The Obamas attended Church one member short on Sunday as Malia,13, is on Spring Break in Oxaca, Mexico. The eldest daughter of the President and First Lady is enjoying a little R&R with 12 friends in the historic town known for its immaculate architecture and Native American traditions. Malia and her friends have already visited the Tree of El Tule and viewed the architecture of Milta. The young tourists plan to visit Monte Alban before returning to the United States.

First lady Michelle Obama shakes Reverend Luis Leon's hand while leaving with President Barack Obama and their daughter Sasha after attending Sunday service at St. John's Church March 18, 2012 in Washington, DC

Check out more pictures of the family and a few of Malia below!

Photos: Reuters

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  1. Bush put america in a state where it was about to become a third world country and I never heard anyone say anything about what he and his family did or whatnot. How can individuals hate like that unless they are inhuman. They would have to be savages to loathe someone as they do the First Family. Envey also plays a role with folks viewing the Obamas the way they do.

  2. For those of you who do not like the taxpayers footing the bill of the Obamas, I have an idea that will solve it for you: Stop Paying Your Taxes!

  3. Hey, I think it is great if obama is footing the whole bill — if not, not so great!

    However, it might still be OK, as long as you guys and gals are footing the bill, and I AM NOT!

  4. Sasha’s hair looked like it was two-strand twisted or braided, and she got this look by untwisting the twist or taking out the braids.

  5. i think Sasha did cut her hair. even in its curly state, it used to be longer than that. looks cute on her. maybe she told mom she was tired of wearing those buns all the time lol! looks like they bought those spiral curl straw things that i’ve seen lots of young girls using these days. and look at how tall Sasha’s gotten! she’s almost 11 afterall. trying to catch up with Malia lol! i hope Malia is having fun and learning some new stuff. i wish it was something i could afford to do.

  6. Why’s they cute Natasha’s hair? It was so long, health and beautiful. I like the new look, just not as much :)

    • I’m guessing that they didn’t cut it. It’s just not straigtened and in it’s natural kinky curly state. Kinky curly(most black people) hair in its natural state tends to have a lot of shinkage to it. I think it’s beautiful and send and awesome message to other little black girls.


  7. So what 25 secret service men traveled with malia! I don’t mind my tax dollars paying for her protection! When bush’s daughters were out partying and getting drunk the secret service men were with them and taxpayers paid for that!!!! I’m so over people attacking everything the Obama’s do.

    • You know what’s funny is when people act like the Obama’s don’t pay their taxes. Umm he pays more in taxes than average American makes 3 or 4 times over ($453,770 in 2010 to be exact and that could cover the entire cost of the trip for the SS detail). So the Obamas paid for this trip 2 times over through their own taxes and personal earnings. But whatever, haters gone hate. Facts and precedence don’t matter to them.

  8. SS salaries have ALWAYS been and will continue to be paid by tax payers, people stay acting brand new when it comes to how many of them are used to protect the Obamas! The girls also get protection from SS in the STATES when they go anywhere including school. They are never without SS detail, stop acting shock. Bush, Cheney, Clintons, Carter, still get SS detail too, I see no one complaining about that.

  9. Lol, Nnnnnnoooooooooooooo!!! Aaaawww, not the BABY TOO!! Ok, that’s it. It’s officially over. The ‘First Babies’ are growing up. LOOK at how TALL Sasha has gotten! Time goes by so fast! I’m gonna shed a lil’ tear. :'(

    • To those who say, oh, let her travel and Michelle wants her kids to have normal lives — then don’t run for president. The costs to taxpayers of sending her on this trip have got to be astronomical. And before I hear the nonsense about Bush, Clinton, etc., the Bush twins had only a couple agents each (I know, because when one or the other would give them the slip while at college, there were stories in the paper).

      This is an insane waste of taxpayer money. Sometimes you have to forego things if you want to be president. This should have been one of them.

      And what’s up with this story being scrubbed all over the place? Check it out.

      • Wrong George Bush had more SS than President Obama and has 400 threats per day. We even have Tea Party calling for the Obama girls assassination. So yeah it’s not a “waste” it’s necessary. And PBO has given up a lot. He works 25/8.

        The story is not scrubbed it was on yahoo.

        • Where in God’s name did you get that the tea party was calling for her assassination? That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Either you are making that up or whoever you got your ‘information’ from is making it up. Tea Party folks would NEVER stand for that, and if one bad apple implied that, I can assure you they would notify the proper authorities. We are not OWS, we respect the law, respect citizens, respect property. Please stop making stuff up, you make yourself look like a fool.

          No one has issues with the girl being safe obviously, but do realize it is at the taxpayers expense. The Obama’s are by far poor, why can’t they pay for security on their own dime? This way, there would be absolutely no reason to even report the story besides the fact that Mexico is dangerous to us common folk.

          Whoever is there taking her pictures is wrong, let her be. The only question raised should be about taxpayers paying for this and their other vacations. We’ll gladly pay when he’s moving around on business, but free time is just that, free time, let him pay for it (and any other President that comes a long).

          • I can’t understand the hubub because it is Obama’s daughter when there wasn’t a single peep for 8 years of secret service for Bush’s 2 daughters, even when they were not MINOR children — secret service had a lot more work then than they do with the Obama kids who are minors living with their parents. Once again, what was good for Bush is NOT good for Obama according to some crazies, likely Team Party racists. It has gotten so old — they are angry that Obama simply wakes up in the morning — give me a break —

        • First time we have seen the family going to a church. Election must be coming up!! Trying to get the Christian vote I guess!

          • First time, YOU saw a picture of them in church but they have several pictures of them in church.

      • Oh Please, give me a break. I think people go wild when they realize that TAXPAYER DOLLARS are paid when the flush the toilet. I am truly sick of it. Go to a right wing site and bellyache.

        • Hey Khrish! I agree. People who just pay taxes on their cigarettes, beer and groceries always acting like that little money is taking care of the President and his family. Most people complaining probably don’t even pay property taxes which still doesn’t take care of the President.

          They should attack the system and not our beautiful First Family!

          Take care!

          • For some reason, I’m not feeling that many commenters on BCK are paying massive taxes on property taxes, CD bank accounts, luxury cars or college educations for their children.

            People should work on not having such emotional responses especially on issues that don’t really affect them directly. Such a waste of energy. Instead figure out ways to make more money so that they can be part of a higher tax bracket.

          • Additionally, it’s a fact and always has been that tax dollars are what maintains the physicality of the White House property itself.

            Are the Obamas, who are temporarily occupying the White House, expected to live without heat, electricity, water and garbage service, not get the lawn cut, which are all on the taxpayers dime, just because the economy is bad? Seriously?

            Tax money pays to keep the White House going no matter who is living in it.

            I guess the Black First Family are supposed to live in the out house or old slave quarters according to some complaining on here.

            Michelle is not spending like First Lady Jackie O did in her day. Jackie used tax dollars to re-decorate the White House while she was living up in there. Bought new drapes and everything else to her liking and not with Kennedy money. She was celebrated for doing it.

      • I love coming to this site to read about all the children and especially the first family. For a long time now we have been able to adore and dote on the girls…..alas! I see the trolls have found us and come here to groan and moan about policies that have been in place for years.

  10. Sasha is getting tall. My parents would never let me go anywhere without them especially to another state when I was that age.

    • She’s been to summer camp for a month 2 summers in a row so a little week long trip isn’t a big deal. Mexico is a little further than New Hampshire from DC but it’s cool she got 25 SS and Mexican police making sure the President’s baby girl is safe and sound. I know Sasha is happy she gets her parents all to herself and the curls are cute. Nice look especially since she’s getting taller and slimmer. I hope Malia has a peaceful vacation and not a whole bunch of paps following her.

      • Wait hold up… 25 secret service travelled all the way to Oaxaca Mexico to go with Malia on spring break? I’m all for kids exploring the world and learning about other cultures, but that is a HUGE and unnecessary expense to the US taxpayers for a 13 year old to take a spring break vacation in a foreign country.

        Who is paying for all 25 SS agents to fly down and stay in a hotel with room and board? Did they fly down on Airforce 1? The entire hotel was booked up for this trip to prevent other travelers from getting near Malia.

        It is going to cost at least half a million dollars for this trip… not to mention the fact that the Mexican police were put on security detail as well, meaning that Mexican taxpayers footed the bill too.

        With the economy being as terrible as it is, this is not sending a good message to the American people. It is extravagant to be sending a 13 year old on a spring break vacation paid for by US citizens when most americans are having a hard time paying their bills.

        • You have got to be crazy she is the United States of America President (black)daughter in Drug infested Mexico. I think 25 secret service men is fare and they are not there just to protect her its to protect her and her classmates. Please don’t think that when Bush was president his daughter didn’t have the same or more assigned to them.

          • I agree with you. Not only is it fair, but with the hatred of those in this country since Obama has been president, it’s more dangerous for this family than any other who has been in office. Just the comments along on the web about these innnocent young girls is enough to make one wonder that there are so many sick Americans when it comes to this family. And the total disrespect is alarming.

        • “Who is paying for all 25 SS agents to fly down and stay in a hotel with room and board?”

          US taxpayers: always has and always will. Just like when the Bush girls and Chelsea were away at college and went on spring break trips. I’m not going to cry about how many SS agents she has. That is President’s daughter and she has to be protected whether she’s at Sidwell or in Mexico. Period.

          “Did they fly down on Airforce 1?”

          Absolutely not. Chartered plane paid for by Obamas and the girls’ parents who are on the trip.

          “It is extravagant to be sending a 13 year old on a spring break vacation paid for by US citizens when most americans are having a hard time paying their bills.”

          This is your opinion I can’t change it but Michelle has stated she will let her daughters experience things she never could. They will catch political backlash for this but oh well. YOLO.

        • There is always one in every bunch. Not a single person cried fowl when every other President’s child was escorted throughout the world. But President Obama does it & it’s the economy is baaad..we can’t afford this. *Major eye roll*. Pls, spare me the bull.

          The economy is so bad, but people can still afford internet & cable to complain.

          • So true, Sherley. Also they can still afford bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol. They don’t complain about being taxed for those items.

          • uhh..are you really comparing millions of dollars to $30? Please, think about how stupid you are. I know it’s hard because you’re stupid..but ya, there’s a big difference you fool. We (America) is still in a recession. Our “First Family” are wasting the Tax Payer’s $$ on vacations most can’t afford because they have OUR money to spend it on. He makes $500k+ a year..you’re telling me he can’t spend his own money in an efficient way and still provide for his family without using our money? He’s basically treating our tax money as his personal welfare bank.

          • Bob, I know you aren’t calling me stupid. Since you can’t connect the dots in my comment, I’m going to let that slide.

            Reagan, Bush, Clinton & Bush all did the very same thing. You harping on the Obamas means absolutely nothing. Taxpayers have been paying for the last 43 Presidents & there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it.

        • I get so sick of the constant gripping about what taxpapers pay for . Do you know how many people are out of work. Taxpayers don’t pay for everything. And besides it is a responsibility of the government that protects the first family at all times. this is not something that they ask for. I have never heard so much belly aching about what the tax payer pays for. But there are never on statement about the caring ons of those in the congress and the senate who whoop it up on the same tax dollars that you complain about with the presidency and never did I hear so much worry about ones tax dollars until the presidency of Obama. Suck it up.

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