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So what does the first born of Hip-Hop and R&B royalty pair, Jay-Z and Beyonce, wear on an outing with mom? Gold Marc Jacob baby slippers, of course! Couple those with the celebrity acclaimed BabyBjorn carrier and a stroll for this pop princess is a “walk-in-the-park”. So what if she can’t even crawl yet?

The Little Marc Jacobs Baby Mouse shoes for infants retails  for $66. These slippers are great for infants because they come with a sewn-in sock that helps prevent the shoes from slipping off.  Then there’s the BabyBjornBabyCarrier, which can be found at many online retailers like Babies’R’Us, Sears, and Kohl’s. Blue Ivy is being carried in the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Classic currently at Target for $71.99.  This carrier is recommended for newborns and infants weighing up to 25lbs and is built to support the baby’s head, back, and hips from birth. Fashion and comfort at its best.

Photos: Beyoncelite/Marc Jacob/BabyBjorn

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  1. Black people are so critical of each other! I just think there’s a lot of people unhappy with their own life and they see Beyonce. a young, rich, MARRIED and successful woman who has everything, and a confirmation that their own life sucks!!! Black people who job is to hate, please get a life. That’s all.

  2. It’s is so cruel, hurtful, obnoxious, rude & direpectful that people are still being so hatful & negative towards this baby and say a bunch of hatful dumb things about her. (things like: she not a real baby, she not their real baby, bey didn’t really give birth to her because her preganancy wasn’t real and whole bunch of negative BS)”seriouly” what’s wrong with u?? do u know how heartless, evil, cruel, bitter , rude and hate-filed u all sound hating on a baby like she did something to ya’ll, well knock it off!!!! she is just a baby, she did not ask to be here, but she is here by God and her parents, and she is beautiful & healthy!!! All Children are a wonderful gift & blessing from God, so, why are u spiting on one of God’s children?? it is the most awlful, evil, petty,rude, disgusting harmful thing to be spewing at a little innocent, defenseless baby. how could anybody have heart to be so disrespectful towards a baby?? and for the parents who have been on this saying all of these hatful comments u should be ashamed of yourself!!!!how would u feel if somebody were to say those hatful disrespectful things about your child/baby/kids?? My Guess is that u would be hurt by it!!! so, u shouldn’t be doing it to other people’s kids if u don’t want it to be done to your kids. (I hope that doesn’t happen because what goes around comes around) and another thing, why are u people are so concern about whether Bey really had the baby or not or how she and her husband is raising her?? why does it affect u?? and why do u all keep believing all of these tacky dumb ignorant lies & rumors that the media make up about her baby not being real?? first of all, we already know that Blue Ivy Carter is real!!! (we all seen the pictures) 2nd whether Bey gave birth to her (I believe she did) or not she is still their child. Beyonce is still her Mother and Jay-z is still her Father, they love her, take good care of her and trying to give her the most normal happy life possible. there is no harm in that at all, it’s so sad that people are rooting for Beyonce & Jay-z to fail!!! it’s sad that we as people can’t accept that a beautiful successful black woman who dated (the man she loved for 6 yrs), married him and then had a baby. she did things the right way!!! but, still people find wrong in that. instead of people being happy for them, supporting them, blessing them and being happy for them like we should be.but, instead u got to dump your negativity, ignorance, hate, bitterness,jealously,ugliness,rudeness and disrespect towards this woman, her husband and her child. that’s just sick!!!! in a time where there aren’t a lot of strong black marriages & families in our community but the ones that we do have,we should be praying for them and encouraging them and not tearing them down. and lasty, I have never seen a black celebrity treated with so much hate & disrespect since Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston, it was a sad thing to see the tacky tabold media eat them alive and other people had to do it too in their lifetime, and now people want to act phony and say they love them now that they are not here. (Godforbid if the same thing should happen to Beyonce) please leave Beyonce and her family alone!!!! she not hurting anybody, she is human like everybody else, she doesn’t have to prove anything to us, and she not even thinking about us so let her live her life , with her husband & child and be happy!!!! despite what people say about The Carters they are still a beautiful family:) I hope & pray that they are bless with much love, joy, peace, happiness, and strength :) May God Bless The Carter :)

  3. I found it hard to believe that beyonce would carry her baby out in public like that especially how private she is and in a place like New York where people will rob and take advantage of you.

  4. News Flash MTO,Sandra Rose,Blossip,Twitter All Lies!!!!!!! Stop Believing everything you hear & read on these gossip blogs and site they do lie!!!!! and why are people hating on this little baby?? first they say she not really pregnant and now they are say she was carry a doll. what’s next when Blue starts siting up or starts walking are going to say oh that a robot thats doing that not a baby, that’s so stupid!!!!! “for crying out loud” The Baby Is is Real!!!! we saw the pictures a month ago, so why are people still making up these dumb rumors it. whether people like it or not Blue Ivy Carter is Here!!!! she is beautiful and healthy baby :) so, all of ya’ll haters & naysayers get over it, move on and for God sake’s leave this baby alone!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cute. Looks like Beys priorities are in another place thanks to BI. It used to be that Bey’s greatest concern was what she looked like in the press and staying out of controversy. Hopefully, if nothing else, she will begin to speak up for childrens rights, breastfeeding, and other family related issues. It would bring great attention to the causes and make her seem less robotic and manufactured.

    • She’s “robotic” % “manufactured” because she minds her business and stays out of trouble? :rollseyes: Then maybe more celebs should be “robotic” and “manufactured”. She doesn’t need to speak up on anything or do anything but continue to live her life as she’s been doing. Especially not to please you…

  6. I never thought of a baby doll but at one point I would think it would be hard to walk and breast feed at the same time.Plus the baby is so wrapped up how can she breath? If that is a baby doll then beyonce really needs to get some mental health as soon as possible.Beyonce really does not seem happy after having her baby,she always has the look on her face as if something is wrong.

  7. WOW..people are nuts lol, why couldn’t Beyonce be pregnant? Is she not human? I’ve never thought of her as being vain, especially in a sense that she would fake a pregnancy or birth..that’s insane lol

    • Personally I don’t care how the child came into existence. I just want to point out that using your personal opinion of her has a measure of what she would or wouldn’t do is completely silly; you don’t know her.

  8. Blue is tiny for a 2 month old. Bey look cute here. I don’t know if its real or fake but at this point, i really don’t care. I had my doubts but now, who even cares. Let her be.


  10. Aww Beyonce looks great with baby Blue, why do people think she faked her pregnancy like really I doubt that she did that, she does not have to prove herself to any of you. They so many false stories just be happy for her instead of worrying about if she is carry a doll like really who does that!

  11. seriously people? why would beyonce carry around a baby doll knowing that paparazzi would snap find out and post it everywhere? is it so impossible that maybe just maybe shes carrying her daughter that she gave birth to?

  12. How can a BEYONCE & her baby just stroll around in the city….without being attacked from fans and paparazzis? Thats what I´m asking myself lol….

    • She has a bodyguard with her. He’s in other pics with a suit on. And I’m glad to see her hold her baby close to her because if she were stroller bound, the paparazzi and rabid fans would hound her.

    • It has nothing to do with the bodyguard. New York is just not all that when it comes to the paps. Unlike LA, where the paps follow the celebs in cars and even have walkie talkies to talk to tell other paps which direction celebs are going in.

      • I agree Victoria, the paps are a lot less persistent in New York. Celebs still get their pics taken and people still want autographs and want to take pics, but the paps and people don’t HOUND the celebs. The east coast is more laid back than it gets credit for.

  13. SMH, One would think Blue Ivy is the 2nd coming of baby Jesus…but anyway, I love the shoes. This little girl is already stylin’. Beyonce seems to have taken off her baby weight quickly. She is looking great. My son is 11 and I am still blaming my pregnancy on the few extra pounds I’m hauling around! LOL

  14. I’m guessing she is wearing flats because she wants to ensure the safety of her baby by not falling or anything. Anyway I love the shoes, they are too cute!!

  15. @lala, danie, and nak y’all must be really dumb don’t come on here with that nonsense. @lala you are really crazy to be anything mto says. Y’all might want to get your lies straight before making yourself look real dumb.

  16. Did she really just say Blue is in one position & not moving? You can see people/objects moving in still pictures now? SMH!

    Anywho..I use to love my baby carrier..it was easier than a stroller. When I son was too big for it, I got the back carrier. I don’t think my son actually used his stroller until he was 7 months or so.

    Awww..babies at the baby stage.

  17. All of the items are cute. I wonder why all the muted and dark colors. Does she not want to over stimulate the baby? Maybe it’s just cool.

    • I think to stimulate vision, new babies need colors and objects. They also need people to talk to them. Maybe all of this is in the nursery.

  18. lala are u for real MTO girl please all you see is a picture not a video…………LEAVE THE INTERNET ALONG its making you CRAZZZZZZZY……HEY BEY AND BLUE here the HATING again..

  19. It’s funny. Folks on other boards are saying the same thing about Blue being a doll, but haven’t we seen REAL pics of the baby to know that she’s a living breathing human being? Or are we going to allow what some bloggers THINK about her influence our thinking?

    Are we so brainwashed as people, that we believe everyone over our very own minds and eyes?

    The human minds on messageboards are very interesting to watch/see. I love to lurk for this very reason.

  20. Ooh I’m glad u showed the shoes cause I was thinking Blue’s losing her shoe lmao! I want to see ur face Blue! Ok let me leave before the drama starts :)

    • I was thinking Blue losing a shoe like her mom lost her earring. The shoe/sock is a great idea. I never put shoes on my son unless it was during winter due to losing a shoe & sock. It’s funny, he would lose a shoe & a sock on the opposite foot. Never could figure out how he did that. But that was my baby.

  21. This is fake. If you go to MTO, you will see that in all the pictures the baby is in the same position. There is no way that the baby can just stay in one position. #babydoll

    • So you followed them around all day to be sure it was a babydoll?

      Newborns aren’t known for moving around a lot; as a matter of fact, they are known for three things: Eating, sleeping and taking non-smelly craps (pre-3 months). And why would B bother with a doll? Whom does she have to convince she’s had this baby? No one. She’s got all the money she could ever need… And she knows none of us personally that she’d need to “impress” us.

      • Don’t preface your condescending nonsense with “Sweetheart.” It’s not my name and you don’t know me.

        … I reiterate: Did you follow them around all day?

        #1: Blue could be sleeping.
        #2: Paps use high-end cameras, capturing a multitude of shots IN SECONDS. So, if they catch Beyonce and Blue at all angles and move on to a new subject, there would be no reason for the baby to have moved in the short amount of time it would have taken to capture the images.
        #3: Mommy is moving – walking – so it would be nigh impossible to tell FROM A PICTURE to tell whether Blue is also moving/a doll/awake.
        #4: My statement was a generalization; yours is specific to your child. And unless your child is awake in your arms – are you holding her awake in your arms all day? – then she ain’t moving around a lot otherwise.

        Please don’t be a bigger fool than you have to be.

    • She’s a new born. she’s spending most of her time sleeping. They sleep in the same position. What more movement do you want? smh
      & in yesterday pictures whens he’s walking w/ Tina, you can see one of Blue’s hands raised up like she’s pushing Beyonce’s hands away from her hand.

      • Not saying I agree with the claim that Blue is a baby doll BUT she isn’t a newborn anymore…she is over 2 months old so she should be moving some lol – I’m sure she is but just reminding everyone that she isn’t a ‘newborn’ anymore.

        However, I highly doubt that Beyonce is carrying a doll lol…

    • You need to go back to MTO or Bossip or any of the other various gossip bs sites to post your negativity and hate. I was of the opinion that this was not a place to talk about people or their kids. I thought it was supposed to be positive? I won’t say what really want to say. I’ll just leave it at, Try to get a life, really.

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