This just in: Michelle Obama has two daughters and a son. Her son’s name is Bo.

In a recent interview on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ ,the First Lady revealed that the family dog is “my son. I have two girls and a boy.” Although Bo is an animal, Michelle characterizes him as “a good dog.” As she explains, “He’s very well mannered, he’s very even-tempered. He usually will tell you [when it’s time for his daily walks]. He doesn’t talk, but he will come up and put his paw on your leg and kind of nudges you, and then you’re like, what do you want? And then gets excited. And you say, you want to go out? And then he starts barking. He’s very smart.”

Michelle and Barack Obama were spotted in route to Church on Sunday, March 18, 2012. Although 10-year-old Sasha went to Church with her parents, Malia,13, was not with the family but rather spent her vacation time in Mexico with friends. Bo has been a part of the Obama family for several years.

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  1. I´m sure she mean it in a funny way. But a dog is still ALWAYS a heartly member of a family…. Sometimes I used to make fun and say “our dog is my brother”….He died already and I´m already going to be 30 soon. But still he was somehow my brother b/c my mum used to talk to him like to a/her child. lol

  2. i love that Michelle sees it like that…I mean of course You do love You human children more…but the love for a dog or cat is love…no matter what….our cat is a family member…and my daugther calls her, her hairy sista…lol

  3. Aww I think we all get this way with pets we are so close to! But omg! How long ago was that pic? SADHA HAS GROWN SOOO MUCH! I can’t believe it she looks so itty bitty there:( Kids grow fast aww

  4. Have you guys seen the look alikes for President Obama? I saw one on a commercial & I’m like ewwww. Don’t do Obama like that!

  5. BCK let me just correct you about Malia. She is on a school sponsored service trip (volunteering at a Mexican orphanage) that’s why so many of her classmates are there. It’s not just a vacation getaway. You can go to the Sidwell Friends website and it will tell you that 7th and 8th graders take trips during the school year to perform community service. I actually think it’s noble even if it sounds super extravagant.

    • Bo is blessed to have a loving family that accepts him as one of them. Considering the abuse and neglect that so many animals face, Bo is one lucky fur boy! My dog would definitely be my son and my baby! Thats just how great the love, companionship and commitment is between pet and owner. Really, this is hardly news! Its like y’all were really reaching for an Obama story. SMH!

  6. I see the resemblance, lol. No seriously, I don’t think a pet compares at all to a child! I cringe when people say that.

    • Well, pets do become like famil. They melt into your heart & become like the soul of one’s home. Its very easy to “baby” your dog or cat…it comes naturally, nomatter how you try to resist. Let them just give you them “puppy eyes”, & it’s a wrap! I mean some people go overboard, but i think she just said all that as a way of explaining that she loves her animal. Besides, most pets would lay down their lives for their humans, so no harm there if they call Bo their “son”. #justsayin

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