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Tichina Arnold and her favorite girl have joined the Trayvon Martin Movement. The actress shared a photo of her and Alijah,8, with Twitter fans saying, “Me & Alijah on our way to protest for #Trayvon Martin.”

Arnold recently sat down with Essence magazine to talk about relationships and motherhood. When asked about her worst experiences with past relationships, Arnold said, “My worst experience with relationships was actually dealing with my daughter’s father. I dated him for two years and my attraction to him was just so strong. I didn’t get pregnant with her until after we broke up. But while we were together, it was at the worst point in my life. Financially I was messed up. I wasn’t settled at home. My life was in chaos. Complete chaos. Anything that could go wrong went wrong. He called me one day and was like, ‘I don’t want this relationship anymore.’ That was it for me.”

Tichina is now engaged to Rico Hines. In contrast to prior relationships, Arnold considered her role as a mother before entering into an exclusive relationship with Hines. The actress states, “Having a daughter, I have no room to see a man that’s not going to provide something beneficial to my daughter and me. I know what it feels like to hit that rock bottom where you have nothing else to give anybody. I had nothing back then. I couldn’t help myself. But getting through that really taught me so much about relationships. You need different things at different points in your life. What I needed back in the 90s is not the same thing I need in 2012.”

Read the full interview here.

Photo: Twitter

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  1. I love Pam and she’s been protesting for Trayvon since his death! If my city was protesting I’d be right there!

  2. I have always loved her espicially as Pam on Martin. I never knew she was going through so much. I am glad that she is engaged and happy now.

  3. I love her interview with Essence can’t wait to get in the mail. I can surely relate to her quote “What I needed back in the 90s is not the same thing I need in 2012.”

  4. I liked her comment so true, I dealt with the same thing and I can totally agree. My child comes first and it will always be like that.

  5. She is a great role model and a wonderful mother.I am inspired by her love for her daughter and herself.Most women would just jump into a relationship just to say they have a man.But you can see she has thought about it before getting serious about someone after her baby’s father.Kudos!x

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