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Niecy Nash-Tucker’s new reality show featuring her family is set to premiere on Sunday, March 25, 2012 via the TLC network and the family is excited about the new project. Niecy and husband Jay Tucker recently discussed the show with  The Hollywood Reporter saying,  “We had the wedding special and then after that, TLC was like ‘America loved you, we would like to keep the party going. Honestly, our first reaction was, ‘Why? What?’ I mean, we thought it was over.” According to Jay the wedding special was a “Mission accomplished.”


We’ve all seen the kids in the stores that are jumping all around, yelling and causing a huge commotion. The kids may be disrespectful to not only their parents, but other adults or children that are around. Sometimes these kids may lash out and disrupt everyone and make it hard to have an enjoyable trip to the mall or the supermarket. It’s hard to sit back and watch a tantrum or meltdown unfold right before your eyes and not say something to the parent or to the child, especially when the behavior is directly affecting you. As parents. it’s natural to want to help out a parent that may have a helpless look in their eyes when it comes to their child’s behavior or get infuriated when the parent doesn’t care or flat out ignores naughty behavior.

There can be a fine line when it comes to disciplining someone else’s child. Some parents welcome the opportunity to have another person instill some change in their child, but others may take offense to someone they consider “over stepping their boundaries.” It could make a parent feel like they are the ones actually being disciplined or even looked down upon by another parent.

What do you think? Do you think that it’s ok to discipline someone else’s child when you see them misbehaving and how far is too far when it comes to correcting a someone’s child?

Astrononical Kid (Astro) is a 15- year-old rapper from Brooklyn with big dreams. The former X-Factor contestant may not have won the show, but he did win over big time record exec LA Reid and has signed with Epic Records.

The teen sensation and MC extraordinaire won over the judges with his Jay Z, Kriss Kross and Eminem renditions. Astro is now getting ready for his debut album later this year and has launched his own website, TheAstronimicalKid.com.

Astro recently spoke with BlackEnterprise.com about his appearance on X-Factor, being inspired by Spike Lee and more. Check out the interview below:

Website: Blackenterprise.com


Up and coming young star Brandon Khalil is busy at work adding to his already impressive resume. The New York City resident made his television debut on IFC’s “ZRock” and most recently appeared on the Lifetime show “Sherri”, which starred “The View” funny woman Sherri Shepherd. Brandon played the role of Sherri’s son in the sitcom.


Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman on Sunday, February 26, 2012 while walking back to a family member’s house in Sanford, Florida. Although some have deemed the deadly shooting as self defense on Zimmerman’s part, many are outraged at the watchman’s actions on a 17-year-old boy who had nothing more than a bag of candy and cell phone in hand.


Kavion Madison Taylor(KV) models it up in a new photo shoot. Proud papa Willie Taylor of the R&B group Day 26 recently announced his son’s modeling career on Twitter saying, “Behind the Scene of KV Photo Shoot in NYC with stylist @Safaribarbie. My Son Kavion on his @revrunwisdom #Flow[sic].”


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