding date at a later time.

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  1. If you listen carefully you’d hear mama Jones saying she wants more grand kids not that she didn’t have any. I don’t believe that he’ll marry her either.

  2. I agree with Ms. Mimi…. that child does look about 7 or 8 and if Chrissy & Jim been together for 8 years…this is questionable! oops

  3. Love Chrissy, love Jim, and love their relationship with each other. His son looks just like him, and I think their child together will be beautiful too. Wishing them the best…

  4. wait a minute it is said that chrissy and jim been together for 9 years and this child is no more then 6 years old….hmmmmmm?..shocked to know he had a child lol

  5. Hold on how long has Jim and Chrissy been togther and how old the child??

    Also Jim will never marry Chrissy. He loves her in his own way but even his mum knows she aint the one for him!

    Chrissy too loud, ghetto with a serious attitude problem. She needs to get a real job.

    I didn’t know Jim had a child, like another poster said mama jones talks about grandkids like she doesn’t have one from Jim so wonder what’s going on there..

    Little Pudy is very cute!

  6. I saw an interview with her(Chrissy) and she said that they get along for the sake of the child..so take that as you will.

  7. Jim doesn’t need anymore with the attitude he has! Chrissy is mouthy too she definitely needs an attitude adjustment before she even attempt to reproduce!

  8. They never getting married! Jim knows he doesn’t want to marry Chrissy. Yes he loves her but there’s something that’s stopping him from being totally commited to her. I mean it took him 9 yrs for the world to know of her existence & for him to propose to her. But i heard her past is a little shady so maybe that’s it…

    His son is handsome!

    • Does anyone really think this wedding is going to happen? I mean really? I despise Chrissy’s holier than thou attitude. What does Chrissy do besides live off a C list rapper? Maybe now that she has a ring she’ll knock that chip off her shoulder and have a seat.

    • I just want to say that when I first asked if Chrissy was his mom, there were no other comments up yet. I hate that it looks like I came in asking a question that had already been answered lol.

  9. If it wasn’t for this post I would have never known he had a child. I wonder why his mama be so pressed for Chrissy to have a baby. It has been a few times when Mama Jones have said “I want a grandbaby” so I assumed Jim didn’t have kids….hmmm..

  10. His son is so cute! I love Chrissy and Jim together and can’t wait til they get married. I hope they have more kids too.

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