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    • April 1, 2011 in Roswell Georgia

      “Nick Gordon admitted to police he waved a gun in the air during the fight.

      Police later found a Glock 19 handgun in his glove compartment.

      Bobbi Kristina was handcuffed and cited as a minor in possession of alcohol, Nick Gordon was charged with pointing a pistol at a person.”


      A young Bonnie and Clyde, huh? They both need an intervention.

  1. Bobbi Kristina should do what she feel like doing, she is technically grown. College or not, she will never be broke. It trips me out when some people always think college is the answer. As a matter of fact, most millionaires and billionaires never even been to college. Most rich and famous such as Bill Cosby and Oprah didn’t get a degree until later on in life. David Jr. is absolutely gorgeous.

    • If Whitney’s inheritance runs out she will be broke. And she won’t make it in the entertainment industry.

      • Good point. The $100 million contract with Sony which was negotiated by Whitney’s Dad in 2001 is now void because of her death. Whitney had borrowed $20 million advances against the contract. Her estate is now minus (negative) $20 million which is still owed to Sony Records.

        The Houston’s have not hired smart people like the Jackson estate has to market the estate to be a money maker. So whatever Whitney’s daughter has may not last long if not managed wisely. The most valuable thing Bobbi has is rights to her mother’s work which so far has not been organized in any way.

  2. Meh. They aren’t related (Bobbi and her gold digger, I mean, beau). And I think little David looks fine with his curls. Very much like a boy.

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. They aren’t related and Whitney did not adopt him. I’ve never seen or heard anything of this kid until Whitney died, so that makes me wonder how much he was actually around. Did she “raise” him or just help him out? Either way, I think they should leave Bobbi K. alone.

    • Even if Whitney had adopted him, they would not be blood related. He was brought into the home as family, in the same way that you wouldnt date or marry your ex-brother in law or a friend’s ex. There are boundaries that you just dont cross regardless of blood relations. Bobby will find her hot tail in a legal mess trying to rid herself of this leech in years to come if she marries him. She needs to start thinking about her education and her future without her mother, not humping around with family.

      • “Like family” or “as family” isn’t family. When I was a kid I had many “play” brothers and sisters and cousins. Grew up with them, but they aren’t technically family so there shouldn’t be an issue. I’d rather her be in a relationship w/ a guy who has been in her life for ten years than a gold digger she just met.

  4. I believe Whitney was ok w/ their relationship, only b/c Whitney took more of a friendship w/ her daughter. Even tho they aren’t blood related & Whitney didn’t legally adopt him, they were considered brother & sister & that doesn’t seem right to me lol. Maybe he’s the only one bobbi can trust right now.

    • Maybe but why haven’t they said anything if that was the case? It seems all of a sudden they are out there. IDK, but the timing seems suspect. If they waited this long to make it public, they can wait another year to get married.

      • B/c people weren’t interested. Before Whitney died, Whitney & Bobbi Kris weren’t hot topics. So the paps weren’t gonna follow them around in Georgia to see what they were up to. But since Whitney died, & everybody is thinking what is Bobbi Kris gonna do next, the paps are gonna follow her every move. For all we know, Bobbi & this boy could have always went out places together & held hands, there just weren’t camera men following them. & it has not come from Bobbi, this boy, her father, or her grandmother that she is engaged. Everybody is just assuming b/c she’s wearing a ring, a ring her mother was wearing at the time of her death. Maybe she just want to wear that ring as a symbol for her mother, it doesn’t have to mean she plans on marrying that boy. No one knows the true story behind Bobbi Kris b/c she doesn’t talk to the media, everything is just assuming. & she needs to be left alone!

  5. I believe Bobbi Kristina and this young man have been dating for some time now! I also believe that she’s rebellion and he’s the only person she can honestly trust at this moment! She needs alot of love and support from the media and bloggers not them trying to tear her to pieces!

    This is the best I’ve ever seen lil David look he’s so adorable I could just eat him up!

    • I think they have been as well but Whitney was against it. After all, they were raised as siblings & use to refer to one another as bro & sis. I couldn’t do it, but if it makes her happy… I’m going to pray for this young lady.

  6. David Jr. is really cute.. and I really adore his beautiful curls, but it may be time for a little trim..he’s looking a bit feminine but adorable non the less :)

  7. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you, Sherley.

    Agree with all you said in response to the article, only adding that a few years ago Bobbi Kristina tried to stab her mother. I guess she’s loving her new found freedom now with benefits.

      • Hope your tooth feels better, Sherley. I went to a local casino today with my green shamrock earrings, but no luck of the Irish for me. I lost :( ..just a little though. It was fun. I might go get a Shamrock shake, non alcoholic.

        Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown are just waiting for a reason to get a Conservatorship of Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi K is making a case for them. Well, Britney Spears father probably save her life getting a Conservatorship of her when she was shaving her head, getting high, and giving her money to strange men. Oh, and neglecting her kids.

  8. Bobbi Christina is crying out for help so loudly..will someone pls help this child! Her ‘brother’ sees the opportunity & is seizing it. Maybe it’s true love, maybe it’s not..but if it is..they can wait 2-5yrs before getting married.

    David Jr is too darn adorable.

    Steve Harvey is doing a great thing & his wife has one for young ladies as well. Great foundation.

    Happy Saturday everyone. Enjoy this glorious day!

  9. Hopefully BK will come to her senses as time progresses and she has had time to deal with her mom’s passing. The paps need to stop harassing her.

  10. Bobbie Kristina and that boy are not related by blood so she can do what she like. But I do think she need to watch her money BC there are a bunch of opportunists around her including that aunt that did the Oprah interview. That aunt left more questions abt her actions towards Whitney that night than anyone else. The aunt made me wonder if she did something to Whitney.

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