Skai Jackson, from Disney Channels sitcom Jessie, was among the stars that recently attended the 3rd annual oh! La, La! Couture’s “Tutus4Tots” charity event at the Strengthening Families Volunteers of America in Los Angeles, CA on March 3.

oh! La, La! Couture teamed up with organization K.I.D.S. to give out over 300 Ooh! La La Couture dresses to underprivileged girls in California. The stars helped all of the girls pick out their favorite outfits and accessories which included tutus, shoes, headbands and other accessories.

Along with Skai, Roshon Fegan, Bella Thorne, Alli Simpson, Caroline Sunshine, Kat McNamara, and Kenton Duty were there to support the cause and share in some excitement with the girls.

All of the stars and girls had a a great time dressing up and having fun!


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  1. @Evelina Rae- Skai wore that dress because the company Ooh la la couture sent it to her to wear. Every girl that attended the Tutu’s 4 Tots event had to wear one of their dresses. It wasn’t hanging in her closet.

    • hi i think skai looks adorable,sweet and well………adorable skai i wish u were my bff so i appreciate sharing with u god bless pls follow me on twitter:olivefamous.

  2. Skai is very cute, obviously.

    That is a terrible outfit for her…it’s more for a child under 5. I like the “Willow Converse” shoes, but with some other outfit.

  3. Love Skai. She’s a beauty & love her hair. Does anyone else notice her hairline is as far back as Zahara’s?

  4. OH GOD! I love this little gril SO much…she is truly a natural on tv. She is a really good actress and is so beautiful. Disney better not ever let this girl go. She deserves her own tv show, when she is older.

  5. she is so cute. love her big eyes are sassy personality. she has the best twist out ive ever seen… ive been natural for 2 yrs and i have never mastered a twist out like that yet..

  6. She is a cutie for sure. I have to admit I watch her show “Jessie” on disney channel occasionally despite my age.

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