Nelly and his kids were among several guests who helped to celebrate Zonnique Pullins of the OMG Girlz’ Sweet 16th birthday bash on Saturday, March 24, 2012. The rapper was accompanied by his daughter Chanell(R),17, his son Cornell III,12, and a family friend(L) to the event.

Photos: Prince Williams/AtlPics.net

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  1. first of all nelly is 37 and his daughter is 18 she was born in 94 and his son was born in 99 so he is 13 and the other girl is his sister daughter

  2. Met his daughter while I was in college, she was a sweet heart and rapped during a charity fashion show. Very down to earth!

  3. The outfits are very appropriate for a TEENAGE party… Nelly has some very good looking kids.. and ofcourse he has always good looking!

  4. I was going to say maybe that’s how they were suppose to be dress! Nelly’s kids have gotten so big he seems to be a good dad! @Seriously Nelly is 41 or 42 he’s old girl still fione though!

  5. I hated that these girls came dressed like that. Thats something you wear to a cookout, not a sweet 16.
    & I heard that girl on the left is his sisters daughter

    • SMDH. If their clothing wasn’t acceptable for the event they would have been turned away. They look like typical kids. Some people are so judgmental and self righteous when making comments on BCK! Does BCK have to stop showing some pictures of kids that parents are so generous in sharing with us!?

    • I agree with you Trisha. Those are not sweet 16 party outfits. Even Kandi’s 9yr old-Riley-dressed better.

      Ignore Pisces..she’s not herself.

      • Gee…thanks Sherley. As long as Trisha quotes the source where she found out that the girl on the left is Nelly’s daughter. Was it Wikipedia or Jared.com?

        • *correction, “Just Jared.com”. You’re right Sherley, I’m not myself. I am not an all day everyday angry sistah. Just a little perturbed.

          • Thank you for pointing out my mistake. But I would still like for her to post the link that says definitively that this girl is Nelly’s niece because Trisha loves to attack others for citing other blogs or references. That was my point. BCK did not state that the young lady is his niece.

        • I do not know if this is the normal Pisces who is a regular BCK commentor or someone using her moniker, so I’m sticking with you are not yourself. If it is the usual Pisces, I’m going to need some proof before I apologize.

          • Sherley, you never HAVE to apologize to me. I am NOT beyond reproach. I don’t think I know everything and I appreciate your criticism of me as well as others as long as they don’t appear to be combative, angry or contemptuous. Especially if I am not talking negatively about them.

            Any way, I know how the game goes here on BCK..I’ve been coming here 2 and a half years sporadically so I know tug of wars come with the territory. I’ve been Black all my life so I know how my people…especially the females be. 😉

            It’s worth it to take all of the people signing in with your like moniker or even cussing at you as long as you can respond in kind and still be able to look at the photographs as well as state your own opinion. That’s what it’s all about , isn’t it dear?

            You could say just about anything to me Sherley, because I know you are not mean spirited or self righteous. I believe from reading your comments over time that you are intelligent and a good Mom.

            So, no Sherley, you could tell me to take a flying leap and I would not take offense because you don’t seem mean at all. It’s always fun to visit BCK. It’s one of the nicest sites.

            I’m willing to take a seat if need be, no biggie…it’s just a blog.

          • Thank you for that Pisces & now I can appreciate that comment coming from the real Pisces. I have always appreciated your comments & will pull out my belt when need be :). I do not doubt you are an intelligent black female & accept my apologies for making that comment; mean spirited or not.

            Hope you get better from your asthma episode quickly. I know from experience asthma is no joke. I have & always will continue to commentate w/you. :D.

        • Since the comment that i posted 1st wouldn’t post…I’m just say Pisces have a seat \____ & stop talking to yourself on this blog. “I heard” just means i’m not sure the facts are true. You swear up & down that your facts are true & feel the need to know every piece of info about this celebs & feel like you can diagnosis these kids. So BYE!

          • @ Trisha/Tash2000…it’s okay. You don’t take no crap and I don’t take no crap either. So we’ll call it even for now, okay, Trisha also known as BCK Fashion Police and Judge Judy.

          • Why the hostility? It’s palpable, and this is just a blog. I’ll take a seat for now, but I’ll call you out again if necessary…believe that! You may want to look into some anger management courses if you’re not already mandated to be in one. LOL!

          • I used to credit you, Trisha, as one of the more sensitive, intellectual commenters. Not anymore.

          • @Pisces and Trisha I like u both but this is so highschool! We’re all entitled too our opinions! Pisces has been giving her facts since I’ve been on here! Trisha has been defending the ones she like and writing lol not to offend anyone! So please ladies keep it classy it’s not that serious!

          • LMFAO omg someone is taking this blog too serious. I don’t know who Tash2000 is :/
            Which Pisces is this?

          • @Misunderstood. Point taken. Everything is cool. I have just been feeling the way Cornell III’s expression is on this picture. :) I’m recuperating from an ashtma episode.

  6. WOW, Nelly started having kids early. A 17 yr old and he is like 33. His kids are cute. I just to love hhim back in the day

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