Nia Long is a dedicated mother of two children. The actress recently took to Twitter about her devotion saying, “I wear five diamond bands. Each have a special meaning. My dedication to Jesus Christ, My dedication to my eldest son Massai. My dedication to sweet baby Kez. My dedication to love, my love. My dedication to womanhood and self love.”

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Long debunked engagement rumors last week when she told Essence magazine that “Marriage is not a priority. [Ime Udoka and I are] happy. I’m happy, the kids are fantastic.”   Together Nia and Udoka parent 4-month-old Kez and 11-year-old Massai.


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  1. I serve a loving God and her having kids out of wed lock will not keep her of heaven. She is raising future Christians who will love respect and worship Jesus Christ.

  2. As a married Black woman I am a HUGE fan of marriage. IMO its a natural part of life. I dont knock Nia for her choice in not being married. We all have free will. However, I wonder in what wold is she devoted to Jesus or her kids by not being married? How about showing them a living example of how to grow up and be responsible men. How about showing them how to commit to a spouse and not just get what you can, while you can, and not commit before God. Also, what part of Jesus’s teaching tell anyone they can just go and have babies without being married and can live with a man thats NOT your husband?? Im just saying. Real devotion to Jesus is not about wearing a ring, Its about living your life in a way that is pleaseing to him or whatever God you serve.

    • What makes you think she isn’t living a Christian life? Jesus never envisioned marriage In the way it now exists.

      • “Jesus never envisioned marriage the way it is now”?? ARE ‘YOU’ FOR REAL OR WHAT???
        Jesus ‘created’ this world and it was the devil and mixed up, messed up mankind who continues to get us in these stupid messes, and will end up destroying us all if Christ doesn’t step in SOON.

        I agree with what Nisaa said about “being devoted to Jesus or her kids”, but some so called christians seem to be getting caught up, in the lies and deceptions of this wicked wicked world, and I pray for Nia and her son’s sake that she ‘wake up soon’ and realize what she’s done here before it’s too late. God help them ALL.

    • Thanks Nisaa for your comment! Finally someone willing to stand up for the Word of God! We change but the Word of God doesn’t. No matter how people look at it, some folks make Christianity look bad. Folks always confessing Christ but their lifestyle show otherwise.

  3. I understand where Nia is coming from. I had my first child out of wedlock so I wanted to make sure any other childen I had were with my husband. So now Im with child #2 and a husband and very miserable and sad! Nia stated that her family is happy and thats what matters. Marriage is not for everyone!!!

    • Black women are a big fan of telling everyone else why they need to be married, they don’t seem to think it applies to them.

  4. I’m not a fan of marriage but it can be a beautiful thing when it’s done correctly! Nia’s been married before so maybe she doesn’t want to go through it again! I wish her and Ime much happiness together!

    • They aren’t married? I’m disappointed as I read everywhere they eloped. *shrug*..oh well. I agree with you on the marriage thing & the rest of your comment. Still love me some Nia.

      • She doesn’t need to set an example for other young ladies that’s for the parents to do! U don’t know what type of example she’s setting for her kids! Marriage isn’t for everybody she could instill in them do as I say not as I do! U holy than thou people kill me everyone is different that doesn’t mean God loves me any less than u! GROW UP!

        • Misunderstood,
          It really doesn’t matter what Nia, you, I or anyone else thinks, “God’s Way is ALWAYS the Right” way, and He said NO sex before marriage. Your answer and a few others here doesn’t surprise me, this isn’t an issue about being ‘holier than thou’ or anything else, it’s about God’s Truth which it seems you have a hard time with as well.
          Look at all the ‘things’ we thought (and think) we could do ‘without’ God/Jesus and how that’s turned out all these ‘centuries’ later?? We think we’re so smart but we’re bringing diseases and other illnesses and even death upon ourselves, but don’t seem to have a problem with that either, huh?
          When God tells us NOT to do something, He’s doing it to save our lives, usually from something worse coming down the road. You can pat Nia on the back all you choose, but you nor I can see what’s ahead for her boys, and that’s what I’m talking about.
          While there are some marriages that don’t work, who’s to say that her’s won’t, especially since she ‘talks about Jesus’?? Any way I’m praying for them, God help and have mercy on us hard headed and stubborn folks.

  5. Yeah, that’s it – it’s just not a priority…@40+ with two young men watching how you livin’, what, how you livin’, what…, In Living Color!

    • Thank-you. She sounds real stupid saying something like that. Marriage should have been her priority before having baby number two. She has two young sons now and with the oldest being 11 he’s old enough to understand everything that is going on, and She needs to realize that the example that she is setting is that not only is it alright to have children out of wedlock but if you do have a child with someone that is not your husband/wife don’t worry you can just shack up and live as so until you piss each other off. Then to top things off she mentions her dedication to Jesus Christ. He would not want her living the way that she is happy with. He wants her to live right by the bible and it does not state to live in cohabitation with two SONS and your young female fans watching your every move.

      • Also, how is she dedicated to Jesus Christ when she won’t even follow what He said about having sex outside of marriage? Someone is seriously deluding themselves and it most certainly is NOT Jesus Christ.
        I hope she wakes up real soon to the example she’s setting for her boys, black men go through enough already, she’s now given them even more mess to contend with. Lord help this woman and others like her who think they can do it WITHOUT YOU?
        We’re praying for you Nia and your sons too.

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