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Four-year-old Tayden Burrell continues to impress all that cross his path. His blonde hair and blue eyes may not give it away, but Tayden is African American and Caucasian. The little cutie pie has a unique look that has helped him sign to not one, but two modeling agencies in Florida.


Whether you prefer style, comfort, flexibility, or space,  the Rav4 has got it all covered.  With its reclining rear seats and optional 3rd row, the Toyota Rav4 provides an attractive seating selection for groups or hauling for an event/occasion.  And space won’t be an issue as this vehicle seats up to seven passengers and has 73-cubic feet of cargo space.  But that’s not all.  The Rav4 is fuel efficient, which is sure to satisfy any budget.  Add in the great gas mileage, XM radio, and steering wheel audio controls and the Rav4 makes for a smooth ride that both the young and young at heart can enjoy.

Get pricing information and see more models at www.Toyota.com.


Spring is a beautiful time of year. The weather begins to warm, the flowers blossom and you can finally start getting back to the fun outdoor activities that you’ve longed to do all winter. Even with all of the magnificent weather and outdoor adventures, for many people, spring begins a downhill battle with allergies.

There are a few ways to help yourself and your kids not fall into the itchy eye, runny nose trap.

1. Take preventative measures- If you and your family are severe allergy sufferers it may be beneficial to take allergy medicine. Many allergy medicines come in types and doses just right for kids. Be careful to read the labels for dosing and to find out if the medication is drowsy or non-drowsy.

2. Make sure to wash hands when you come in and shake your clothes before you come in. This will help reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens that you transfer to your eyes, nose and mouth.

3. If your spring time allergies really have you singing the blues, stay indoors as much as possible on days when the pollen count is especially high and out of areas where there are lots of trees and flowers.

If you start to get cabin fever or decide to throw caution to the wind, just know that for most folks, allergy season is only a few weeks out of the year!


The Obamas attended Church one member short on Sunday as Malia,13, is on Spring Break in Oxaca, Mexico. The eldest daughter of the President and First Lady is enjoying a little R&R with 12 friends in the historic town known for its immaculate architecture and Native American traditions.


Nia Long is a dedicated mother of two children. The actress recently took to Twitter about her devotion saying, “I wear five diamond bands. Each have a special meaning. My dedication to Jesus Christ, My dedication to my eldest son Massai. My dedication to sweet baby Kez. My dedication to love, my love. My dedication to womanhood and self love.”


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