NBA player Dwyane Wade is a  father of two sons and one nephew. The Miami Heat star has been recognized by ABC and other media outlets for his excellent parenting skills and tireless effort to help fathers realize their vital role in the family unit. In keeping with his efforts, Wade has decided to write a book about fatherhood entitled A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Wade said that writing the book was a therapeutic experience. As Dwayne explains, “For me, it was therapeutic to do this. I don’t have to share it with people but I felt there was a need. So many people came up to me in this process, so many fathers, so many men came up to me to congratulate me and to ask me how, how I did it and why I believed I could do it.”

William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, is happy to work with the NBA star. Vice president Henry Ferris states, “We are thrilled and honored to publish Dwayne’s book. He has an extremely important story and message about the role of fathers in children’s lives. And his career in the NBA is also a phenomenal and exciting story.”

A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball will makes its debut in September 2012. Wade is the proud father of 4-year-old Zion and 10-year-old Zaire.




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  1. BCK didn’t post my original response! I applaud DWade for taking care of his boys and nephew for that matter! If u wasn’t there and don’t know for sure what happen between husband and wife please please do me a favor and SHUT THE FRONT UP!!! It’s 3 sides to a story his hers and the truth!

  2. @Trisha thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos DWade on being the best dad to ur boys! People kill me dogging this man if u wasn’t there to witness the affair or anything else please SHUT UP!!!

    • Yes because he had more money for better lawyers. Don’t be blinded by the money people. It looks good now yes but the truth is the truth.

      • Why are you out here trying to slander this man? I know you don’t know either of them. And she was MARRIED to him w/ no pre-nup. He was paying for her attorneys.

        You should calm it down and stop mixing in your own bitterness about your personal problems w/ this man and his ex-wife. And as far as cheating, SHE said out her own mouth they both messed up.

  3. Love this! Congrats to him

    People need to realize, just b/c your a women doesn’t mean your gonna automatically be a good mother. Dwayne was seen by the courts as a better parent. If a man has to pay so much money to a woman for child support to raise their kids, then the man should just get custody of the kids IMO b/c to me, that just means she can’t afford to take care of a child

  4. He needs to write a book about how rich men can successfully take their kids away from their mother and get away with paying loads of child support.

    *Bonus Book* About how to successfully hide an affair for years from your wife, dump the wife and show to the courts why she’s crazy when she shows anger towards the cheating husband and then walk the Red carpet with the mistress like nothing happened when the divorce is final.

    Dwayne….please…you need more people…

    • Geez Ms_T!

      Angry much?

      Why do you care some much?

      Look at those boys, clearly they are happy and someone thought they belonged with their father not their mother.

    • My son’s father cheated. I took all my anger issues out on him & I mean EVERYTHING, yet I still have custody of my son. Dwayne Wade’s ex-girlfriend’s issue was she used the kids against Dwayne & he was able to prove it. Not saying Dwayne Wade wasn’t doing what you said he was, but what he was doing didn’t affect the boys like what she was doing did.

      Dwayne was better at doing his dirt than she was.

      • ex-wife, but the rest I concur. She didn’t respect the courts rulings, her lawyers had to continuously quit, and she intentionally made it difficult for him to see his kids. She was crazy and everyone could see that.

        I understand being devastated about the demise of your marriage. Especially when you were married to your hs sweetheart, and your family took him in when he had no place to go, but you have to keep it together for your kids. It’s not about how he hurt you anymore. It’s about raising your kids right and in a stable loving environment.

    • You def need to fact check before you post such nonsense. His ex-wife has/had major issues…it’s so easy for people to believe what they read or see in the media & make assumptions rather than actually looking into the situation. He’s an amazing father & person…let this man live. We need more positive role models like him in the world today.

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