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Jet setters Zendaya Coleman and her “Shake It Up” costar Bella Thorne have been going from city to city promoting the show and their new soundtrack “Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance.”   The actresses have been traveling from coast to coast, Chicago to California and now, all the way across the ocean to Dubai.

The duo are being hosted by Emirates Hospitality and where they had a meet and greet with fans and a special dinner for fans at Al Han restaurant. The girls have also hung out at the Atlantis Resort with their families and are having a great time in between work, tweeting constantly about their adventures.

They will make their signature milkshakes at the Millions of Milkshakes outlet at the Dubai Mall today and are being accompanied by the founder, Sheeraz Hasan.

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  1. Why does Zendaya look so washed out!

    My daughter and I enjoy the dynamic duo: Zendaya Coleman and Isabella Thorne. Shake It Up is a cute and entertaining show!

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