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Little Daniel Gibson Jr. knows good music when he hears it. Keyshia Cole-Gibson recently captured her son enjoying sounds and posted the picture to Twitter. According to Cole, Daniel was “jamming to drake ‘find your love’ he still loves this song!”

Daniel Gibson Sr. recently returned to Cleveland’s basketball lineup after injuring his ankle. According to ESPN, Gibson was injured “when he landed on the foot of Indiana’s Paul George while attempting a jump shot on Feb. 15. Gibson, who is shooting 42.9 percent on 3-pointers, missed games against Miami and Sacramento.”

While covering Ebony magazine’s ‘Hottest Couples’, Keyshia characterized her husband as a loving person with a good moral compass. The singer states, “What made me gravitate toward Gib was his faith in God, more than anything. He seemed like a loving person. He talked a lot about his grandmother who had passed away, and the things she instilled in him.”

Daniel Jr. is the couple’s first child together.

Check out more pictures of the little tot below!

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  1. Boobie jr is a cute kid.

    S/D the baby in the gallery; Caron Butler’s child, she is so YUMMMY I wish I could take her home. I would be the perfect big sister to her :-)

  2. He is just too darn cute! Looks just like his dad, imo. I wish they’d hurry up and pop out some more babies!

  3. I love little man’s eyes. They say a lot. Frankie has some strong genes. He favors his grandma. I hope Keyshia and Frankie can mend their relationship. Regardless of Frankie’s past and what she’s doing now. You only get one. You have substitutes and stand ins, but you one have one BIOLOGICAL mother and she brought her here. She didn’t give her up to a stranger either. She gave her to someone she knew and was close to. Hopefully they can get it together. At lease Neffe didn’t give up on her. All in all, he’s handsome.

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