Scarlett Turrentine smiles for the camera. Say Cheese! The 4-year-old was photographed while out-and-about with parents Reagan and DeWayne Turrentine.

Reagan commented on her and DeWayne’s ten year marriage in a previous interview with Juicy Magazine. When asked about advice she would give couple’s considering marriage Reagan said, “I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be an expert. The best advice I’ve gotten is to keep people out of your business whether that’s your mother, grandmother, sister, or just random people trying to give you advice. Sometimes women or guys want to listen to their friends over their spouse. No, you keep people out of your business and you work it out yourselves.”

DeWayne and Reagan are also parents to 10-month-old Tyger Turrentine. Check out more pictures of the family below!

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  1. LW: Yo sé que no acuñó el término maldito "Veganize", yo pensaba que era tan creativo. Me está matando Debido a que es la receta más simple del mundo Cuando no es vegana. Tengo algunas recetas Veganized bastante difíciles en el pasado, pero esta simple 4 ingrediente confección me está haciendo campaña. Por ahora la receta es un secreto imposible (lo siento), pero cuando el crack que voy a estar seguro de que supieras!

  2. Just an amazeing family for sure lets hope their marriage will last you know the hollywood life he is extremely gorgeous & she is amazely beautiful.So you never know it’s something about that other woman name TEMPTATION..uumm my my how she loves to destroy happiness in a lovely home…

    • I agree with you Connie1. I just like pig tails because I’m old school. I like kids wearing their hair pretty, neat, and loose, too.

    • What is that supposed to mean? The kids look like the best parts of both parents to me, and both parents are good looking people. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.

      Maybe because Reagan is of Black Puerto Rican heritage you say that. I notice some White Latinas that write here always make racist slurs and innuendo regarding LaLa and now apparently Reagan Turrentine is a target.

  3. Sexy Dewayne and Cute Tyger mely my heart lol.

    I love he pictur epf Daddy reading to his cuties, awe!!!

    ALL four are beautiful. They seem like a wonderful family :)

  4. I love Scarlett and Tyger I think they’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! I never get tired of seeing either of them!

  5. Regan is the actress behind the voice of Roberta Tubbs, Cleveland’s step-daughter in the animated television series.

    Once actors get connected with cartoons like the Simpsons and Cleveland they are pretty much set career wise. It’s a lucrative gig.

    Even though her kids are really young, when they are able to realize Mommy is a cartoon, they will think that is so cool.

    • Side note: The six main characters in the Simpsons animation get paid $400,000 per episode. Also I’d like to correct the error made in spelling Reagan’s name. Oops.

      Reagan is one of the main voices on the Cleveland show. Isn’t it ironic that Cleveland’s voice is done by a Caucasian actor? That’s one less HUGE salary for a brother to receive.

      • Tyger is so adorable in the photo with a hat on. I love his name and I am so glad that “Tiger” Woods is known globally by his famous nickname and not his birth name, Eldrick. Not that it’s a bad name, just strikes me as a little nerdy as opposed to superstar golfer/athlete type moniker.

  6. that last picture of Tyger is absolutely adorable. he’ll love that one for when he gets older :-) and Scarlett’s shoes are too cute. she’s so photogenic.

  7. My parents have said that the reason they have been together for 17 years is that they keep everyone, including their kids out of their marriage. I know that early in their marriage they saw our priest on a regular basis but after my dad doesn’t keep company with anyone whose morals and values are different from his and my mom does the same. Jealous “friends” will do their best to tear apart your marriage.

    I’m starting to learn to not be “unevenly yoked” with my friends. That’s even in the bible. Two oxes of different sizes cannot work well together, it’s takes two similer sized oxes to do the job right.

    • Oxford 2013, your articulation at your age is so amazing. I also enjoy reading what you share about your parents and your family life. Sounds AWESOME!

      I imagine you to be so cute as well as intelligent. Keep it up. Most girls your age around the world only care about getting little boyfriends. I like that you are still putting your family first as people you listen to. They will always be there when no one else is.

      • @Pisces, When I first left for boarding school my dad told me that “I didn’t need to learn from my mistakes if I could learn from the mistakes of others”.

        Despite all of the marriage offers my parents got for me at my debut, boys are the last thing on my mind. Both of my parents, my maternal and paternal uncles, and two older brother finished undergrad at 18, that’s my goal right now starting with the University of Oxford in 2013, I know I can do four years in three so that my goal for now. As it is I’m taking college level classes right now which will give me a head up.

        My family is important to me. It’s like when we are away from each other we thrive and grow yet the family and home will alwys be there. I have gotten 10 American acceptance letters from Ivy League and other colleges offering to let me in at @15 with a years worth of college under my belt, and with my last name scholarships were offered, as with my brothers the scholarships were turned down.

        I decided to go to U if Oxford for several reasons but they are all family reasons. Both of my great-grandfathers went to Oxford and Oxford Medical School, I am very close to my g-grandfathers as I am the oldest girl in my generation the other two are babies. This is my way of honoring the two men that originally made MY AMAZING LIFESTYLE possible. Plus my little brother is nine, my little cousin, his road dog is 10 and they will be going to the specialized boarding school that I’m at now. I love my two little dudes so much that I want to be near them if they ever need me. It’s quicker to get to Switzerland from London than it is from Boston,US.

        My family is the best and if I talk about them too much it’s because they are always there for me. So when an interesting topic comes up on BCK I don’t need to reach far to find someone whose “been there” and is willing to talk about it. And someone is always willing to talk to me because I’m the one, the only (at least until those two babies grow up):-) BABYGIRL :-)

        • @Oxford 2013….absolutely BRILLIANT! You could be featured as a BCK! I know you will go far with all of the love, support and guidance that is being showered on you by your parents and other family members.

          Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful response. I can tell you’re going places, keep up the good work! Great job! Just awesome.

        • @Oxford Ive been reading some of your responses for the past 6 months or so and I was wondering if you feel pressured to finish undergrad @18 because your parents, siblings etc. have done so or is it somthing you really want to do for you.I’m 24 and I havent finished undergrad.

          No doubt your family is rich, can u really relate to the average BCk reader? If so, how?

          Why do u show so much respect for @Sherley but Ive seen you tear a new one for other BCK readers, eg TI and the “socialism” response?

          What are marriage offers and it seems as if your parents have quite a few kids, why have then to stick them in boarding school and why isn’t american boardign schoils good enough?

          What race are you? And you are very fortunate to have all these great realtives still living.

  8. this is such a great family. i wish them many more yrs to come.. let them be an example to some of those celebrity couples. i lke the advice she gave ” keep ppl out of your relationship and work things out the two of you”. she couldnt had said it better.

  9. Awwwh! Scarlett is such a beautiful little girl. She looks like Reagan now. Tyger is a little handsome fellow. Seems like such a happy baby! Beautiful family.

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