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Miami Basketball Wife Adrienne Bosh, the wife of Chris Bosh, celebrated the impending birth of their baby boy with a garden-inspired baby shower held in Miami over the weekend. Celebrity guests in attendance included rapper Timbaland’s wife Monique Mosley(pictured above), Deborah Cox, Tracy Mourning, Larisa Pippen, and many more.


The housing and job markets are usually the first thoughts when people think about the economy. People probably don’t think about the impact that it has on kids and the things that are important to their everyday lives. Parents may feel that they are doing everything that they can to  shelter their children from the happenings of the world, but kids know a thing or two about what’s going on.

These days adults are not the only people that are affected by the economy. Kids are feeling the pressure as well. Many kids are not able to get all of the little things that they may have once gotten. They are feeling mom and dad’s purse strings tighten up as parents strive to make less frivolous money choices. They are having to think a little harder about the toys that they want because they may be limited as to what their parents can now afford.

For many kids, they may also be feeling the tough economy in schools. Some kids may have crowded classrooms or different teachers during the year due to downsizing schools and salary cuts. In some schools, extracurricular activities have been hit hard and cut in order to pay salaries and keep the school open.

Educating children and helping them understand what the country is facing can be a good way to help soften the blow. You never know, they may come up with the perfect idea to help overcome the economic crisis.


J.R. Martinez and Diana Jones had a shower for their unborn baby girl on Saturday, March 17, 2012 in Hollywood, California. The couple recently released photos from the event that are simply adorable. In one picture J.R. and Diana are holding up two pink dresses and a head band that would be great for Sunday morning service.

Rapper Stayve Jerome Thomas, a.k.a. Slim Thug, has a new son! The rapper recently posted a picture of Dreux Mason Thomas to Twitter saying, “Today is a Big day… The results are in I Am the father my new son Dreux Mason another legend is born. Thanks for all the congrats and thank God for another blessing… I changed… one diaper and held him this time ima be more hands on #DaddyThugga.”


Are you tired of searching for fashionable, trendy kids clothes? Well, look no further. Lollipop Moon has made it their mission to create a shopping experience that will “wow” you much like the renowned designers they work with “wow” them.


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