La La and Carmelo Anthony are featured with their son Kiyan,5, in the April 2012 edition of Vogue magazine. In addition to taking beautiful pictures, La La and Carmelo talked about their marriage and busy schedules.Although Carmelo, La La, and Kiyan have compacted schedules that sometimes conflict with one another, La La is up for the challenge. She states, “This is the life I’ve always wanted, and basically it comes with the territory. I love my life and my family, and I wouldn’t change a thing.” Carmelo adds, “We’ve been together for eight years, and we’ve kind of made it work. I have my things, and she has hers. I mean, it would be bad if only one of us had things going on.”

La La adds of her time spent on MTV(she was a VJ for the network for some years). As she explains, “I was very high energy. They wanted to know who this girl was. To be an African-American Hispanic woman on MTV –you weren’t seeing that a lot.”

Fans will get to see La La and Carmelo making it work on her new show La La’s Full Court Life. Vh1 viewers are in for a major treat as La La showcases her life as a mother, wife, and friend. Check out a sneak peak of the series here.

Photo: Vogue

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  1. Kiyan is adorable.

    But I’m tired of her being evvvverywhere, she’s becoming as bad as her nasty friend & in regards to Melo, well he has a horrible attitude. No longer a fan of his on the court.

  2. Kiyan sort of makes this a nice family pic with him leaning on his dad, but then his eyes are toward the floor.

  3. I like Lala however I’m always confused about where she finds the time to always look amazing. She does not leave the house without being fully made up, that is a lot of work.

    I think it’s sweet that she adores her family because you don’t see that often on tv.

  4. I don’t care about the picture. I can’t seem to stop looking at Kiyan’s smile. He gets me every time with that smile.

  5. The way they positioned them is AWKWARD. It looks like they’re not together, and Melo is happily posing with his son. Look how far way they are from each other in a family photo!

  6. I think they’re a beautiful family of three, but this is not a good photo of them. There’s nothing that screams “family” about this picture…they all seem to be in their own little world did Photoshop place them together?

  7. Im really kinda tired of seeing this couple. There is something called over saturation. Create a sort of mystery and guise, thats how celebs used to and are supposed to do it..If not that give us a month of not seeing you! Geez!

  8. I was just getting ready to say they need to stay out of the spot light until her show comes out! Now I know she’s not leaving him! Anyhow Kiyan is such a cutie I just love him!

  9. They do not look like ahappy couple at all I guest Lala has finally accepted the rumors about Melo’s cheating to be factual.

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