The Gurlie Gurlz have made their debut and are expected to go far in the music industry. Composed of four tween girls-Kennedi,10, Shelby,10, Sidney,10, and Imani,10-the Gurlie Gurlz have the balance of power and sweetness that many groups lack. Whereas Kennedi is classified as the powerhouse singer who brings the audience to their feet, Sidney is the sweet one who gives listeners something to think about.

Although not a powerful or soft singer like her fellow group members, Imani, daughter of actor Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson, is a strong alto who brings harmony to every song. Shelby is also significant adding unmatched richness to the group. Music fanatics should be on the lookout for the Girlie Gurlz because these young ladies are going to make waves.

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  1. Hi gurlie girls you guys are so beautiful and talented. You guys sing very good. Im 11 years old and you guys are 100 percent better then me lol kepp doing what you guys are doing and have fun singing pretty girls

  2. These kids harmonize awesomely together and have to be like 10 years old. Can someone tell OMGurlz that this is how tweenie music should be done?

  3. At first I was like oh no another girl group. yet I see they sing well. They each have their unique voices, I think Shelby’s is the more unique voice though. Also they sing well together as a group yet while Imani, Sidney, and Shelby are singing harmoniously its like Kennnedi is WAY above them.

  4. They sound better than most adults on the radio right now…GREAT JOB>>>!!! ill admit when i first read the headline i thought “here we go, another little girl group” but i was very surprised and pleased…they sound awesome and the song is cute and catchy…Keep up the Great work girls…you all are beautiful and talented :)

  5. These babies better work! They sound really good I’m shocked! Imani was rocking out that head was just booping! Good jobs babies!

  6. They are all adorable and sound terrific, I hope to see them in the future! *The one in the pink dress really has an awesome voice, a god given talent!

  7. Miss Imani is too cute…lookin’ just like her dad. All the girls are adorable & have very uniuqe singing voices. Well done Girlie Gurlz and keep up the awesome singing!!, can’t wait to see your first music video.

  8. Very pretty girls. They each have their own unique voice ! Kennedi does have a strong voice. Good job girls hope u have much success in the future ! N lil miss imani was feeling that 1st song lol 2 cute !

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